The Mountain Anthems

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The Mountain Anthems

    The Mt. Anthems Newsletter

    July 2007

     He also expounded on houses built on rock versus those built on sand. Character is the foundation of our Montgomery Brethren in Christ lives. Reputation is what people see. Church He told the story of a little girl watching a man put

    a coin into a weigh machine that apparently wasn’t Mercersburg, PA

    working. It registered his weight at 78 lbs. The little Sun. Oct. 14, 2007 girl said to her mother, “Mom, that man is hollow Gerald led us in prayer before our departure this inside!” morning, asking for God’s blessing on the day while Mike commended the church for their good darkness looked in the bus widows. Chorus members singing. Often when a piano and organ are present, the settled for naps during this two-hour drive. singing is mediocre at best. But they really put energy Menno and Grace are touring the New England into their songs. States with son Jim and his wife. A special point of During intermission they played, “Till the Storm interest is Fanny Crosby’s grave which Menno has Passes By.” long wished to visit. After lunch, Kevin, the pianist, entertained us As darkness gave way to dawn the bus again again by playing the piano only this time his son, nine-climbed the mountains to the ridges and swept down year-old Shawn accompanied him, playing the trumpet. into valleys. The sun was a ball of orange hanging in a They did “It is Well” and “The Star Spangled clear sky while mists clung to deep hollows. Banner” among others. Little brother, Seth also joined We arrived at the church at 8:15 to a parking lot dad at the piano. Very nice. under construction. If is wasn’t for the large, rough, packed-down gravel, the place would have been a muddy mess.

     Pond Bank Mennonite Church We enjoyed a good service with a very attentive

    audience. “Whisper a Prayer in the morning, whisper Chambersburg, PA a prayer at noon . . .” “Oh, sing unto the Lord a new Evening song, oh sing unto the Lord a new song This church was a large rectangular combination . . .” “You can have a song in your heart in the night, of gray block and white wood and steel for the gym. After every trial, after every mile. . .: Loretta sang. In Eleven graves lay very close in the pocket-size the first standing we did 13 songs including Mike’s backyard. new one, “I’m not Ashamed.” The gym inside was decorated more like a church. After intermission, we did three more songs: Dark green carpet covered the walls about half-way “Wonderful Story of Love,” by the men, “For Those up to the painted white walls above. New maroon Tears I Died,” and “Lily in my Valley,” by Loretta, chairs lined the auditorium on clean bluish red carpet. which was a request. Behind the platform, a lighted, colored glass window Distinguished Pastor, Dennis Ritchey, felt really hung above a cross and in the foreground greenery blest with the music and said he could go home now, and lovely fall flower arrangements completed the spiritually satisfied. setting. The church was having their revival meetings We started out with “The Love of God (within with Richard Lehman as evangelist. Richard said, the heart),” “I Sing the Mighty Power of God” and “Come Holy Spirit.” growing up, this had been his community but he has It was a good service, Part way through, Pastor lived in southern Kentucky for the past 15 years. Marlin Ebersole said he felt a sermon coming on. He was especially touched by Marty’s solo, “I After break time, the men’s quartet reminded the Claim the Blood.” During the song a number of hands congregation of “The Many Mansions,” prepared in were raised in agreement. heaven for those who love God and about The evangelist’s text was taken from Matt. 7:13 “Resurrection Ground.” about the strait gate and the broad way which people The ladies sang; can travel without effort. When no one cared about me,

    The Mt. Anthems Newsletter

    July 2007

     if I should live or die,

     And no one bothered asking, Summit Mills Grace Brethren why I go alone and cry; Church When burdens got so heavy

     Meyersdale, PA that I could not face the day,

     Then I feel his arms around me, Evening

     and I hear him gently say, This was the last concert of the year. Mike Pete

     Lean on me . . .” shared a praise report then we sang for our devotions.

     Solo’s were “I’m Not Ashamed,” “The Lily in Mike led us in “Oh, for a Thousand Tongues,”

    my Valley,” and “God on the Mountain.” “In the Valley He restoreth my Soul,” “Gone,” and

    “I Bowed on my Knees” to name a few.

     Solos were “God on the Mountain,” “I’m Not Old Bethel Church Ashamed,” “I Know a Man who Can,” and for the Markleton, PA second time today, “I found the Lily in my Valley.” Sun. Oct. 28, 2007 Mike said it’s nice to have home folks in the

     A bank of black clouds lined in gold blocked the audience. He introduced his parents, Menno and Nona

    sun while a cold wind hurried chorus members onto Yoder, and his in-laws, Marvin and Mildred Yoder,

    the bus. . and asked them all to stand.

     Recent rains have brought down a lot of leaves

    leaving trees bare.

     We call this place the church at the end of the

    road--at least it looks like the end. The road is level

    past the church then dips sharply and angles down left

    into the woods and away.

     Menno led the first half and among the songs,

    we did were, “Be Still and Know that I Am God,”

    Spring Up, Oh Well,” and “More than


     He asked Pastor Doug Baker what a person is

    who is more than a conqueror? For answer Menno

    said he believes it’s when you have won the war and

    still have ammunition left.

     Menno’s solo, “Ready to Go” finished the

    first half.

     The men started the second half with “Wonderful

    Story of Love.” Other songs we did were “Deeper

    Than the Sin Stains,” “Oh Lord, Our Lord,” and

    “He Takes a Beggar.”

     Mike said a lady came to him in the vestibule and

    requested “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” because that

    song has been so meaningful to her through life.

     Downstairs, he walked around considering


    else the chorus should sing and was impressed


    scriptures on the walls that testified of God’s

    faithfulness. Mike asked the congregation to help us

    with the song after he read related Bible verses.

     Lunch today was hot soup and sandwiches.

    The Mt. Anthems Newsletter

    July 2007

     After the service the chorus enjoyed food and fellowship in the Bill Yoder home. Bill said other

    people serve you when you are away. Now we’d like to do that here at home. Thank you! Bill, Mary Jane

    and family.

--Lena Eicher

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