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    Psychic & Beyond Expo


    Presented by The Beyond Center


    We would like to invite you to participate as a vendor/business/intuitive at our Psychic & Beyond Expo being held on Saturday, August 13 & Sunday 14 from 11:00am 6:30pm both

    days. This is going to be a successful event hosted at the Baymont Inn & Suites in Manchester, CT. This Inn is hosting the expo within 4 large rooms. Each room will be filled with patrons as they visit 35/40 vendor/business booths and 10 intuitives tables. There will also be ongoing hour long presentations in one of the rooms that hosts up to 50pp.

    Included in this packet is your personal invitation to participate in this Expo. Please read over the information carefully. If you feel you would like to participate you will need to fill out all the paperwork and sign the contract. You will then have to mail all the information needed and payments to The Beyond Center c/o Rebecca Anne LoCicero, 20 Montauk

    Drive, Vernon, CT 06066. You can also consider advertising in the pamphlet given out on

    Expo days. Consider also staying at the Inn for a *special rate. That and more information included in this packet. We look forward to a well recognized event in an area that is perfect for this public new age/psychic/spiritual Expo.

    This Expo is already posted to be advertised on the billboard at the Baymont, in the Door Opener Magazine, Facebook and Twitter, Craig’s list and more. It will be advertised via yard signs all around the location weeks before the Expo. There are postcards, flyers and posters to put out and about. In your packet you will receive business cards to hand out as well. We encourage participants to also advertise they will be there making it a viral internet event!

    Please contact me if you have any questions at all. We hope you will consider being a part of the First Expo presented by The Beyond Center.

Thank you

    Rebecca Anne LoCicero & Janine Baryza-Ly (quickest contact)


Included in this packet:

    Invitation Letter

    Flyer to copy and distribute

    Advertizing/sponsor information

    Baymont Inn Registration overnight form




    August Saturday 13 & Sunday 14, 2011

    11:00am-6:30pm ~ Manchester, CT


    Featuring 4 FULL Event Rooms!

    Room 1 Rooms 3 & 4


    INTUITIVES Over 40 booths. New Age Items you Featuring 10 of the BEST intuitives love to shop for, incense, oils, available for mini-private readings jewelry, crystals & artwork. New

    for you ALL DAY LONG! Age, Holistic, Healing & Spiritual

     Services, Centers and Organizations.

    Room 2 Available for you to gather PRESENTATIONS Enlightening information ask questions and learn seminars of all kinds for your more about what wonderful enjoyment running hourly each day. opportunities are out there for you.

    Expo Followed by…

    SATURDAY NIGHT Gallery Readings 7:00-9:00pm

    Tic. $20.00 with Rebecca Anne LoCicero

    SUNDAY NIGHT Premier Début~ a sample of

    “Comedy From Beyond” with Janine Baryza-Ly &

    Rebecca Anne LoCicero (BONUS: All present get 1 free

    ticket to future show) Tickets $30.00 Pre purchase

    tickets during the Expo Show from 7:00-9:00pm (Limit

    to 50 attendees)

    Expo & Gallery Events held at Baymont Inn and Suites, 20 Taylor Street Manchester, CT 06042

    Consider booking a room and visit the Expo all Both Days!

    For more information

    Psychic & Beyond Expo

    Advertise & Sponsor Opportunity

    Would you like to see your business get some new exposure?

    Do you feel that now is a great time to get some new clients/customers?

    Here is an opportunity for you!

    Advertise in our Expo Brochure!

    There is going to be a Two Day Function being held at the Baymont Inn & Suites in Manchester on thAugust 13 & 14. The event will be free to the public and open from 11:00am to 6:30pm each day.

    See your ad printed in each brochure handed out to all the patrons the two days of this Expo. This is the guide listing all the vendors/businesses/intuitives by location and description as well as the ongoing events and presentations throughout the weekend. We anticipate 1000 people to walk through the doors during the whole weekend. This booklet will be a resource we expect our patrons to take home with them to use as a reference to find the vendors on their own in the future. Your ad will be right there for them to reference as well.

Ads are based on 8 ? by 11 printing paper and will be printed in black and white. You can purchase

    just one spot for any of the sizes below. Your ad will be printed as it is received, I will let you know if we can do something to make it better. If you save your ad as a jpg and email it, that would be the easiest! Please send a printed out ‘copy’ of your ad along with your payment.


    1/8 page $10.00 ~ (business card size) 2 3?__________

    1/4 page $20.00 ~ 4? 3? __________

    1/2 page $40.00 ~ (Horizontal) 4? 7? __________

    Whole Page $80.00 ~ 9? 7? __________

    Name __________________________________________________________________________

    Address ________________________________________________________________________

    Email __________________________________________________________________________

    Size of ad _______________________________________________________________________

    Phone __________________________________________________________________________

    Payment Made $ __________________________________________________________________

    Mail to: The Beyond Center c/o Rebecca Anne LoCicero, 20 Montauk Drive, Vernon, CT 06066 Make Check payable to: The Beyond Center - In the memo write ‘advertising in brochure’

    Psychic & Beyond Expo

    Lodging Information & Special

STAY THE NIGHT! Why not? You could even stay 2 nights if you want to come in on Friday the ththst12 and stay till Sunday the 14. If you book thought The Beyond Center before July 1 you will save

    $10.00 per night! The base rate for the rooms for this event is $60.00 a night (not including tax & fees) stIf we receive your payment for your stay BEFORE JULY 1, you can have it for a total of $50.00 per

    night. (limit of 2 nights)

    Why travel back home again after you have enjoyed the first day of the Expo. Stay the night at the Baymont Inn and wake up to enjoy a continental breakfast and another full day events.

    NOTE: Be prepared to supply a credit card # to the reception desk upon check in to cover any extra expenses incurred during stay above and beyond the prepaid fee for the room.

CHECK ONE ……..… King _________ Queen _________ 2 double bed ___________

Full Name _______________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________

Email ___________________________________________________________________

Phone ___________________________________________________________________


     ththFri. 12 to Sat. 13 __________

     ththSat. 13 to Sun. 14 __________

    Total Payment for one or two nights - $50.00 / $100.00 (circle one) Check #___________

Pay by check to ‘The Beyond Center’ and in the memo ‘BAYMONT OVERNIGHT’

    Once your payment is received and check has cleared your room will be booked and you will receive an instant email confirmation from the Baymont Inn.

     st This offer is only good till JULY 1 After that you can call the Baymont directly or book online. Your room will be $60.00 + fees. Still a Great Special Rate! Be sure to mention that you are booking

    for the Psychic & Beyond Expo for the $60.00 discounted rate.

    Ask for Louise if you have further questions. Toll Free: (877) 229-6668 | Local: (860) 643-1864 For all information about the Baymont.

    Psychic & Beyond Expo


    Page. 1 You herby agree to the terms of this Expo being hosted at the Baymont Inn & Suites and by The Beyond Center of Vernon, CT on August 13 & 14 2011. You will be asked to initial pages & sign the last page of this contract and send it all together to The Beyond Center, c/o Rebecca Anne LoCicero, 20 Montauk Drive, Vernon, CT 06066

Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________________________________

    Expo Business Name (if applicable) ______________________________________________

    Full Address __________________________________________________________________

Phone _______________________________________________________________________

Cell ________________________________________________________________________

    Include here a short bio on you, your work and/or your business. Limit to 40 words or less. This information will be copied exactly into the brochure to let the patrons know who you are and where you are located. Be sure to include your website and contact information as well. __________________________________________________________________________________






Set up & Take down

    You will be provided with a bare 5 foot table until we run out. NOTE: There is limited space and only 6 feet or less tables will be allowed. You agree to be set up and ready to go no later then 10:30 am ththboth Sat 13 & Sun. 14. You can leave your area set up over night Saturday night. The doors will be locked and the Inn will be secure. You must break down and clear out your area no later then 8pm on thSun. 14. During the hours of the expo you should remember to keep your area clean and clear. The Baymont requests that you do not use glitter, confetti or the like there of.

Please initial here ______________

Page 2. Psychic & Beyond Expo Contract continued…

    Be Nice

    We would like to ask that you find it in your heart to be nice, kind, compassionate and patient with all those who are involved in this Expo, those running it, those hosting it, those working at it. We on this end will do the same of course! Thank you


    There is electricity in these rooms, there are plugs all along the walls, if you are planning on using electricity at your booth we can try to place you in a space along the wall, however we insist you bring with you extension cords and duck tape to assure the safety of our patrons.

    Will you need electricity? CIRCLE ONE YES/NO

    You are being offered one of 3 booth areas

    Vendors & Businesses will be combined and mixed together throughout 2 large rooms that will hold about 17 tables in each. You can sign up to be a vendor if you are ‘selling something’ (reminder sales and use tax form copy needed) If you are not selling anything you can sign up as a business. You CANNOT purchase 2 tables; you may only use the table that will be provided to you. You will also have 2 chairs per table. If your display requires additional shelf room or you have your own free standing displays we will do our best to accommodate you. Bring all your décor, table cloths etc.

    1. Psychic/Medium/Intuitive table area (there are 10 spots available, first come first serve) this will

    guarantee that there will be enough readers for those attending the event and enough room for privacy. There will be an area of sitting and waiting in the center of the room and tables/booth areas available to you around the walls. The table you will be provided with will be a bare 5 foot table. You will have two chairs at each table. Suggestion: you may want to bring a portable divider if you want to have additional privacy at your location. Typically we request you do not sell as a vendor if you are signed up as an intuitive. If you feel you will want to sell more then do readings, place yourself in the Business area. You can still do readings in business areas.

    2. Vendors table area. This is where you would have your booth if you are selling your merchandise to the patrons. If you are an author, come sell your books, if you are an artist, come sell your wares. You must be able to provide a photo copy of your Sales & Use tax if you are planning on selling your goods at this event. The Beyond Center will not be checking to see if you have a copy however, if you do not and you are removed by the Town of Manchester from the Expo, you will have to leave. Remember there are no refunds. If you are selling your ‘services’ to patrons such as Energy work,

    massage etc... That is a Business table. Vendors are selling merchandise. Note: You will be given a 5 foot table (while available) and 2 chairs.

    3. Business table area. Bring your information, cards, brochures and more. Set up your table to inform the patrons on the details of your work/company/organization etc... Typically your business table is informational only; if you are selling something then you may be considered a Vendor. If you are selling your ‘services’ to patrons such as Energy work, massage, etc., that is a business table. Vendors

    are selling merchandise. Note: You will be given a 5 foot table and 2 chairs (while available).

Intuitive / Vendor / Business

    Which Booth is your first choice? __________________

    Which Booth area is your second choice? _______________

Please initial here ______________

Page 3. Psychic & Beyond Expo Contract continued…

    Presentation Room $25

    There will be 5 - 1 hour 15 min. presentations running throughout the two days of the expo in just one room that hosts up to 50pp. These presentations will be offered for free to the guests of the expo. If you are interested in one of the 1 hour 15 min. slots for your presentation please include an additional $25.oo for your slot. Your presentation will be strategically placed in the program. You cannot request a specific time slot. IF all the presentation slots have been filled, you will receive your money back in the form of a check from The Beyond Center.

    Include Here

    Title of Presentation: ________________________________________________________________ Description of Presentation




No Refunds

    Be aware there are no refunds for any of your payments to The Beyond Center to participate in this Expo. All checks will be cashed and deposited upon receipt. The money collected will immediately be applied to advertising fees and Expo related expenses.

    $100.00 fee for 2 days booth at Expo _________

    $25.00 fee for one presentation _________

    Check # ________________________________

    All fees paid are non-refundable. There are no exceptions.

    It is your responsibility to read and understand this contract in its entirety before signing. Below named and signed states that you have read and agree with all the pages of this contract for the Psychic & Beyond Expo.

    Name Print: ______________________________________________________

    Name Signature: ___________________________________________________

    Date _____________________________________________________________

    Mail to The Beyond Center, c/o Rebecca Anne LoCicero, 20 Montauk Drive, Vernon, CT 06066 Pay to the order of ‘The Beyond Center’ note in the Memo ‘expo space fee (presentation if so)

    Once your contact and fee is received you will get a confirmation letter with additional details about the EXPO such as door prizes, promotional material and advertising.

    Thank you Rebecca Anne LoCicero / The Beyond Center Psychic & Beyond Expo use ONLY Postmarked by __________________ Check # ________________________ Paid in Full

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