The uniformed police officers wear hard hats and vests to protect

By Herman Armstrong,2014-05-07 19:24
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The uniformed police officers wear hard hats and vests to protect

    Police Video

Teacher’s notes

    The video shows two Police Officers from North Shield’s Police station talking about their jobs, clothing and equipment. It also shows the officers out walking and in a police car. Photos are also available showing the officers, their uniforms, equipment and a Panda car.

    There are aspects of the video and the language used that would benefit from discussion; some of these are listed below. Schools may feel that a visit from an officer would be valuable and can contact the police to organise this.


    o Hello my name is Catharine Wall and I am a police officer at North

    Shields Police Station in Northumbria.

    o My role at Northumbria police is I’m a community beat manager that

    means I work a particular area.

    o I’m generally walking around on foot meeting people or I use my

    mountain bike, however I do drive the police cars and vans as well.

    o This is my colleague Mark Pearson.

    o As a uniformed police officer my role is to drive the police vehicles or

    Pandas as they are referred to.

    o What we do is we attend jobs, which are allocated to us, which are

    given to us by our control room via the radio.

    o These uniformed police officers wear hard hats and vests to protect

    themselves and they have utility belts to hold their equipment.

    o They carry a gas spray to protect themselves.

    o Handcuffs are used to stop people from being nasty and aggressive.

    o The truncheon is use to protect themselves and members of the public.

    o Sometimes the police work at night and they have a torch to search

    dark places.

    o The radio is used to talk to each other and communicate with the police


    o The police officer carries her paperwork in a pouch on her belt.

    o All police officers also carry a warrant card; this has a badge, and a

    photograph of the police officer.

    o Not all police officers wear a uniform but they all have a warrant card.

    o If you need help from the police you can phone them, but only use 999

    if it is an emergency. 1

Possible discussion topics:

    ; What do police officers do?

    ; How do they help us?

    ; How do the police officers travel around?

    ; What is special about the car they use?

     Why does the car have a siren and flashing lights? ;

    ; What clothes do they wear?

    ; What is special about this clothing?

    ; Why is it important for some police officers to wear uniforms?

    ; What equipment do they have and what do they use it for?

    ; What is a warrant card, why do all officers carry this? It is important

    to remind children that not all Police Officers wear a uniform but that

    they will all have a warrant card.

    ; What number could you use to call the police force, when would you

    use this number?

    ; What does it mean when it says that 999 should only be used if it is an


    Northern Grid for Learning would like to thank all the Police Officers at North Shields and Whitley Bay Police Stations for their help in producing the video and photos. With special thanks going to PC Catharine Wall and PC Mark Pearson. 2

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