Keeping Pets

By Pamela Wright,2014-06-28 14:10
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    Keeping Pets

    There is no denying the fact that keeping pets is a hotly debated topic today. Some people like to keep a kind of animals as a pet, such as dogs, cats, birds and so on. They put so great enthusiasm on them that some pets are treated like their family members. But others think pets may transmit diseases and pollute the environment. They also think that keeping pets may waste time and money. Whats

    more, it is a troublesome work to take care of pets. So, it needs to think seriously and thoughtfully whether keeping pets or not.

     There are many advantages of keeping a pet. For one thing, a good relationship between people and pets can be very comfortable. Pets can make fun for their owners. Many people always go for a walk with their pets like dogs or cats in the garden. It may be a kind of exercise to keep healthy and be relaxed. For another, pets are loyal audiences of you, while you have something can't tell any one else. They believe that pets may help relieve the loneliness suffered by senior citizens and other social members who are confined to their homes for this reason or that. And keeping pets may also cure your pains, and make anxious hearts return to

    peace and innocence. Some pets even can help to cure some mental disease. Moreover, they argue that keeping pets helps mankind understand animals' worlds and develop positive feelings toward anything.

    However, keeping a pet, just like anything else, has its negative side as well. It may also give rise to some problems.

    Opponents regard keeping pets as a useless but harmful thing to do. First, pets can transmit diseases. The noises and dung of pets are sources of pollution. Dogs and cats dont

    have smart minds like humans, so they sometimes annoy

    people by their sounds. And they are not able to tell people if they fell sick. Secondly, as many rare birds and animals are kept as pets, they will surely be hunted on a large scale, which means a threat to the balance of the ecosystem. Last but not least, some pets are often expensive, to feed them

    would even cost more .Too much money spend on pets are more or less a little improper while there are so many starving people in this nation. Some dangerous pets are a menace to their owners, even a dog attack people sometimes, things could be worse if they carrying some fatal virus.

    Based on the above discussions, it is hard to say whether keeping pets is a good thing or not. Keeping pets

    also have its advantages and disadvantages. As far as I am concerned, keeping a pet is a personal decision. Before one makes a decision, he or she needs to have a serious and thoughtful thinking. As for adults, people should take responsibility for what they are done.

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