Classroom learning or online learning

By Glen Roberts,2014-07-07 22:38
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Classroom learning or online learning

    Situation: Computers are widely used in education, and some people think teacher will not play an important role in the classroom. To what extent do you agree?

Sample essay:

     With the present wide use of computers, in the course of teaching, more and more teachers are in favor of using computers as an aid in teaching their students or in obtaining the latest information from the Internet. However, I don’t think computers

    will take the place of teachers in teaching students.

     Firstly, the creators of any education program and software need to be teachers or workers in the education system, or programmers who had previously worked in education. Therefore, although students may learn knowledge by computer, the skills and ideas ultimately emanate from the teaching staff. Secondly, while the computer may offer a correct answer or explanation to students, the comprehension capability of every student varies from student to student, making it impossible for the computer to offer an explanation catered to a students particular level of understanding.

    However, the teacher is able to undertake the task, as he or she possesses expertise in teaching. For example, when a teacher discovers that many students cannot understand professional knowledge, he or she may offer explanatory examples. The computer, however, may only analyze a question in terms of a simple right or wrong response. Finally, the teachers are invariably responsible for carrying a dual role. Most teachers act as not only an educator, but also a kind of father or mother figure in taking care of students in school. The teacher is able to assist parents in solving a childs mental problems other than imparting daily knowledge. The computer, which is purely an algorithmic electronic device, cannot hope to assist in this regard.

    In summary, the computer may not play a major role in education in comparison to the benefits of a teacher bestows. However, it is critical that teachers improve their old teaching modes by using computers at some level of educational teaching.

Sample Essay Two

     Presently there is a prevalent viewpoint that students need not accept school education. They can study at home for the Internet could provide them with more information. Unfortunately, I do not find my agreement in this regard.

     First of all, one of the primary missions of school education is to endow students with an ability of studying and self-teaching which will benefit them for their entire life. It is true that the Internet, a convergence of knowledge of all disciplines, could provide far more information than any individual education institution. However, students with no capability of studying by themselves will never be able to employ the omnipotent cyberspace to cater to their own study. Furthermore, schools could also serve as a venue where students make friends with one other and improve their communication skills step by step. Nevertheless, students being

    insulated from their peers and studying at home obviously do not help to materialize their value as a social person. Besides, if there were left growing up all by themselves, even though they might be equipped with an enormous amount of information in all the conceivable fields of studies, they would find it difficult to voice their opinions

    and convey their feelings effectively simply due to their lack of such experiences. The previous two arguments are based on the assumption that the Internet is flooded with useful information that is helpful to students learning. However, the fact is that the

    world-wide-web is also swarmed with much detrimental information. Students with no prominent ability of differentiation might be easily misled. When they are studying at school under the guidance of teachers, the situation will be more appealing.

     The English poet John Don once said, no one is an island, entire of itself. It

    goes without exception as to students. Their studying at home through the Internet is not a pleasant option when improving their ability of self-learning and when communication is taken into account.

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