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andy white ? boy 40andy

    artist: Andy White

    album: boy 40

    release date: 26/01/04

    label: ALT Recordings

    australian distribution: Vitamin

    catalogue No: ALT CD 8


    Australian-based Irish singer and songwriter Andy White has a new album on release this January 26 Australia Day, and the second anniversary of Andy moving to Melbourne.

    boy 40 was written and recorded in Melbourne and London during 2003, and features the single Tell Me Why which has received national airplay and repeated video play on „Rage‟ and „Video

    Hits‟ since its release before Christmas.

Tell Me Why was single of the week in Beat Magazine:

    “It is, in fact, tuneage so feel-good, it has the potential to put the entire medical profession out of business … terrific.”

And Inpress said “… a pop confection that‟ll swell your heart. Yes Andy – this is a hit.”

Now for the album. Where innocence meets experience boy 40.

    Fresh and funky, serious and issue-driven, both local and global, Andy‟s new album will take you to higher ground and serve you cocktails when you get there. boy 40 begins with him „going

    solo‟ with his guitar and ends with Andy and an orchestra, Trying to see God.

    boy 40 touches your heart at a time when it is difficult to feel fully grown. From the innocence of the young Belfast boy watching the parades in The Twelfth Of July, all the way through to the

    experience of the man considering the western world‟s so-called „war on terrorism‟ in The

    Fortune Teller’s Right (first performed at a Melbourne peace rally) and Everything You’ve

    Got (written in the aftermath of the Bali bombing).

    It is an album about war and peace, about looking for a new home in the sun and searching for spiritual enlightenment. It also includes the most tender of love songs in Hunger For Your Love

    and If I Catch You Crying not to mention the story of Lisa whom the Financial Times termed

    a “manipulative hippy chick” and Andy calls a “Celtic-American all-natural dream”.

    For the first time since his very earliest recordings, Andy played all the instruments on the album. As a result, there is an offbeat and spontaneous vibe to the proceedings. The UK press curiously called this „The Melbourne Effect‟.

    The album was co-produced by Australian Simon Polinski (The Church, ALT), with three tracks co-produced by the Scotsman behind Christine Anu‟s last album, Stuart Crichton.

    boy 40 the advantage of being a grown up is that you have the option of behaving like a child. Seize the moment, light the incense and experience the innocence. It‟s cool to care.

    The boy 40 world tour has so far included concerts from London to Milan to Tokyo. It comes to Australia in early 2004. Either solo or with one of his shape-shifting Australian outfits, an Andy White show is a special occasion. A full list of concert dates is to follow. PR contacts, album launch dates and a short career biography are below.

    andy white album launch concerts

Saturday Jan 31 Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC album launch

    Thursday Feb 12 Troubadour, Brisbane QLD album launch

    Wednesday Feb 18 Phoenix, Canberra ACT album launch

    Thursday Feb 19 Brass Monkey, Cronulla NSW

    Friday Feb 20 Northern Star, Newcastle NSW

    Saturday Feb 21 The Vanguard, Sydney NSW album launch

    Saturday Feb 28 Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide SA album launch

    Sunday Feb 29 Grace Emily, Adelaide SA

    andy white short career biography

    To start at the beginning, Andy White grew up in Belfast, surrounded by Irish beauty and terrorist violence. His father is a political writer and his grandmother was a piano player. He

    started writing poetry when he was 9 and picked up an acoustic guitar aged 13. He has been on tour ever since.

    Andy White, recipient of the Irish Songwriter of the Year award a few years ago (bumping off stiff competition from Bono and Van Morrison) was introduced to the southern hemisphere by Neil and Tim Finn Andy and Tim were two-thirds of alternative folk supertrio ALT making the

    move to Melbourne last year after the success of his song “Coz I‟m Free”, written about the Olympic 400 metres champion Cathy Freeman.

From his very first album Rave on Andy White, Andy was always going to be trouble. The title

    was a reference to a W.B. Yeats poem or a Van Morrison song take your pick. The song

    Religious Persuasion was a slap in the face for those who use religion to condone violence and gets more relevant every year. The UK Melody Maker album review proclaimed “Yer man‟s a genius”, and Andy White had arrived.

    Since then Andy has released a string of acclaimed albums produced by the likes of John Leckie (Radiohead) and Kim Fowley, been called “one of our best-kept secrets” by MOJO

    magazine, written with Peter Gabriel, the Finns, Kieran Kane and toured the globe. All of this

    goes into his writing, which is the window into Andy‟s world.

    Andy‟s new album is boy 40, available in Australia from January 26 through Vitamin Records.

    for more information please contact:

    NSW: Sarah Goodes Ph (02) 9310 0442 Mobile 0411 878 250 email:

    management: leanne walton at ARRM Mobile 0403 161 232 email:

    web email:

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