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AgriMarketing Name Scott Thacker

    Jungle Jim’s Pre-Trip Study Guide

Look up information at, the balance of the information needed

    must be located on another site on the internet.

    Use Microsoft word to present your information after each question. You may put in copied information and pictures to satisfy the questions given. Please use the AgLaser Printer for your final project.

    1. Select One Item of International Produce from the Website. Describe the

    produce and determine the origin country.

    Durian - stinky fruit Notes: The weird and smelly durian has attracted a

    cult-like following. It's called the King of Fruits by aficionados in Southeast Asia,

    but Westerners usually don't care much for its mild oniony flavor. Once cut open,

    the durian gives off such a strong and foul odor that it's banned on Singaporean

    subways. Look for it in Asian markets. The boiled seeds of the durian are called

    betons. The price is $55.00

    2. Select one Fresh Fish from the Seafood Department. Describe the fish. Find

    information about that type of fish as it relates to the food industry. Get

    background production information.

    Fresh Flounder fillet size will average between 4-6 ounces Market name:

    Flounder. Some common names and types: Gray Sole, Dover sole, Rex sole,

    Rock sole (Alaskan Flounder); Yellowfin Sole; Yellowtail Flounder (pictured);

    Fluke (Summer Flounder); Dab (American Plaice); Black - $6.75 per pound

    3. Select one bakery item from the list. Get Mr. Bahnsen’s approval for that

    item. Find a description of this type of baked product.

     Cuban Bread - Although it is made with the same basic ingredients as

    French bread, the baking procedure for Cuban bread is different. The dough is put

    in a cold oven, set above a pan of boiling water, and left to rest for a few minutes

    before the oven is turned on. Because the bread continues to rise as the oven heats,

    its crust is very thin and crisp. It is made without fat, so it is best if eaten on the

    day it is baked, as it will go stale quickly. You can try this method with any yeast


    4. Select one of the meat items listed on the website and find a description of

    this product.

    Pork Baby Back Ribs - This is what grilling is all about - great big juicy

    slabs of baby backs! There's nothing quite like biting into a thick, extra-meaty rib

    that's slathered in barbecue sauce. Rich, flavorful and very tasty, these are

    premium pork ribs. They're a real feast cooked inside or barbecued outside. 4

    (1.25 lb) slabs The price is $64.95

    5. Select a variety of cheese from the website, or select another brand that you would like to find more information about. Determine the country of origin and the characteristics about that particular cheese.

     Gouda cheese is often made with whole milk, and is typically creamy. It has a pale yellow color, a smooth texture, and a mild, buttery, nutty flavor. Gouda Cheese (7 oz.) sku14$2.25

    6. Select a variety of mushroom from the produce department and get a description of it. Determine the mushroom’s area of production.

     Oyster - oyster mushroom = tree oyster mushroom = pleurotus mushroom = pleurotte = abalone mushroom Notes: Oyster mushrooms are prized for their

    smooth texture and subtle, oyster-like flavor. They can also be grown commercially, so they're widely available and fairly

    inexpensive. Substitutes: white trumpet OR enoki OR chanterelle OR white

    mushroom (takes longer to cook)

    7. Select on the “Boar’s Head” products from the deli and get a description of this type of specialty meat. Click on the “Boar’s Head” logo on the deli page.

    Pepperoni Salami - Did you know that Pepperoni is the number one pizza topping choice in the United States? But of course, that isn't the only way to eat this delicious, spicy Italian salami. Made of pork and beef and seasoned liberally with red and black pepper, Pepperoni is a slender, firm, air-dried sausage that is ready-to-eat, making it a versatile ingredient in a variety of dishes. Sliced thin, it can be served with bread or crackers as an appetizer. Chop it fine and include it in a tomato sauce for pasta, or try a little in your scrambled eggs! Any way you slice it, Pepperoni will add a zesty kick to your favorite foods. (We sell our Pepperoni in units of two whole links, which equal approximately one pound in total. This item must ship in the vacuum-packed whole links only, for you to slice at home.) 2 Sticks are $8.00

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