Art au pluriel 2007

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Art au pluriel 2007Art

    rt au Pluriel

    5, chemin Lavigne, Pontiac, J0X 2G0

    Artist Registration Form

Please complete and submit to Art au Pluriel, 2009 edition, and include:

I. Your Résumé and your artistic path

    (NOTE: your Résumé must provide the following information: your medium, your name,

    address, telephone number, website and e-mail, a list of your solo and group exhibits, the

    name of the gallery representing your work, if you are a member of an artistic asoociation, etc.)

II. Your biography (maximum a half page of 8.5 x 11’’) and a short version of your

    bilingual biography of 3 to 4 lines for the website

    III. Five to ten photographs of your recent work, per medium presented. Only digital

    photos are accepted.

    Please identify for each photograph:

    o your name,

    o the dimension of the work,

    o the title of the work, and

    o the format and medium of expression.

IV. A 30 $ cheque made out to Art au Pluriel and dated May 1, 2009, a non refundable

    registration fee. If you previously exhibited with Art au Pluriel or you are a young artist

    (18 to 29 years old (see the web site for more information), you are not required to pay

    the 30$ registration fee.

V. A cheque made out to Art au Pluriel and dated May 1, 2009 for the booth rental (for the

    amount see the web site for booth type and corresponding amount). This cheque will be

    returned to you if you are not selected by the Selection Committee.

    VI. Please note that space allocation will be made in an equitable way according to the visual art

    disciplines, thus ensuring visibility and heterogeneity of all presented artworks. A meeting with

    the selected artists will be held in August 2009. The invitations to the show will be given

    during the meeting.

VII. Recognition and confirmation

By signing this document, I accept the conditions required for my participation in Art au Pluriel 2009

    Edition as well as the conditions outlined in the document “Artist’s Commitment’’.

I confirm that all the information provided is verifiable and I authorize Art au Pluriel :

    a) To check, the information provided, if necessary.

    b) To reproduce one of the submitted photographs of my work for promotion purposes,

    without any copyright royalties awarded to me.

    NOTE: All documents received will not be returned to the artist and will be kept on file by Art au Pluriel.

    rt au Pluriel

    5, chemin Lavigne, Pontiac, J0X 2G0

    c) To publish my telephone number, or my Web site address and email in a possible

    summary review (electronic format) of Art au Pluriel 2009 Edition, without any copyright

    royalties awarded to me.

    With my registration, I include a cheque made out to Art au Pluriel, 2009 Edition of thirty dollars (30 $) for the registration fee, knowing that this sum is non refundable (non applicable to young artists and

    previous exhibitors).

    I include a cheque made out to Art au Pluriel, 2009 Edition covering the total amount required for my selected space knowing that this cheque will be returned to me by Art au Pluriel if I am not retained

    by the Selection Committee.

    IMPORTANT: Non payment will automatically lead to the withdrawal of the artist from the event, unless there is a written agreement to the contrary by both parties.

Please ensure that you send two (2) separate cheques, one for the registration

    and the other for the booth.

    Do not combine the two (2) amounts in one cheque.



    This duly completed document must be returned no later than May 1, 2009, with:

    o Your biography (half page and short version),

    o 5 to 10 photographs of your work,

    o A non refundable 30$ cheque to cover for your registration and

    o A cheque for the total amount of your selected space (booth)

    SEND TO:

    Art au Pluriel

    5 Lavigne, Pontiac, QC J0X 2G0

    NOTE: All documents received will not be returned to the artist and will be kept on file by Art au Pluriel.

    rt au Pluriel

    5, chemin Lavigne, Pontiac, J0X 2G0

Artist and organizer commitment

    (To be kept for your files)

    1. Definitions :

    Artist : refers to all individuals who have created paintings, sculptures, photographs or other visual art

    expression and where the works have been retained by the Selection Committee.

    Organizer: refers to the group of individuals who are organizing the artistic event Art au Pluriel.

    Artist’s Commitment

    I commit to :

    1) Presenting a complete registration file for the selection of visual artists. 2) Respecting the final decision of the Selection Committee. This decision is without appeal. 3) Paying all the required fees (non refundable registration fee and the fee for renting a space) by

    written agreement has been reached between both parties. Not the deadline unless a

    respecting this clause will lead to an immediate rejection of my participation. 4) Setting up my booth as of 1 pm on Friday November 13, 2009. The installation (grids, artwork,

    lighting, prices…) should be completed by 5pm on Friday, November, 13 2009. It is strictly

    forbidden to dismantle the booth during the exhibition.

    5) Exhibiting only my original artwork and creations. I am solely responsible for selling my artwork

    (receipts, bags …). Selling draw tickets of my artwork at my booth, or all sales discounts,

    signs or all other selling tactics are prohibited.

    6) Being present at my booth and never leaving my booth unattended during the open hours of

    the event. I am aware that I am solely and entirely responsible for my exposed artwork. 7) Not smoking, not consuming any alcohol or drugs on site.

    8) Bringing all the necessary materials

    a. To display my artwork (‘’S’’ hooks, identification or price tags …)

    b. And to transport and to protect my artwork.

    c. All candles or incense is prohibited

    9) Not overloading the electrical circuit’s maximum (150 watts) .

    10) Not giving, assigning or sub-renting in whole or in part, my assigned space. If I must cancel, I

    must do so in writing no later than August 1, 2009 in order to receive the full reimbursement of

    my rental fee. The 30 $ registration fee is non refundable.

    11) Parking my vehicle in the provided parking spaces.

    12) Not prosecuting the organizer if the event is cancelled due to reasons beyond the organizer’s

    control (e.g. act of God, fire …) In which case, the rental fee will be fully refunded. The

    registration fee is non refundable.

    13) I am fully responsible for my artwork in case of loss, damage, or theft.

    NOTE: All documents received will not be returned to the artist and will be kept on file by Art au Pluriel.

    rt au Pluriel

    5, chemin Lavigne, Pontiac, J0X 2G0

    Organizer’s Commitment

    The organizer commits to :

    1) Presenting Art au Pluriel 2009 Edition at the Tétreau Community Centre, Boul. de

    Lucerne, Gatineau (Hull sector), on November 13-14-15 2009.

    2) Forming a selection committee, independent and autonomous, of 3 to 5 professional visual

    artists, renowned and having a vast experience. This committee will respect Art au Pluriel

    objectives by taking into account the following criteria, as well as considering emerging artists

    and medium diversity: the quality of the artwork (and originality), the information on the artists

    profession and the diversity of his or her experience. The Selection Committee will also

    choose the artist deserving the Yves Audette jury prize.

    3) Respecting the decisions rendered by the Selection Committee.

    4) Promoting the event by sending press releases to newspapers, radio, television, and internet

    and to different associations, groups or Outaouais organizations, by posting the event in the

    City of Gatineau, by printing invitations, etc.

    5) Approaching different Québec and Canadian ministries in order to obtain grants to finance this


    6) Creating partnerships with businesses, cultural organizations and other organizations

    interested in art and education in order to help finance Art au Pluriel.

    7) Assigning the booths fairly, according to visual art disciplines, thus ensuring visibility and

    heterogeneity of all presented artworks.

    8) Providing a booth with partitions (curtains), grids (lattice), table and chair according to the

    specified needs of the artist.

    9) Reimbursing the artist the total amount of the rental fee, but not the non refundable registration

    fee, if the event is not held (e.g. act of God, fire…)

    10) Expulsing all artists, without any reimbursement, who do not respect the rules

    11) Recognizing an accepted artist and participant to Art au Pluriel, as an automatic member for a

    period of one year, June 1 to May 31 of the following year, with all the entitled rights and


Our goal is an art exhibit that is professional and convivial.

    All your documents must be submitted by no later than May 1, 2009. The selection committee will meet in the following weeks to make their decisions. We will give you their results no later than June 1, 2009. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us: : ou (819) 682-0712.

     Andrée Daviau, présidente

    NOTE: All documents received will not be returned to the artist and will be kept on file by Art au Pluriel.

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