Book 3 vocabulary test

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Book 3 vocabulary test

    Book 3 vocabulary test

    1. At that time people would s________ if food was difficult to find. 2. Todays festivals have many ________(起源).

    3. Some festivals are held to honour the dead or to satisfy the_________(祖先).

    4. People should go to clean graves and light incense __ _________ ___ their dead


    5. On this important feast day people eat food ___ ______ _________ ____ skulls and cakes

    in early November.

    6. They can________ _____ (盛装打扮)and go to their neighbours’ homes to ask for sweets.

    7. If the neighbours do not give any sweets, the children might ____ __ _______ ___;戏弄;


    8. The leader helped g_________;获得; Indias independence from Britain.

    9. China and Japan have mid-autumn festivals, when people a_________ the moon and in

    China, enjoy mooncakes.

    10. The most energetic and important festivals are the ones that _______ __________ ____(

    ) the end of winter and the coming of spring.

    11. She said she would be there at seven oclock, and he thought she would _____ ______


    12. He would d_________ his sadness in coffee.

    13. Li Fang ___ _____ ____(动身) home.

    14. I dont want them to _______ me ____ it.(提醒)

    15. It was ___________ (明显的)that the manager of the coffee shop was waiting for Li Fang to


    16. What will happen to you if you dont eat a ____________(平衡的) diet.

    17. Do you want to ______ ___________(减肥)

    18. Come to my ______________(使你苗条的)restaurant.

    19. There were few choices of food and drink on it: just rice, ________;生的; vegetables served

    in vinegar, fruit and water.

    20. ______________ (好奇心)drove Wang Peng inside.

    21. He could not have Yong Hui ______ ________ ________(做坏事逃脱惩罚) telling lies!

    22. Perhaps with a d__________, he could possibly win his customers back. 23. He did not want to be _______ ________(债务缠身).

    24. She did not look happy but g_________ ____ him.

    25. You only come to ______ ____(监视) me and my menu.

    26. This is the busy street, so you need to l_________ your car speed to 40 miles per hour.

    27. This book is of great ___________(有益) to the development of your mind.

    28. I ________ _________ _______ (感到恶心的)all this fat and heavy food.

    29. We ought to c__________ our ideas and provide a good menu with food full of energy and


    30. Some books are to be tasted, others to be chewed and __________(消化).

    31. He was ________ _____(养育?养大) in Hannibal Missouri.

    32. He was famous for his novels _____ ___(……背景) his boyhood world on the river.

    33. Oliver believes that with a million pound banknote a man could s________ a month in


34. P________(允许) me to lead the way.

    35. As a matter of fact I landed in Britain ___ ____________(偶然).

    36. His eyes ________ ____ (盯着)what is left of the brothers dinner on table.

    37. You are wrong to find ________(挑刺) with others all the time.

    38. The villagers went to big cities to ________ (追求)fortune.

    39. They didnt go against me. ____ ________ _____________, they supported me. 40. That table has been _____________(预定了).

    41. I’m afraid it will cost __ ________ _____________ ____ (大量的)money.

    42. We will have to _____ ___ ________ (冒险) to serve him.

    43. It is a ___________(真正的)diamond.

    44. The Bank of England i________ two notes in one million pound. 45. That man must be very poor. Look, he is in r_______.

    46. In our solar s__________, eight planets circle around the sun. 47. ____________ ____ (根据)a widely accepted theory, the universe began with a big bang that

    threw mattes in all directions.

    48. The earth became so v_________ that it was not clear whether the shape would last or not.

    49. They were in time to produce carbon, nitrogen, water vapour and other gases, which were to

    make the earths a________________.

    50. It was not immediately known that water was to be f__________________ to the

    development of life.

    51. The continued presence of water allowed the earth to dissolve ___________(有害的) gases

    and acids into the oceans and seas.

    52. This produced a __________ (连锁的)reaction, which made it possible for life to develop. 53. They laid eggs and _________(存在) on the earth for more than 140 million years. 54. They _______ ________ ______ ;生育;young baby animals and produced milk to feed


    55. _______(如是?因此)they have, in their turn, become the most important animals on the


    56. Wear your hat to p__________ sunlight f______ burning you. 57. As a result of this event, a great dust cloud formed in the sky __________ _____ (阻止)the


    58. As I ____________(漂浮) weightless in space, I cheered up.

    59. She began to _____ _____ ________ ______(理解) those little things which the pretty

    woman who has vanity invariably adopts.

    60. ________ ________(既然) you have admitted the mistakes you made, I will not mention it

    any more.

    61. Yesterday’s camping was really _____________________(令人感到筋疲力尽的).

    62. The thought that they could cross the whole ____________(大陆) was exciting.

    63. We are going to see some great s_____________ in Canada. 64. Vancouver is Canadas most beautiful city, s_______________ by mountains and the Pacific


    65. The trees are extremely tall, some m_______________ over 90 meters. 66. They crossed the Rocky Mountains, and managed to __________ ____________ ____ (

    )some mountain goats and even a grizzly bear.

67. Many of them ______ ____ _________ ______(有天赋) riding wild horses.

    68. There was frost on the ground, c__________________ that fall had arrived in Canada. 69. ________ ________ _____________(在远处), they could see the misty cloud that rose from

    the great Niagara Falls, which is on the south side of the lake.

    70. Its __________________(大约) four hundred kilometers northeast of Toronto, so it would

    take so long.

    71. The train left late that night and arrived in Montreal ____ ________(天明) the next morning.

    72. As they sat in a buffet restaurant looking over the _________(宽阔的) St. Lawrence River, a

    young man sat down with them.

    73. Most of us speak both English and French, but the city has French culture and


    key: 1. starve; 2. origin; 3. ancestor; 4. in memory of; 5. in the shape of; 6. dress up; 7. play a

    trick on; 8. gain; 9. admire; 10. look forward to; 11. keep her word; 12. drown; 13. set off for;

    14. remind…of; 15. obvious; 16. balanced; 17. lose weight; 18. slimming; 19. raw; 20.

    curiosity; 21. get away with; 22. discount; 23. in debt; 24. glared at; 25. spy on; 26. limit; 27.

    benefit; 28. feel sick with; 29. combine; 30. digested; 31. brought up; 32. set in 33. survive;

    34. permit; 35. by accident/chance; 36. stare at; 37. fault; 38. seek; 39. on the contrary; 40.

    reserved; 41. a large amount of; 42. take a chance; 43. genuine; 44. issued; 45. rags; 46.

    system; 47.according to; 48. violent; 49. atmosphere; 50. fundamental; 51. harmful; 52. chain;

    53. existed; 54. gave birth to; 55. thus; 56. prevent…from; 57. blocking out; 58. floated; 59.

    get the hang of; 60. now that; 61. exhausting; 62. continent; 63. scenery; 64. surrounded; 65.

    measuring; 66. catch sight of; 67. have a gift for; 68. confirming; 69. in the distance; 70.

    approximately; 71. at dawn; 72. broad; 73. traditions.

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