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Teaching plan

    ?. Teaching aims

    1 Make students learn some important verbs and phrases through the pictures.

    2 Make students know how to describe their childhood memories.

    3 Recall their memories of their childhood and improve their love for life.

    ?. Important and difficult point

    1. master the important verbs and phrases

    2. enable students to describe the first time they did something by telling the 5w and 1h

    ?. Teaching tools: pictures

    ?. Teaching process

     Step1. Greeting and revision

     Translate the Chinese sentences into English (oral practice)


     (Ask four students to give their answers)

     Do you mind if I smoke here? Would you mind if I smoked here?

     Would you mind my smoking here? Would you mind me smoking here? Step2. Read and speak

     Read the places and activities on page 25 together and then explain those unfamiliar words

    to students.

     Ask students whether they still remember they did them for the first time. Follow the example and make sentences to tell us your childhood memories.

     Example: I can remember seeing a film (doing something) for the first time in the cinema

    (some place).

     Student 1: I can remember swimming for the first time in the swimming poor.

     Student 2: I can remember meeting my best friend for the first time by the seaside. Step3. Read the five paragraphs in the following part together, and ticket out whose childhood

    memory is happy or unhappy.

     (ask student to give their answer after reading)

     Student 3: the first persons childhood memory is unhappy and others are happy childhood memories.

    Step4. Make sentences as the giving examples

    Read the first sentence of the five paragraphs one by one and make sentences with those sentences patterns:

    I can remember my first visit to some places

    I remember the day (that) I did something.

    I remember the day (that) + clause (complete sentence)

    I remember doing something. ------It was wonderful.

    I will never forget (remember) my visit to ---

    Those sentences can be used at the beginning of the writing when you want to describe your childhood memories or the passing experiences.

    Step5. What can we write to describe ones childhood memories or passing experiences?

    5w: Where (where did you go?)

     When (when did it happen?)

     What (what did you do?)

     Who (who did you go with?) why (why did you go\do?)

    1h: how (how did you get there?)

    Feeling (how did you feel?)

    Step6. Writing

     White a short passage about your childhood memories or what you did for the first time. Pay attention to the 5w and 1h, you may not contain all of them.

     (Six minutes later, ask students to share their writing by reading loudly before the class) Step7. Homework

    1. Review what we learned today and preview Grammar 3.

    2. Review your paragraph and correct it, then hand it on.

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