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    Units 5-6

    1. Dont make so much noise. The students ______ (have) an English class. 2. At weekends, Nancy enjoys ______ ( read) comic books at home. 3. 你们肯定会赢。 You _____ _____ _____ win.

    4. 我对英语语法没有把握。 I _____ _____ ______ ______ the English grammar. 5. 别跟我谈起那个家伙。 Dont ____ ____ me ____ that fellow.

    6. Hello! May I speak to Mary, please? - _____, I will go and get her.

    A. Speaking B. Hold on, please C. I dont think so D. Hurry up, please

    7. I like ____ a lot, and my mother usually cooks it in different ways.

     A. fish B. butter C. potatoes D.noodles

    8. The bell goes there.

     He comes here again.?倒装句?

    9. Is your sister at home? (同义句)

    10. Saturday is the _____ day of the week.(two)

    11. Listen! Who ______ (sing) in the music room?

    12. Look! The twins _____ (help) their mother do the housework. 13. Here are some books. Please ____ them. A. look B. write C. count D. taking 14. Jack is busy packing luggage( 行李) - He ____ volleyball with his friends in the school gym.(play)

    15. The boy is looking at the ____ (玩具) cars. He likes them a lot.

    16. Outdoor a______ are very fun and many children like them very. Much. 17. I often take some photos with c______.

    18. Are you sure _____ your answers? A. for B. to C. of D. with 19.She will not let her daughter ______ by the river( play). 20. Shall we go out for a walk? - Sorry, I cant. I _____(do) my homework.

    21. 你在听我说话吗!

    22. 怀特一家正在饭厅吃饭。?the dining room

    23. 蒂娜正在学校门口等我。?the school gate

    24. He does homework every day.(否定句)

    25. His father is working. (同义句)

    26. Look! There are many beautiful _____ in the sky.()

    27. Lily is a good ___, she has many beautiful ____. She likes ____ .She ___ very well. (cook)

    28.There is a big bookshelf in her _____ . A. learn B. study C. bed D. desk 29. If you ____ hard, you will ____ the language well.(learn, study) 30. How are you doing, Daisy? - _____, thank you.

     A. Im OK. B. Im a teacher. C. I’d love to. D. I’m coming.

    31. - _____ is everything going? - Just so-so. A. What B. How C. Where D. Why 32. Everything ____ well. A. go B. come C. goes D. comes 33. 这个公园看上去相当美。

    34. 好漂亮的姑娘啊;

    35. Lily is a beautiful girl. A. handsome B. ugly C. naughty D. pretty 36. 我们热烈欢迎外国游客来到中国。 We give the foreign visitors a ______ _____ to China. 37. 春天天气温暖,秋天天气凉爽。 It is _____ in _____, and ____ ____ in autumn.

    38.下个月在公园将会有一个花展。 There will be a ______ ______ in the park _____ ______. 39. I want to travel around the world one day.( 同义句?I ___ ___ to travel ___ ____ ___ ____

    one day.

    40. Please show your photo to me.(同义句)

    41. He is a very honest man. He never ____ lies. A. says B. speaks C. talks D. talks 42. Guangxi _____ in the south of China. A. lie B. lied C. lies D. to lie 43. We saw a UFO ____ on the square in my dream. A. to drop B. land C. wear D. to fly 44. Is Jack in the library? Maybe. I saw him ___ out with some books just now. (go)

    45. While I was walking along the lake, I saw some fish ____ out of the water. (jump) 46. 我们正在做第一课的练习题。 We _____ ____ the exercises of the _____ lesson.

    47. 小心一些,公共汽车就要来了。 Be careful! The bus _____ ______.

    48. 这个可怜的孩子病得很严重,都快要死了。 The poor child is badly ill and he ____ _____.

    49. Where ____ you ___ (have) lunch every day?

    50. Listen! Joan ______ in the room. She often _____ (sing) there.

    52. The girl likes _____ a skirt. Look! She _____ ( wear) a red skirt today. 53. The teacher is busy. She _____ (sleep) six hours a day.

    54. My father always ______ ( come ) back from work very late.

    55. Why do you think you did so _____ (terrible) in your test?

    56. S______ is the best season of a fear. When it comes, the trees turn green. 57. Listening to music is a way of _____ yourself.( 放松)

    58. It often ____ in summer in our hometown.(下雨)

    59. To our _____, the factory is still pouring water into the river.(惊讶)

    60. It is windy and cold, so he is wearing a scarf ____ his neck. A. around B. on D. with 61. -_____ weather! It is raining. Bad luck! A. What bad B. What fine C.How bad

    62. Nancy is a really hardworking student , we often see her ____ books in the classroom.(read) 63. On her way home, Lucy saw a thief _____( steal) in a shop. She stopped ____ (call) 110. 64. 汤姆正在穿衣服。 Tom _____ _____ _____ his clothes now.

    65. 非常感谢你告诉我们去医院的路。

    66. 他总是在课堂上讲话。 Hw ____ always ____ in class.

    67. Do you like _____(wind) days?

    68. I listen to a girl ___(play) the violin every day.

    69. There are many good _____(cook) in this restaurant, they cook very ___(good). 70. Look! A man ____(lie) on the ground.

    71. Lily tells me a _____(surprise) piece of news.

    72. It is cloudy in Shanghai now. (两种方式提问)

    73. The sun is bright today.(同义句) It_____ a _____ day today.

    74. It often snows here in winter. (同义句) There is ____ _____ here in winter.

    75. The teacher is helping Tom now.?提问?

    76. 格林先生是一个体格强健的人。 Mr Green is a man _____ powerful _____.

    77. I think Lily is in the library.(否定句)

    78. - You must be tired out after climbing. - ____, I want to rest. A. not a little B. not a bit 79. It is very cold, there are only ____ people the street. A. little B. a little C. a few 80. Mr Green asks us _____(stop) ____ (talk), so we stop _____(listen) to him at once. 81. Nothing can stop me ____(go) out.

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