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FREE CHIBALL CLASS & DEMONSTRATION WHAT IS CHIBALL? A 1 hour balanced mind body low impact exercise programme, based on TCM, colour and aroma therapy, combining the disciplines of Tai Chi-Qi Gong, Chiball Dance, Yoga, Pilates, the principles of Feldenkrais (Chiball Release) and Deep Relaxation/Meditation to music with a ChiBall. Tai Chi..


WHAT IS CHIBALL? A 1 hour balanced mind body low impact exercise programme, based

    on TCM, colour and aroma therapy, combining the disciplines of Tai Chi-Qi Gong, Chiball Dance,

    Yoga, Pilates, the principles of Feldenkrais (Chiball Release) and Deep Relaxation/Meditation to

    music with a ChiBall.

    Tai Chi and Qi Gong cleanses, rejuvenates and refreshes the internal body by working with the breath and the meridian system.

    ChiBall? Dance is used to generate energy, mobility and flexibility using vigorous to gentle, slow, continuous movement patterns which aids detoxification and oxygen supply to the muscles.

    Yoga increases strength, flexibility, concentration, balance and self-awareness.

    Pilates develops core strength, supports the spine, stabilises the pelvis and increases the mobility of the joints.

    Chiball Release helps us rediscover the effortless movement patterns & cultivates the art of listening & letting go.

    Deep Relaxation induces calmness of mind & body through deep breathing, visualisation techniques &


    Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Chi is our vital energy which can be depleted or become excessive through poor eating habits, lifestyle & negative emotions. Stress and tension are the primary causes of the depletion of Chi. Exercise, followed by deep relaxation is

    an excellent way to re-balance and rejuvenate the body.

    Ying & Yang are complementary opposite states of energy that are in constant motion, striving to achieve balance in all things.

    The Meridians are the invisible pathways within the body through which energy flows to our internal organs.

    An imbalance in one or more of these meridians weakens the entire body.

    The Five Elements of Nature are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water through which the yin and yang energies are expressed. Each element correlates with the seasons and has many characteristics that are direct relections of

    nature. Our goal is to align our body’s energy and our life’s activities with these patterns of nature.

    Colour and Aromatherapy - Students are asked to select a ball to start class with and may be drawn to a colour and fragrance that is a reflection of the positive part of themselves, their health and their life at that moment in

    time, or they may have an aversion to a particular ChiBall colour or fragrance, which is often the colour we need to restore balance.

    The ChiBall Method? strives to allow each participant to develop his or her own individual sense of wellbeing, balance and self-awareness. ChiBall was created in Australia in 1997 and is currently used by the Swedish Army,

    Scandinavian hospitals, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Physiotherapists in Europe, Australia and the US, Gyms etc.

    Company Vision: To transform the health and wellness of people through inspirational mind body

    exercise and philosophy

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CALL SANDRA on 4955 7407 or 0407 626 868

     What results can I expect?

    As with all exercise concepts you will need to begin slowly and simply. The beauty of the ChiBall Method? is that your overall fitness improves naturally with regular practice. You can expect an increase in metabolism, strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and an awareness of your body. The ChiBall

    Method? focuses on your breathing, and many people achieve a meditative state during a ChiBall session which is great for managing stress or healing from illness or injury.

How soon will I see results?

    Results are dependent upon the regularity of practice. The average active person doing 2-3 sessions per

    week should see some results within 10-12 sessions. This will vary depending on each individual and

    other factors such as the number of sessions a person takes each week, diet, whether they participate in

    other physical activities, and whether they have any pre-existing injuries.

In what situations should I use the ChiBall Method??

    The ChiBall Method? can be used as a therapeutic approach to exercise. The ChiBall? can be used and

    adapted to suit all situations, from correcting postural alignment while working at a desk or sitting for

    long periods, to bringing greater focus to a yoga practice.

How often should I practice the ChiBall Method??

    Eastern exercise philosophies recommend moving every day to promote circulation and energy levels. The ChiBall Method? is aligned with the Eastern approach to exercise which combines slow, gentle,

    soft, relaxed exercises (yin) with fast, powerful, strong and energetic movements every day to ensure balanced and robust health.

Are there different levels of difficulty with the ChiBall Method??

    The ChiBall? programme can be tailored to suit all levels of fitness. Exercise modifications and recommendations are given throughout the DVD series and exercise classes. Your personal fitness levels will determine the level of difficulty.

Do I need a ChiBall? to practise the ChiBall Method?? Supplied by Teacher.

    Yes, you do. The purpose of the ChiBall? is to create a focus for the mind as part of the movement sequences. For example, the ChiBall? is held in the hand during ChiBall? Dance routines and standing

    yoga postures to intensify concentration and sensation as a challenge for core stabilisation, and as a massage and relaxation tool.

I have a bad back. Can I use the ChiBall Method??

    ChiBall? Pilates is aligned with the latest research on back pain. Although you should always consult

    your physician before starting any fitness routine, a ChiBall workout is gentle and controlled with flowing movement. If you commit yourself to a consistent workout schedule, you will certainly feel results.

Can I use the ChiBall Method? while pregnant?

    Always check with your physician or obstetrician before undertaking any exercise when pregnant. The following information should NOT be substituted for medical advice from your doctor. Please consult your physician for information on what will be appropriate for you during your pregnancy. The ChiBall

    Method? movement sequences are modified to be graceful, elegant and nourishing. ChiBall? Dance sequences are very gentle to stimulate circulation and maintain balanced energy levels throughout the


    The ChiBall Method? uniquely combines Eastern and Western exercise perspectives, and encompasses


    DATE & TIME (late afternoon) to be advised



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