Apartment furniture industry, the market prospect of wanli was very boring

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    Apartment furniture industry, the market prospect of wanli was very boring

    ??????Multifunctional furniture is in the early 80 s had arisen in developed countries such as Europe, America, and multifunctional furniture market in China is in nearly 10 years to gradually formed, beginning today. About the personage inside course of study says, by 2010, the Chinese multi-function furniture market share may be 10 billion yuan, in 2015 is likely to rapid ascent to 50 billion yuan. Predictably, multi-functional furniture of national consumption proportion will gradually increase, the industry conforms to the \"use\" requirements of the design of stimulating domestic demand development prospect is considerable, the design space is wide. ??????Multifunctional furniture design new materials application: design furniture, with new materials can not only obtain new modelling structure, can also achieve an unexpected new function. Nanomaterials, for example, moistureproof, bacteria isolation, not only has strong flexibility; Shape memory alloy after deformation in the conditions of temperature, ph value, can restore original shape; Composite material strength, stiffness, often several times the same size and shape of the original composition of materials; Photosensitive material, pressure, ph sensors can do; Material such as glass, paper, energy conservation and environmental protection. Ingenious adjustable structure

    ??????Multifunctional furniture is not all complex institutions or new material, a set of link mechanism, several flexible connection, wheels, button machine, ramp, etc many simple but ingenious structure can achieve the same new features. Such as adjustable height of the chair, desk, wheelchair, rotating table, folding chair, sofa combination bookcases and so on. Medium and small family furniture

    ??????Medium and small family housing area is narrow, spatial resources nervous. French furniture designer Alan laiter cher design electrical control elevator furniture, rely on eight kinds of standard size \"mezzanine\" bedroom space is greatly saved. \"Space is precious all over the world, but especially in Asia.\" Laiter sher says, \"have personal space is the basic condition of quality have reached a well-off life, I hope I can give people to help in this respect.\" Automatic folding or lifting doubled furniture for bedroom space, create a new way of life for people, is one of the important developing direction of multi-function furniture. Intelligent furniture

    ??????Intelligence is a typical representative of modern multifunctional furniture furniture, leads a new way of life. According to the survey, most people interested in intelligent furniture, thought to have intelligent furniture is a happy thing, is also a symbol to improve the quality of life; 64% of respondents want to have intelligent

    furniture in different degree; 16% of people think that intelligent furniture 300 ~ 500 yuan higher than the ordinary furniture can accept; 44% think that of 500 ~ 1000 yuan can accept; 33% think high of 1000 ~ 2000 yuan can accept; And 7% of people think that as long as you like, how much can be high. Predictably, intelligent furniture will play an important role in the future life, with the increase of price and system of form a complete set of perfect, people's purchasing desire will get promoted, intelligent furniture market will gradually formed the scale in the next 20 to 50 years.

    ??????The man-machine analysis: with the improvement of living standard, people to the requirement of all kinds of life products also continues to improve. For office of all kinds of products to improve the aesthetics, also improves the practicality, in the use of all kinds of office products demand more and more is also high. When, for example, in the use of desk bookcase, bookshelf instability problems, such as are in urgent need of waiting for solve, on human issues, we are more inclined to put the bookshelf in the top left corner of the desk, and the upper right corner of the left where you put the pen and other items, the multifunctional shelf solved the bookshelf and debris sorting problems at the same time, the plug on the right side of desk pen container, a multi level of high and low can put all kinds of pens and a knife, rubber such as dot, load the habits of his right hand things, people in the bookshelf on the left place removable brush pen rack, is placed is not commonly used brushes, or uninstall. Or so can prevent general have accustomed to the left of the crowd. This design is adjustable, can follow one's inclinations, more suitable for the market. ??????Value analysis: \"multi-function table\" is mainly used for bedroom, office staff is a good helper, not only can improve office efficiency, but also can make the bedroom clean and pure and fresh, is essential for a filing, \"multi-function table collection\" bookshelf, brush pot, storage warehouse, clothing storage warehouse, on the desktop, the big drawer in a body, the more additional functionality, and reasonably, can move, unloading, can choose according to need to joining together, there are optional, can be arranged, free to consumers. Arrange themselves need to part, is a good market opportunity, believe that there will be a very good market space. ??????"Multi-function table\" can also be used in family, school, company, bedroom and other places, students can find a place on the desk a bookcase, convenient learning, also can put a family study, application field widely, has the very good feasibility.

    ??????With the improvement of living standards, many small endowment is becoming more and more high to the requirement of furniture, exquisite and beautiful and practical, both in terms of this decoration furniture function also subsequently and attach importance to it. Multifunctional

    furniture and folding furniture is more popular. Small family house, but also pay attention to this. Combination tear open outfit, let a single furniture, can according to own hobby and need to transform the different furniture, it is sought after by the post - 80. The decoupling, in the room, can make whole and interior space more humorous. Such as: let your wine it is more than just one wine ark, can make it into a table, bench, partition, bookcase, display cabinet, wine cabinet, furniture and so on, make limited space clever rise.

    ??????At present, China's popular furniture products including: ??????Multifunctional furniture - market advocating comfortable, practical and convenient and flexible multi-functional furniture, such as closets comprehensive TV ark, wall ark, bookcase, units, etc. ??????Children's furniture - pay attention to the strong and durable, light weight, interesting and good for developing children's intelligence furniture, to meet the needs of different age children. ??????Kitchen furniture, fire prevention and clean easily mounted or floor kitchen furniture, can store food, tableware and cooking utensils, at the same time also can with washing dishes, kitchen and other supporting to save space.

    ??????Home appliance furniture - to place the furniture of form a complete set of home appliance for an increasing number of household electrical appliances, and become the pressing needs of the consumers ??????Health furniture - consumer health consciousness enhancement, health furniture so popular. Products include music and hypnotic bed bed, ultraviolet wave, electronic and magnetic bed bed bed, etc. Furniture - in recent years popular cardboard furniture, environmental protection, the cardboard furniture raw materials from the old paper, wrapping paper, poster, etc., are safer, cheaper material is a kind of good environmental protection furniture. 4 analysis, for a period of time, China's furniture market will also be a diversified development, main show is: group furniture consumer market. Mainly new factories, office buildings, hotels, schools and shopping malls, etc all kinds of furniture, plus a year need to update all kinds of furniture, furniture consumption each year group size of about 30 billion yuan. The required furniture market is high, middle-grade more, fiber board and solid wood as raw material, in addition there are part of steel-wood furniture and a small amount of glass furniture. ? rural furniture consumer market. The mainland has 900 million farmers, more than 900 million farm households. At present rural furniture consumption per capita is less than 20% of per capita consumption. In per capita urban furniture consumption is about 100 yuan, rural per capita consumption is 20 yuan. According to this calculation, the national rural furniture market in the consumption of about 18 billion yuan. According to industry experts, with the improvement of rural living standards and the

    improvement of living conditions, the rural market to furniture demand will increase at an annual rate of 3%. The rural market is made of various materials required for new style, cheap furniture. ? high class furniture consumer market. At present, the mainland's high income groups (refers to the family income in 5000 yuan or more) of the furniture in per capita consumption is in 300 yuan or so. This class required luxury furniture is particular about taste, the pursuit of fashion, like, mainly import and domestic high-grade furniture consumption. Urban middle-income class furniture consumer market. At present, middle income class still accounts for about 70% of the urban population, the per capita annual consumption of 150 yuan. Furniture This furniture is given priority to with mid-range a broad class of consumption, more for solid wood and wood furniture. New youth furniture consumer market. Each year about 10 million in the mainland for more young men and women to enter marriage, a new family of furniture consumption is about 5000 yuan on average. Required furniture emphasize new tide, the market characteristics, and partial love furniture imports.

    ??????Children furniture consumer market. Existing on the mainland around 200 million children and adolescents. As the improvement of living conditions, more and more children live alone one room. The city places need furniture including single bed, desk, chair, bookcase, the toy box and other products. At present, children's furniture spent about 60 yuan per person per year.

    ??????The old furniture consumer market. Mainland already pursue gradually step into aging society, the elderly over the age of 60 have accounted for more than 10% of the population. The elderly furniture mostly is used into the update period. The market of furniture in per capita consumption amount is about 40 to 50 yuan.

    ??????Market analysis

    ??????In recent years, along with the social development, appeared on the market all kinds of desk bookcase and a variety of pen holder, pen rack, design is more and more, also more and more novel, which also thering is no lack of good works, but the combination of all three. Although the stationery which is auxiliary study or office, but the practical function and cultural connotation of more and more, the market is more and more attention, lack of market and people's needs is the best, multi-function shelves just conforms to this condition, believe that there will be a good market.

    ??????Chinese people's concept and attitude towards life that occupy the home is gradually shift. When a modern busy city life make people demand for apartment environment has not only stay in a comfortable, practical, domestic furniture industry will have to start to look for new way out, fresh air and how they relate to the correspondency of family life. This, of course, try to break through the Chinese apartment

    furniture the same conventional impression, also really bring the domestic consumer surprise feeling different from the past. Self and space emphasizes individuality and proper planning as a whole ??????When 80 will become the most mainstream consumer groups in the office furniture market, many brands will began to busy \"personality and show ego\" elements such as derived in apartment furniture. Design of single apartment furniture has indeed become more and more difficult to meet the needs of the modern household space. Flamboyant young generation in the pursuit of comfortable, convenient and at the same time, also don't give up for individual design of persistent. They refused to vegetation, eager to design flexibility, and personality and the overall space more ingenious fusion can make young people fascinated.

    ??????For flexible use of space and durable, the utility of the Shanghai apartment furniture and space utilization, especially after 80, optional combination to apartment furniture according to the demand, while fully show individual character, also can meet the specific needs of different period, if you can do this, is to seize the heart of a new generation of consumer groups. Suzhou is beautiful apartment furniture, for example, black and white series multifunction display shelf, as well as a bookshelf, wine rack, also can be break up a space appear a partition, fashionable do not break in the function.


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