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    Battlefield 2?Dedicated Server Readme v1.0 (new revision)July 21st 2008

    Copyright Electronic Arts

    Battlefield 2?v1.50


    Table of Contents


    I. Installing the Windows Dedicated Server

    II. Configuring and starting the Windows server using the Server Launcher

    IIa. Configuring and starting the Windows server using the server executable

    III. The Map List

    IV. Installing the Linux Dedicated Server

    V. Configuring and starting the Linux Dedicated Server VI. Hosting a Battlefield 2?Server

    VII. Remote Console (rcon) Access

    VIII. BattleRecorder

    IX. Points to note when using BattleRecorder X. Remote VOIP Server

    XI. Appendix A ?Map Names, Sizes & Modes

    XII. Appendix B ?Useful commands

    XIII. Appendix C - Hardware Requirements

    XIV. Appendix D - Server settings and their functions XV. Version notes


    I. Installing the Windows Dedicated Server


    To install the server, double click the attlefield 2 Server.exe?file and follow the on

    screen prompts. It is recommended you install PunkBuster even if you are not running a Ranked server.

    Note that if your system clock and date are not set correctly this can lead to issues with stats processing on Ranked servers. Please ensure the time and date are set correctly before starting the game server.



    II. Configuring and starting the Windows server using the Server Launcher ===============================================================


    Run the shortcut to start the server ?tart??rograms??A Games??attlefield 2

    Server??un Dedicated Server?and the Server Launcher window will appear. Click the ??at the bottom to create a new profile.

    Enter a suitable name (no spaces or special characters allowed) and click K?

    Edit the settings in the server GUI as needed. Note that clicking once on an option will display a brief description of what function that command carries out. See Appendix D for a list of the server commands and their functions. ===============================================================


    IIa. Configuring and starting the Windows server using the server executable ===============================================================


    It is possible to start the server without using the Server Launcher GUI. This is done by creating a shortcut to the server executable (BF2_w32ded.exe) and applying startup parameters to it. The syntax for the parameters are as follows:


    +mapList "


    "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2 Server\BF2_w32ded.exe" +config C:\serversettings.con +mapList C:\maplist.con

    This setup is designed primarily for Ranked Server Partners. For individual servers it is more convenient to use the Server Launcher.


    III. The Map List


    The maplist tab allows you to select the maps and game modes you want to run on the server. By default this will display Conquest maps, but the game mode can be selected by clicking on the right hand dropdown box:

    The available game modes are as follows:

    Gpm_cq ?Conquest

    Gpm_coop ?Cooperative

    Different maplists are available for each game mode. Not all game modes are available on all maps. Note that coop can only be played on maps that are enabled for single player. Also note that Cooperative mode is not supported on Ranked servers. If Cooperative mode is selected on a Ranked server the ranking system will be disabled while the Coop map plays.

    See Appendix A for a list of all the map names and their supported modes and sizes. To add a map to the maplist, simply highlight it in the left hand window and click the right arrow to add it. You may also add maps by double clicking them, or use CTRL + click or SHIFT + click to add multiple maps. Use the up and down arrows to re-order the maps in the right hand window.

    Maps may be removed from the maplist in the same fashion.

    Once you have configured your settings and added the maps you want, click the

    ave?button to save the configuration and then click the tart?button to start the server.

    Note that clicking on tart?again will set the server to auto-restart if it should end unexpectedly.


    IV. Installing the Linux Dedicated Server


    Copy the install archive onto your server PC and double click it to begin the installation.Select un in a Terminal?from the resulting pop up.

    Note that if you are carrying out a remote installation using SSH or other remote admin tool you may need to use the hmod?command to allow the correct file access

    privileges. Please consult your Linux documentation on how to use the


    Once the archive has unpacked, you will be required to read and accept the EULA both for the server and for PunkBuster before installation will continue. Enter a suitable path to complete the installation, for example /Home//. The server will automatically create a folder called F2?in that path and install the server into it.

    Note that if your system clock and date are not set correctly this can lead to issues with stats processing on Ranked servers. Please ensure the time and date are set correctly before starting the game server.


    V. Configuring and starting the Linux Dedicated Server


    The command files for the Linux server are stored in the following folder: Battlefield 2 - /BF2/Mods/BF2/Settings

    Special Forces - /BF2/Mods/xpack/Settings

    The files are called erversettings.con?which holds all of the settings for the server, and aplist.con?which contains all of the settings for which maps to load, what size and in which order to run them. These files may be opened and edited using any text editing program.

    See Appendix D for a list of the server commands and their functions.

To add a map to the maplist, you must prefix each entry with the

    aplist.append?command. The correct syntax for this command is as follows: Maplist.append

    For example, to add the map alian Plant?to the maplist to run in 64 player Conquest mode the command would be as follows:

    Maplist.append dalian_plant gpm_cq 64

    Note that if the map size is not added to the end of the command, the map size will be taken from the v.MaxPlayers?value in the erversettings.con?file. Adding a map

    size to the map list is useful for running small maps with larger numbers of players, for example running a 32 player map with 64 players. Note that this is not supported for Ranked servers and made lead to your server being removed from the Ranked Server Providers list if you do so.

    Please see Appendix A for a list of all of the map names and the supported sizes and game modes.

    It is recommended that you make a backup copy of your erversettings.con?and

    aplist.con?files in case you need to replace them at any time, or if you wish to quickly switch server configurations.

    To start the server, open the F2?folder and run It is recommended you run

    the server in a terminal window to enable easier monitoring and control of the server. To start a Special Forces server, open the F2?folder and run /xpack?


    VI. Hosting a Battlefield 2?Server


    In order to host a Battlefield 2?server, you must have the following ports open in your firewall.

    UDP 27900

    UDP/TCP 29900

    TCP 80

    TCP 4711

UDP 27901

    UDP 1500-4999

    UDP/TCP 1024-1124

    UDP 29900

    UDP/TCP 27900

    UDP 17567

    UDP 55123-55125

    UDP/TCP 18000

    UDP/TCP 18300

    Please note this is for a single server instance. Should you wish to run multiple instances

    on one host, all of the instances must run on unique ports. =================================

    VII. Remote Console (rcon) Access


    To setup remote console access to the server:

    - On the server create a new plain text document in \admin\ called default.cfg - Enter the following text into the new file:



    - Save the file, and start the server.

    To use Rcon while on the server, press the "Tilde" (~) key on your keyboard to open the

    console, and type the commands you wish to run in the following fashion: - rcon login

    Use this command to login to the server.

- rcon users

    This command lists all the users connected to the server.

    Very similar to admin.listPlayers

    - rcon exec

    Replace with a console command you would like to execute on the server. For example: rcon exec admin.kickPlayer 3


    VIII. BattleRecorder


    The Battlefield 2?Server includes a facility called BattleRecorder. This records all of the gameplay for a particular round and makes it available for players in that round to download and view at a later date. There are two components to BattleRecorder, which are described below.

    To set up BattleRecorder on your server, follow the instructions below: The Dedicated Server requires the following information:

    - AutoRecord

    Set AutoRecord to on (sv.autorecord 1) to enable the BattleRecorder. Every round played on the server will now be recorded to a file.

    - DemoDownloadURL

    This is the URL that will be passed to all the connected clients at the end of the round. This is the URL that the Battlefield 2?front end will try and download the demo file from when the user selects 'download'. The demo file must be in the directory specified in the URL, or the demo download will fail. The URL specified here is case sensitive and must match exactly the URL of your web site.

    - AutoDemoHook

    The server runs this script at the end of every round where AutoRecord is enabled. In the majority of cases the default script may be used.

    - DemoQuality

    You can control the quality of the recording made by the BattleRecorder. '1' is the default setting, and we recommend this is used for internet games. '10' is the highest setting, using this will increase the size of the file by around a factor of 8.

    Higher settings will also increase the load on the server.

    The second component to BattleRecorder is the script that is run when a round ends. This script can be rewritten or replaced as needed. The Battlefield 2?server will simply attempt to execute the script specified in AutoDemoHook at the end of each round. The default script, called auto_rotate, was written in Python and then built in to an executable.

    The Python script can be found here \adminutils\demo\

    The script will move a BattleRecorder file from the server to a new local location, or to an FTP site. You can also specify the number of files to keep archived. The script is configured using a configuration file, called 'auto_rotate.cfg', found in the root of the Battlefield 2?Server installation root directory.

    In this file you can configure:

    - file_limit =

    Use this value to set the number of BattleRecorder files you would like to keep available. The default is 30. Once the limit is reached, a new file will replace the oldest one. - target_root =

    If you intend to transfer to a local directory, enter the path here.

    - use_ftp =

    Set this to 1 if you wish to FTP the DemoRecorder file to a new location. - ftp_target_dir =

    Enter the path on the FTP site where you want the DemoRecording transferred to. Note this path is case sensitive and must match exactly the folder name of your FTP upload site.

    - ftp_server =

    Enter the URL or IP of your FTP server. Again this is case sensitive and must match exactly the full URL of your FTP upload site.

For example, if the URL of your web site is:

    Then your tp_target_dir?should be ?BF2/Demos/?(without the quotes) and your

    tp_server?should be the quotes). In the

    erversettings.con?file or in the Server Launcher, your emoDownloadURL?should be

    ttp:// without the quotes).

    - ftp_user =

    Enter your FTP sites login username.

    - ftp_password =

    Enter the password for your login account.


    IX. Points to note when using BattleRecorder


    BattleRecorder will significantly increase your server's load; therefore we do not recommend running 64 player games with the BattleRecorder feature enabled. BattleRecorder files become larger as you increase the number of players and the ticket allocation. For a round with 64 players with 250 tickets on each side, you should expect a file size of around 10-12 Mb with the DemoQuality set to 1.

    When you download a BattleRecorder file, using the 'Community' function in the Battlefield 2?front end, it is saved in:

    \My Documents\Battlefield 2\Profiles\Default\Demos\

    Every profile on your computer will save BattleRecorder files to this location. It is possible to download BattleRecorder files from a friend or website and copy them into the BattleRecorder directory above. They will then appear on the 'Community' page for you to play.


    X. Remote VOIP Server


    Battlefield 2?Server includes a remote VOIP server. This is included to run as a standalone VOIP server to remove the need for the game server to handle VOIP as well as the game.

    To use the remote VOIP server, install the Battlefield 2?Dedicated Server onto the PC you wish to use as a remote VOIP server. There are two files to pay attention to: BF2VoipServer_w32ded.exe - The server executable.

    voip.con - The remote server configuration file.

    To set up the server, open the "voip.con" file and edit the entries to support your game server setup. The syntax is as follows:

    55125 no_password

    Note that it is only necessary to include the game server interface IP if you are connecting multiple game servers to a single remote VOIP server, for example:

    55125 no_password

    55126 no_password

    55127 no_password

    Also note that all game servers that connect to a remote VOIP server must do so over unique ports.


    XI. Appendix A ?Map Names, Sizes & Modes


    - Dalian Plant

    Map name ?dalian_plant

    Sizes ?16, 32, 64

    Modes ?gpm_coop, gpm_cq

    - Daqing Oilfields

    Map name ?daqing_oilfields

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