(0 p) Planning Cover Letter Template -10-5-10

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(0 p) Planning Cover Letter Template -10-5-10

    State of CaliforniaHealth and Human Services Agency

     California Department of Public Health






    ?City?, CA ?Zip?


    Category: ?Category?


    The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is pleased to invite you to submit a Planning Application for funding for the Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SDWSRF). We appreciate your interest in this program and are committed to providing any assistance you may need in understanding and completing the application. It is essential that you immediately proceed with submitting the documents specified in this invitation.

    The application packet for the SDWSRF Planning funding is enclosed. If you are uncertain as to the eligibility of any part of your project, or have questions regarding the application process, please contact the District Office for your water system for clarification (see Enclosure 6). In addition, you may wish to refer to the SDWSRF program website at

    A complete application and all required application documents must be submitted no later than December 8, 2010. All of the required application documents must have a valid

    postmark; electronic copies will not be accepted. Invited water systems that do not

    submit the required documents by December 8, 2010 will be bypassed for this SDWSRF funding cycle. If your project is by-passed, the project application will not be processed until a new invitation to apply is offered to your system for the project in a future funding year.

The application packet consists of the following documents:

1. Application for Planning Funds 2010-2011(Enclosure 1p)

    2. Planning Application Guidelines and Instructions 2009 (Enclosure 2p)

    3. Scope of Work (Enclosure 3p)

    4. Applicant Checklist (Enclosure 4p)

    5. Certification for Water Metering (Enclosure 5)

    6. Map of CDPH District (Enclosure 6)

    7. Guidelines for Green Infrastructure (Enclosure 7)

    8. Proposition 218 Information (Enclosure 8)

    Division of Drinking Water and Environmental Management ndP.O. Box 997377, MS 7418, 1616 Capitol Avenue, 2 Floor, Sacramento, CA 95899-7377

    (916) 449-5600; Fax: (916) 449-5656; TDD (916)449-5592

    Internet Address:



    Page 2 of 2


9. Labor Compliance/Davis-Bacon Information (Enclsoure 9)

    10. Technical, Managerial, and Financial (TMF) Assessment Forms and Criteria for

    Community or Non-Community Water Systems (Enclosure 10p)

    11. Sample Resolution for Application (Enclosure 11p)

    12. Sample Resolution for Planning Funding Agreement (Enclosure 12p)

    13. Consolidation Information (Enclosure 13)

    The SDWSRF program processes funding applications in the order complete applications are received. Technical, financial, and environmental reviews of each completed application are conducted to determine whether the proposed project meets fundability requirements for this program. The SDWSRF program will make funding offers to applicants whose projects meet the fundability requirements, subject to the availability of funds. Funding offers under the 2010 Statement of Intent will first be extended to the highest ranked projects that complete the application and review process.

Please note that Project Number [?WS_num?-?Proj_num?] has been assigned to this

    application. This number should be utilized on all correspondence with CDPH concerning the project to distinguish this project from any other requested by your water system.

    You are the only representative of your water system receiving this letter and enclosures. If someone else from your water system should receive this letter, please provide him/her with a copy of the letter and enclosures. If an update is needed to your water system’s list of

    contacts, please provide the updated contact information to your District Office.

    Thank you for your interest in the SDWSRF funding program. If you are missing any of the items listed above, please contact CDPH by phone at (916) 449-5600 or email at


Stephen A. Woods, Assistant Chief

    Division of Drinking Water

     and Environmental Management


cc: ?District? Engineer

     Project File

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