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tudent Senate Min

Hanover College Student Senate Minutes for January 14, 2004

    Called by the Executive Committee of Student Senate

    7:00 Campus Center Board Room

    Minutes Collected by: Matt Moore


    ; 23 Present

    ; 15 Absent (Absences from this meeting will not count against you, the policy will

    be enforced at the next meeting)


    ; Committees are asked to resume their duties for the winter semester. Committees

    should meet on a bi-weekly basis to discuss ideas, concerns, and potential ways to

    help the campus community. Committee reports should be submitted at every full

    senate meeting.

    ; Nominations for an Executive-At-Large Member were taken. The following

    individuals received a nomination: Pete Tolson, Ellen Herrenbruck, Hannah

    Woebkenberg, and Josh Harrell. Elections will be held at the next full senate

    meeting. For a job description for the PR Chair please see the resolution posted

    on the senate website.

    ; Diana O’Brien was elected the new chair of the SOAC committee. Alternate

    Drew Chapin will be contacted to fill the vacant position on the SOAC committee.

    ; Nominations were taken for the three open upperclassmen at large positions. The

    following individuals received nominations: Johannah Bendall, Gordon Magella,

    Annie Tetrick, Stephanie Jones, Ben Junkins, Eric Yoder, Mike Lewis, and Liz

    Housholder. Votes were taken and senator positions will be offered to Liz

    Housholder, Annie Tetrick, and Johannah Bendall. Stephanie Jones and Eric

    Yoder are the two alternates.

    ; Senators are asked to send Aaron Parker any ideas concerning senate’s role in the

    upcoming faculty meeting. Your opinions can be sent to Aaron Parker at

    ; The attendance policy will be enforced at the next full senate meeting. To view

    details of the attendance policy see the Student Senate Constitution or contact

    Matt Moore at

    ; Next Wednesday all senators are encouraged to wear their senate t-shirts.

    Reminders will be sent out at the beginning of next week.

    ; The first semester goal report will be compiled and available to senators and

    members of the campus community within the next two weeks.

    ; SABC deadlines were set for this semester. Constitutions will be accepted until ndththe 22 of January. Swept fund applications are due on Tuesday the 20. For

    more information view the SABC link on the senate website.

    ; Student Senate and several other organizations will be funding for the return of

    Eva Kor to speak on arson fires and hate crimes. An arsonist destroyed her

    holocaust museum just before Thanksgiving. Money will be collected and time

    will be spent to help her get the museum up and running between now and the end

    of the school year.

    ; Please take care of your t-shirt money if you have not yet paid. Please!

Motion to Close: Phil Hobbs

    Second: Matt Dodson

Minutes respectfully submitted by: Matt Moore

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