The Containery

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The Containery

The Containery

    Bridal Registry

    Wedding Date: May 12, 2012

Bride’s Name: Amy Yoast

Groom’s Name: Jason Vulcz

Mother of the Bride:

    Phone: 940-235-8941 940-704-2752

     thShowers: March 17, Austin Tx

Registry Items:

Julia Knight

Peony Bowl (snow) $95

    Lily Bowl (Yellow) $65

    Lily Platter (red) $195


    Silver beaded 3 tray server $89 silver beaded sauce dish $42 Silver beaded Round Platter $157 Beaded Cocktail napkin holder $44 Silver beaded sectional server $124

Orion Trading Design

    Sm round salt and pepper $35

Gracious Goods

3 pc Jar Set $96


    Yellow water carafe $62


Chip and Dip $105

Large Bowl $99


Decanter $53

Jan Barboglio

    Rose Pedastal Bowl $632

Wes Tech

    Bamboo large orange bowl $50

Large lotus flowers (ass colors) $10

Small lotus flowers (ass colors) $10

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