Practice Test 2

By Rebecca Sullivan,2014-01-14 23:17
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Practice Test 2

    Practice Test 2

Part ?

    Section A

    1. If he had more film, he could have taken more pictures. 2. She is older than she looks.

    3. Jim cant tell a bird from a chicken.

    4. She should have listened to her teachers advice.

    5. Its hard to get used to getting up early. 6. You have to read the directions a second time. 7. Anna would rather see a film than a play. 8. I cant believe you werent born in America.

    9. Fifteen of the thirty blood tests were all right. 10. From time to time I make long-distance calls.

Section B

    11. W: Let’s grab a bite before the movie.

    M: I’d rather eat afterwards.

    Q: What does the woman wants to eat?

    12. W: Make sure you bring a bathing suit.

    M: And you bring the towels and a picnic lunch.

    Q: Where are they going?

    13. W: Have you seen Kathys new red card?

    M: She was lucky. She got it on sale from the dealer before he closed down.

    Q: What happened to the car dealer.

    14. W: Keep your eye out for a one-bedroom apartment for me.

    M: I hear there are several vacancies in the new hotel downtown.

    Q: What does the woman want the man to do. 15. W: Even though you are not crazy about my friends, lets have a party next


    M: OK, but you take care of all the arrangements.

    Q: What does the man want?

    16. W: Where did Mary get the skirt?

    M: She had a tailor remake an old one.

    Q: What does the man want?

    17. W: You should have finished the book before it was due.

    M: I know. Now Ill have to pay a huge sum of money.

    Q: What will the man have to do?

    18. M: Mary made up for the time she missed by working overtime.

    M: Thats why I saw her working the weekend shift.

    Q: What did Mary do?

    19. M: Registration always takes so long.

    W: What bothers me is all the people who cut in line.

    Q: What bothers the woman?

    20. W: Should we get Tim a record for his birthday?

    M: Just because hes a composer doesn’t mean he only likes to listen to music.

    Q: What did the man say?

    Practice Test 7

    Section A

    1. Mr. Smith is not presently employed.

    2. I guess everything is working out for us.

    3. You should remember these things when you are interviewed for a job. 4. I completed my course in mechanical engineering in the University of California.

    5. Nothing could hide the fact that he is growing old.

    6. He holds that there is no advantage in introducing the new method. 7. I was far more intelligent than he was.

    8. He always changes his mind at the last minute.

    9. The train was delayed by the dense fog.

    10. Miss Green is in gray and Miss Grey is in green today. Section B

    11. W: We are having a party tonight and it would be awkward for you to be here. M: Okay, I get the picture.

    Q: What did the man mean?

    12. W: This menu is huge. I'm starving. What looks good to you? M: Don't bother. Everything sounds good to me.

    Q: Where does the conversation take place?

    13. W: Well, Pat studies engineering at night, works as a mechanic during the day and goes

    skydiving on weekend.

    M: Gosh ! That sounds like a lot of work.

    Q: What does Pat do on weekends?

    14. M: Jane, what should I do if I want to get a job?

    W: How about the classified?

    Q: What does the woman suggest the man doing?

    15. W: Yes? Can I help you?

    M: Yes. Do you still have that apartment for rent?

    Q: What's the probable relationship between the two?

    16. M: Hey, I just got an apartment. Would you like to see it? W: I'd love to, but I'm right in the middle of work right now. Q: What is her attitude?

    17. M: Oh, what's wrong?

    W: I just got laid off from work. I've got to find another job right away. Q: What happened to the woman?

    18. W: Oh, officer, it's his fault. I've done absolutely nothing wrong. M: Right! Relax, let me see your driver's license.

    Q: What happened?

    19. M: Doctor, do you think my arm will be ail right by next Monday? W: I can't make any promises, but you should be working in no time. Q: What does the doctor mean?

    20. W: Well, we're having a sale now. Do you have this system? M: No, but I was thinking about it;

    Q: What's the relationship between the two?

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