Can newspapers survive in the electronic media age

By Alan Miller,2014-06-26 12:28
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Can newspapers survive in the electronic media agein,In,Can,the,media,age,The,Media,Age,can

    Can newspapers survive in the

    electronic media age?



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    Zihang Zhao(赵子航)


    Dayuan Jiang;蒋大圆;

Our opinion:

    The new media will replace the paper-based media

    Print Definition:

     Newspapers and magazines to the paper as the carrier of mass media.


     1.Must be with the paper material to the media, or the audience must obtain information from paper

    2.Must be in mass media

    People's daily life medium proportion:








Print Defects:

     First of all, by the new media print suppression. As the rapid development of information, the Internet has " covered " every corner in the world. Taking London Olympic Games as an example, many sites with maps, text, video coexistence speed digital communication, provide a lot of information, and media in the amount of information, display means,

    timeliness and their disadvantages exposed

     Secondly, in the economic income, advertising benefit to drop with each passing day, with the domestic labor cost increases, the soaring price of paper, release blocked multiple hit, the Chinese media has been hitherto unknown challenge

     Once again, the specific times from the media. With the old time away, young people gradually occupied the stage of history, they have influence on radio and television, grew up in mobile phone network in the world, had already lost their loyalty to the media. More and more

    Chinese people have gradually used to use the Internet and other media to understand information instead of paper media, which makes the newspaper in the new generation of media competition faded.

Print limitation:

    Lag: newspaper VS new media - who will steal in the first time reported?

    Fixed display form of words and pictures: out of print and the third forms of expression?

    The geographical limitations in China for the first time: you can buy " New York Times "?

The characteristics of new media:

    The new media not only have social media and mass media advantages:

     completely personalized information can be delivered simultaneously almost countless people; each player, regardless of is the

    publisher, advertiser, or consumers, the content has equal and mutual control.

    Avoid interpersonal media and mass media defects:

     when the Evangelist to each recipient personalized communication unique

    information, no longer subject to only once for a person limit; when the Evangelist to the public at the same time to communicate, not for each recipient can provide personalized content. The future of media development trend:

     The younger generation is the future of the media audience subject. And from now to look at the fact, the younger generation of the reading habits and the previous generation has undergone a qualitative change.

     When this generation of people become the mainstream in society, they are in the Internet era, produced by the new media dependent will to a large extent impact print.

     Rising price of paper and other factors led to the newspaper group profit seriously damaged.

    The newspaper competing in the development of electronic version of the newspaper, the online newspaper to become a reality.


    mass media exist, but with the change of times and the advancement of technology, they gradually fade out of sight. Print fate so inevitable. This is not to say that the paper itself will disappear, as the shells and bamboo slips while still exists, but no longer has a medium of mass communication effects, at this level, "print " will disappear.Facts and media development trend has been demonstrated in our point of view, we can not because of subjective feelings say what the future will be, only adhere to the materialist conception of history and the concept of development, can truly grasp the

truth.Therefore, our view is:

The print media will


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