Three types of love

By Peter Austin,2014-12-11 02:04
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     Three types of love

    Brotherly love, friendly love and romantic love are three significant and valuable things. A famous writer named Liu Xinwu, once said: In peoples whole life, brotherly love, friendly love and romantic love cant lack any one, lacking one of them is regret, lacking two of them is pitiful, lacking all of them is live same as death!.

    Brotherly love is the most realistic care. They are so sincere and quite that you fall into the love unawares. We often portray home as the bay of heart, in fact, the people in the home has the important meaning for us. If there is only empty house without any happiness, in that way, what worth us can find? Maybe you dont remember

    your relatives when you lead a peaceful and successful life, but if once the setback is encountered, relatives can be recalled immediately.

    Friendly love is the biggest ancon of spirit. They accompany you to do something that may be crazy and foolish but never complain. When you meet something difficult and sad, they are always comforting you, giving you power, never leaving you alone. Whats

    more, they are loyal and never break their words, so you can set your mind at rest and share secrets with them. As the saying goes, true friendship lasts forever. So true friend can forever exist in everyones


    Romantic love is the firmest dependence. Spouses rely upon each other to get over problems in order to lead a happy and wealthy life. They engage the other side not to betray no matter what will happen in the future. Maybe a smile can make two complete stranger fall in love with each other in first sight, however, getting along for a long time is the most significant term to decide to live together forever. During the long time, they gather many beautiful memories and have the feeling they need their lover and cant sand with losing.

    The three types of love all neednt return, they devote their love

    quietly and accompany us all the time. We should cherish the love and make love bring warm in cold.

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