star war

By Catherine Young,2014-04-22 15:10
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star war

    star wars

    Hey guys, ever remember whats the last time you buy a light stick? Before a concert? Before a party? Or for some other illumination usage? Well, I think boys sitting down here must know another usage: that is to fight with ETs, siths, robotic droids, etc. in the Star wars series. Yayee, soooo cool. That may be many Sheldon like guys comment, though I, myself consider the

    swaying, shaking, waving of some extra-large light sticks kind of funny.

Anyway, the three star wars movies: The Phantom Menace/Attack of the Clones/Revenge of the

    Sith, remain huge hits ever since they released in 1999, 2002 and 2005. All of them are directed by George Lucas, all of them are more than 120 mins long, all of them have a nine figures box office. But sometimes I just wonder why star wars movies have such an unimaginable influence on all science fictions, or even on the whole movies business. Is it because some well-known actors and actresses participating in it, like Natalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson, Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen etc. Or is it because the grandeur plots? The three movies mainly talks about how Anakin Skywalker, or the infamous Darth Vader, grown from a genius 9-year-old slave into a powerful but rash jedi, and later turned into a cold-blooded revengeful sith master. Or maybe its because the technics involved, the

    visual effect and something like that, as the series had indeed won a lot awards on that?

    Well, the overall critics address the movie in this way: the Star War series, ever since it released in 1977 has started a new era of modern movies. The high-tech and the digital created immense universe, the twist and turns of the wars between different species different galaxies different interest groups, the beyond imagination detailed description of numerous civilizations, environments, weapons etc. all guarantee the series to be a forever classic, a milestone in modern

    thmovie history, a symbol of American culture infiltration and one of the most important 20

    century culture events. No one would deny the series is a modern myth that will never be transcended.

And I admit that it does deserve such a high compliment. But I think theres something more than

    that that makes it so popular. On one hand, the long and complicated series as well as the books, the comics, the toys, the video games that accompanied the whole childhood of a generation make it even more successful, just like the Harry Potter series and the Toy Story series. I always believe that the technique, the martial art, the costumes may fade away after time, but the dream and memory never die, they live and grow and become immortal.

    On the other hand, its individualistic heroism, its wild imagination of one great grand universe, its fantastic light saber and many other robots like R2D2, C-3po, and after all a beautiful princess all fulfill every young boy’s dream. Ever since we human being began to explore the universe we have dreamed a lot about it. We adore it. We are afraid of it. We want to know more. We are not able to discover more. All these contradicted feelings mingled with each other and led to those Futuristic Space Wars movie series. I once wondered why a war movie is always more popular in the long term than warm and charming movies like ET, one of my friends answered that because

    those movies discharge our long pent-up fear of one ultimate high-tech war. Yes, Star Wars was made during the Cold War, during the space race period.

    Theres a truth universally acknowledged that films always come from life and are beyond life itself. Star wars series remains a classic because the war, the space craft, the alien, the heroism all represents the needs of the people of that time. And the unification- splitting- reunification cycles implied in the movies make it greater. So, you like it or not, Star wars will be remembered.

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