The Archangel's Wings The Metropolis of Atlanta Sisterhood of ...

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The Archangel's Wings The Metropolis of Atlanta Sisterhood of ...

    The Archangel’s Wings

    The Metropolis of Atlanta Sisterhood of Presbyteres




    receive the light from the unwaning light,

    and glorify Christ who is risen from the dead.”

    April 27, 2010

    Presvyteres of the Holy and God-protected Metropolis of Atlanta

    My dear sisters in Christ,

    I greet you today with love and great joy in the name of our Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, with the beautiful words, Χριστός

    νέστη! ληθς νέστη! Christ Is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!” While we continue to celebrate and proclaim His glorious Resurrection, I pray our Lord will bless you always, bestowing upon you good health, wisdom, patience and abundant joy!

    Even though there is no “job description” for the faithful and selfless ministry of our beloved Presvyteres, this ministry can often be, I think, one of the most challenging ministries to which we are called. God has called you to be a Presbytera. We know that it is always

    part of His Divine Plan that we should serve Him, and this is part of your own "calling" to support your husband in his ministry to the

    Faithful, and thus be a vital part of that ministry. Also as you know, the dedicated service of our Presvyteres often goes unnoticed. All

    the same, their commitment and dedication to their unique and challenging ministry is of immeasurable benefit to everyone.

    Our Holy Metropolis of Atlanta has always tried to make it a priority to offer opportunities to educate, enhance and improve the spiritual

    life of our clergy and their families. So we have set aside one week at our Diakonia Retreat Center for a clergy family retreat and

    summer camp, open to all our clergy and their families free of charge (except for transportation). In the midst of God’s beautiful creation,

    our priests and their families can rest and renew themselves through worship, education, fellowship and fun.

    It is my belief that these retreats provide a spiritually uplifting experience for our clergy families. So I encourage not only our Priests and

    Presvyteres, but also our Parish Councils to do whatever is needed to assist and support their clergy families by enabling them to


As we open our hearts to receive new life and light and rejoice in the Lord with thanksgiving for His great victory, I pray that you and

    your parish family will be blessed always with the infinite Grace and eternal Hope of His glorious Resurrection! I remain

    Paternally yours with love in our Risen Lord,


    Metropolitan of Atlanta

    The President’s Quill


    A priest came to church one Sunday morning, as he had every Sunday.

    There was nothing remarkable about this particular Sunday, only that it was a few

    weeks after Pascha. As he entered the church, he proceeded to examine the narthex

    for its neatness. At his feet lay the withered remains of an Easter lily that had fallen

    from the Icon of the Anastasis directly in front of him. The priest stooped and

    reverently picked up the withered flower and examined its frail petals. For a split

    second, the priest remembered Holy Saturday and the church buzzing with

    excitement. How he examined each arrangement of flowers making sure everything

    was perfect for the Resurrection Service. He remembered coming to the Anastasis

    icon in the altar and handling each flower, making sure it was in the perfect position

    for the service that evening. How beautiful and fresh everything was.

    That beautiful white lily blossom had emerged triumphantly from its entombment in the bulb, just as Christ victoriously emerged from the grave. Free in splendor and fragrant with perfume that only God gave it, now it was gracing the Lord’s icon of the Anastasis. The priest felt a tear on his cheek. The flower that was once fresh and white was now shriveled and brown. Once graced with fragrance, the lily was now musty; once treasured, now to be thrown aside. The priest thought for a moment longer, was the magic of the moment of the Anastasis lost? Was the excitement of announcing

    “Christ is Risen!” gone?

    The priest struggled with his thoughts; has Pascha ended? Has the joy of the Anastasis ended as the life of the

    flower? What seemed like hours of concentration were actually a few moments. The door to the church opened and the radiant rays of sun light flooded the doorway coming down on the icon of the Anastasis. Almost immediately, the priest

    looked at the splendor of the icon. His eyes glowed with the blinding light that reflected from the icon. A smile came to his face as he turned to see who had entered the church. The smile deepened as it was his presbytera who entered the narthex. Unbeknownst to her, his eyes followed her to the candle stand. Watching her make her offering, she lit her candle crossed herself and preceded to the icon a few feet before her husband, the priest.

    She looked at him, and quietly, in a low voice, she asked if anything was wrong. The priest looked at the withered lily. Smiling, he said, “No.”

    Still curious, she asked him, “What are you cradling in your hand?”

    The priest smiled, “The symbol of victory.”

    The presbytera, now more curious, looked into his hand and saw the withered flower. As if understanding her thoughts, he explained that in its glory the lily showed Jesus’ triumph over death, not just physical death but also spiritual

    death. His Resurrection victory is never-ending; it continues past our lives, past the existence of every living thing; His victory is eternal. As His followers, we live His victory each Sunday through the Divine Liturgy, His Body, and His Blood. We should not be saddened by the withered earthly remnants of Pascha, but rejoice in the spiritual bouquet of eternal life in the Resurrection, for He still lives with us now, today!

    Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

    This section of the page has been left intentionally blank.


    CLERGY FAMILY RETREAT 2010: Those of you interested in the Clergy Family Retreat please submit your forms ASAP! To

     Presbytera Christine Salzman. This is the third family retreat and proves to be filled with fun activities and

    excitement for everyone.

    CLERGY LAITY 2010: Those interested in becoming an active part of Clergy Laity 2010 please contact Presbytera

    Christine Salzman This will prove to be an exciting year. So let’s

    show our sisters some Southern Hospitality!

    TAMPA BAY SISTERS UNITE! Under the leadership of Presbytera Vasso Rousakis, the Tampa Bay sisters are gathering to

    make koulourakia for the Presbyteres’ Hospitality Room at Clergy-Laity in Atlanta. All interested presbyteres, call

    Presbytera Vasso (727) 791-6547.

    SPEEDY RECOVERY! The Metropolis of Atlanta Sisterhood of Presvyteres wishes Fr. Chris Metropulos all the best.

    Hospitality for the NSP Meetings at Clergy Laity

    As the host Metropolis of this year’s Clergy-Laity Congress in Atlanta, GA, we are

    responsible for local coordination of hospitality for the presbyteres and our meetings. A lot of planning is underway but more help is still needed. Below is a list of areas where we still need your help. Please read over it and let us know how you can help


    We’ll need volunteers to work during registration hours, manning the tables,

    giving out gift bags and answering questions.


    We’ll need koulourakia and other Greek sweets (hotel only allows “ethnic” food

    to be brought in) for the meetings. Please let us know if you can bring 100 to

    200 cookies or if you could make a donation so we can buy them at a Greek

    bakery in Atlanta. We suggest $50 or more.

    ;;;;;;;;GIFT BAGS

    We would like to give some small items in a bag to welcome all the

    presbyteres. We are mindful that most people will be flying home so we don’t

    want to overload them with items that they can’t take back. Here are some


    ;;;Reusable shopping bag (donated from Publix perhaps?)

    ;;;Bottled water


    ;;;Prayer card

    ;;;Lanyard for nametag

    ;;;Peach candy or bottle of Coca-Cola

    ;;;Perfume/make-up samples

    Please let me know if you have access to anything for the gift bags and if you would like to help me work on this one!

    In addition to what is listed above, I am working on the Clergy Family Childcare

    program and some Teen activities which will be coordinated mostly by us in the

    Atlanta area.

    I would greatly love to hear from all of you saying you can help with one or more

    of the needs listed above. Please call me at 706-310-1304 or email me at

    St. Euphrosynus’ Corner

    Great-Grandmother Irene’s Souvlaki, Asia Minor Style

    Lamb, beef, or chicken* Cumin

    Olive oil 5-6 Onions, large

    Red wine 5 Garlic cloves, chopped (to taste; add more cloves for a stronger taste) Thyme & oregano Bamboo skewers

    1. Cut the meat into cubes about 1” to 1?”. Trim some of the fat from the meat.

    2. Set the cubes aside.

    3. Chop the garlic.

    4. Slice the onion. Lay a layer of the onions in a roasting pan.

    5. Place about 5 or 6 pieces of the garlic on the onions; making sure it is distributed evenly in the pan.

    6. Now sprinkle the onions with thyme and oregano.

    7. Sprinkle the onions with a pinch of cumin.

    8. Place a layer of meat over the onions.

    9. Pour olive oil over the meat; do the same with the wine; for chicken and seafood use white wine.

    10. Repeat steps 4 through 9 until all the meat is used.

    11. Place the meat in the refrigerator until you are ready to put it on the grill or in the oven.

    12. When you are ready to grill or roast, take the meat from the refrigerator and skewer the pieces unto

    the bamboo skewers. Amount of pieces per skewer is up to you.

    13. If you are grilling, baste the souvlakia repeatedly. If you are oven roasting, set the temperature to

    375F. Add a layer of onion slices to the bottom of the roasting pan with a little wine and olive oil. Lay your

    skewers on the onions. Roast covered for 10 minutes, then remove the cover and continue to roast until


*Lamb, beef, pork, chicken, and even seafood could be used with this recipe. Lamb, beef, and pork can be marinated the longest, up to

    5 days. Chicken and seafood can be safely marinated for 24 hours.

Your Metropolis Sisterhood Stewardship will help fund retreats, seminars, speakers for your retreats,

    airfare for the representatives to National Sisterhood Meetings, and postage for Greeting Cards, among other things. Your donation is important to our Sisterhood; please be generous!


     We need your support to keep programs and information available to all the sisters.

    Please donate generously.

    Name: Address:

    City, State, Zip: Phone:

ATLANTA SISTERHOOD TREASURER: Please send your stewardship to: Presbytera Marinda Tsahakis, 219 Old Rosser Road, Stone

    Mountain, GA 30087 (770) 381-1842

NATIONAL SISTERHOOD TREASURER: Did you pay your National Stewardship? Send your National Stewardship to Jeannie Monos,

    P.O. Box 30608 Columbia, MO 65205


    The Waynick Fund is confidential and established to assist clergy families in need to send their children to the St. Stephen’s Camp. All donations to the Joshua A. Waynick Fund should be mailed to Presbytera Marinda Tsahakis with the appropriate notation.

    St. Stephen’s Camp, at the Diakonia Center, is now accepting applications. If there is a clergy family who would like to send their child and cannot afford the costs, please contact Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis (813) 876-8830.

St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church

    C/O Presbytera Georget Photos

    P.O. Box 7424

    Winter Haven, Florida 33883-7424

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