The fashion show

By Beverly Cook,2014-01-14 18:44
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The fashion show

    Theres also a pair of long boots . Hello everybody !

    Its brown , and its made of leather . Look at our model , is she nice ?

    Most women really like long boots . Here is a design for a blouse , a shirt , a

     pair of silk-stockings , and a pair of

    Thats all for our design . Thank boots .

    you ! The blouse is black and white , and its

    made of cotton . The skirt is black , and it is made of silk . The blouse matches Model :

    the skirt very well .

    We think , women wearing them look

    very pretty !

    Silk-stockings are popular among

    women , so our design includes a pair of silk-stockings .

    The pair of silk-stockings made of silk , and its dark blue .

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