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1. Tell me about yourself.

    My name is Yang meng. I am graduated from BUPT for a BA degree and majored in e-Business. I have got two working experience. The first one is during my school year. I have a chance to work in a supermarket. What I do is about customer

    supporting. My work is to answer customers

    different kinds of questions and help them dealing with their problem. The second job I took is working in ICBC, and also about customer

    supporting. And this time is not in the face-to-face way, I just stay in the office and do my job via telephone, e-mail. Form the two jobs I experienced. I am quite familiar with the work about custom supporting.

    2. What do you know about our organization? In my job search, I have investigated a number of companies and yours is one of the few that interests me. As I know, Google is the global biggest web-set for searching. The service is for free and its quite easy and convenient to use. You can just find the result you want in no time.

3. Why do you want to work for us?

First of all, I love Google quite much. For its a

    strong company. It has good business, good team and everything goes in their right way. And the second, my previous working experience meets the need of your job quite much. So I am eager to work for you.

    4. What can you do for us that others cannot? As I said above, I have some previous experience about customer supporting. So I can quickly adapt to my new job, better serve my customers with high efficient without much training. You can just trust me without any worry or doubt.

    5. How do you feel about leaving all your benefits to find a new job?

    It is a great challenge for me, for I think leaving my past job, my past environment, and my past friends are not that easy. I have to do all the things by myself without others help. But I finally do this because I think this job fits me quite much compared to my previous ones. I think this new job can give me more thing than the others and I can do more and output all my talent in communication

    with others and about custom support. I have the confidence that I can do well in the new job and of course better than before.

     6. What do you think of your boss?

    Well, I think he is a man full of energy. He is always in high patient. He can encourage his team quite well. He is friendly to all the stuff. He always listens to others advice rather than just let others obey to what he says. Working with him makes you very happy and you want to try your best to work with him. I admire him a lot. If have the chance, I want to be a boss like him too.

    7. Describe what would be an ideal working environment?

    All stuff is friendly to each other. Always keep in mind that me are a team so that whatever you do, make sure that it will benefit our team not just a person or some. We all try our best to do our own work and the team work will then be fine. Everyone keep in mind that team work is quite important. We work, life together just like family.

8. Why should we hire you?

    Give me a chance, I can give back to you many things. I am sure that my work will satisfied our customers and then improve our companys image

    a lot. Our advertising will be more accepted by the public and our market and business will be larger and better.

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