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    th thDate: 20 23 September 2012

    Venue: Hanoi International Center for Exhibition

    91, Tran Hung Dao Str., Hanoi,Vietnam


“Partnership for Integration and Sustainable Development”

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    1. Organisers and sponsors:

     Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST);


     People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City;

     People’s Committee of Hanoi City.

2. Implementing organisations:

     National Center for Scientific and Technological Information;

     Department of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh City;

     Department of Science and Technology, Hanoi City.

3. Time and venue:

    thth Time: 20 23 September, 2012

     Venue: Hanoi International Center for Exhibition

    91 Tran Hung Dao Str., Hanoi, Vietnam.

4. Areas of technologies and Techmart scale

     Technologies and equipments introduced at InternationalTechmart Vietnam 2012 in Hanoi are not

    limited to any fields of technologies. However, Offers technologies and equipments related to

    implementing national S&T programs such as the National Technology Innovation Program, the

    Development Program for key National Products, high technology, supporting industries, new and

    renewable energy are prioritized.

     International Techmart Vietnam 2012 is expected to attract approximately 600 participating

    organizations, including 100 foreign organizations .

5. Participating organisations

     Vietnamese and foreign science and technology organization :

    - Research and development institutes;

    - Universities, Colleges and academic institutions;

    - Science and technology enterprises;

    - Science and technology service providers.

     Vietnamese and foreign enterprises;

     Organizations, groups and individuals offering or having demand on advanced technologies and


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    1. Display

    Exhibitors will display in their booths products, equipments, images, pictures, posters, description information, technological imitation, demo products of their technology and equipments, etc.

2. Presentation of equipments, technologies and products

Products&Services Presentation Programme will provide exhibitors with opportunities to present,

    introduce, and demonstrate their products, equipments or technologies at Techmart. The program is conducted in a hall separated from the exhibition area.

    Each session (time-slot) is 45 minutes long including preparation.

    Organizing Board will show out content of each session for interested audience to come. If you are stinterested in this programme, please fill the Annex 1 and send to us before August 1 2012 . Please note

    that time-slot allocation will be made on first come first served basis.

3. Seminars

    Its theme focuses on the 04 following topics:

    ; Clean and renewable energy

    ; EU-ASEAN creativity innovation

    ; New material

    ; Science and technology for new rural development

4. Consultancy

    There is a Consultancy Place in Techmart where consultancy, guidance, advices related to technology and product selection, purchase, technology transfer, copyright, trademark, quality standard, tax, technical barrel, WTO-related issues, and so on are given.

5. Techmart online area

    Techmart online is an area in the Techmart where equipped with network PCs helping to look up, browse, search for information related to products, technologies, software solutions, services etc in Technart. Information about for-saled exhibits will be updated frequently during and even after the exhibition.

6. Beforehand introduction of products, technologies, services in Techmart

Before Techmart, to be for saled exhibits’ introductions and specifications will be color printed in Catalog

    of Techmart Vietnam 2012. Copies of the Catalog are distributed to all Techmart participants as well as 63 provinces’ science & technology departments thus widely meeting purchasing needs. stRequest for inclusion of your exhibits in the Catalog (Annex-2) should be sent to us by August 1 2012.

    Please also note that cover and pages of Catalog of Techmart 2012 will be designed on first come first served basis.

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    1. Application for participation

    Interested exhibitors need to fill and return the registration forms, which can be downloaded from our website at The official invitation will be sent out upon a selection based on the criteria below.

2. Allocation of exhibition space

    Exhibition booths will be made available in Exhibition Hall. Dimensions of a standard booth are 3m (W) x 2m (L) x 2.5m (H). There will be more than 700 standard booths. Indoor and outdoor raw spaces are also available (Please refer to Floor Plan of the Exhibition Area). Allocation of exhibition booths and

    raw spaces will be made by Organization Board on first come first served basis for those who meet the selection criteria indicated above. However, the Organization Board tends to allocate center booths to more potential exhibitors.

3. Price 2• Standard booth: US $500 /booth of 6 m.

    • Indoor raw space: US $60 /square meter

    • Outdoor raw space: US $40 /square meter

4. Single-booth facilities (3m x 2m x 2,5m )

    Facility list

    1. System wall partition, white Set 1

    2. Full carpet Set 1

    3. Company name Pc 1

    4. Reception Desk Pc 1

    5. Folding Chair Pcs 2

    6. Electric socket Pc 1

    7. Neon-lights of 1,2m Pc 1

5. Exhibition Center

    Hanoi International Center for Exhibition

    91 Tran Hung Dao Street, HoanKiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

    The Hanoi International Center for Exhibition (I.C.E.) is Hanoi's newly built fairground, offering state-of-the art facilities for a successful show - including air conditioning. I.C.E. Hanoi is located in the heart of downtown Hanoi and is easy to reach with public transport. Major international hotels are located near the fairground and commercial districts are close to the venue as well.

BM-TECHMART-06LBH: 01 LSĐ: 00 Ngày BH: 02/01/2007 Trang 4/9

6. Indemnity

    The Organizing Board will not be held responsible by the authorities in Vietnam for the payment of any customs levy, tax, fine or other costs incurred by an Exhibitor. In any event, the Exhibitor must undertake to indemnify Organization Board from and against any payment which Organization Board may be called upon to make to the authorities on their behalf.

    7. Access to exhibition venue

    7.1 Badges

    Exhibitors are required to wear Identification Badges at all times in order to gain access to the Exhibition grounds. These will be given to exhibitors in the reception of booth. Please complete personal details on the Exhibitors Registration Form (Annex 1).

7.2 Vehicle Pass

    Vehicles without proper permits are generally disallowed from Exhibition grounds. However, during build-up and break-down, special vehicle passes will be issued.

    8. Your exhibits

    8.1 Shipping/Forwarding

    Your exhibits should be categorized in to for-saled and not-for-saled. The not-for-sale must be imported

    into Vietnam as exhibition material for re-exportation goods. Those which are cultural items such as

    CD-ROM, CD, VCD, DVD, cassette tapes, video tapes, books, pictures, posters, magazines, documents etc. will be checked by Ministry of Information and Communication. Pornography, anti-regime materials are strictly prohibited.

    Please ensure that your shipping/forwarding agent provide us full details of your exhibits categorized in for-saled and not-for-saled.

    8.2 Security

    Organizing Board has 24 hour security and every effort will be made to ensure the security of exhibits. Nevertheless, the Board declines responsibility for any loss or damage which may occur, including

BM-TECHMART-06LBH: 01 LSĐ: 00 Ngày BH: 02/01/2007 Trang 5/9

    responsibility for the security of a stand, its exhibits and contents as well as personal property. You are urged to take out your own independent insurance against loss. In case you desire to have your own night-guard, please, register with Security Department of Hanoi International Center for Exhibition. 9. Your exhibition stand

    9.1 Stand Dressing

    Each unit is fitted with neon lights and electrical outlet and is supplied with 1 table, 2 chairs. Posters and pictures can be attached to the walls by means of Velcro hooks or Velcro tape. Under no circumstances may nails be used on the Stand system. Any damage done will be charged to the exhibitor’s.

    9.2 Stand Safety and Security

    Organization Board reserve the right to remove any item considered dangerous (inflammables, explosives, weapons, etc.) from the exhibition area. Fire exits must not be blocked and disused packaging materials must be removed to avoid safety hazards. All items must be placed within the Stand area. No item will be allowed which obstructs the flow of people in the aisles and passageways.

    9.3 Sale/Offer for sale of Exhibits

    Techmart is not only an exhibition but also a market place, so exhibits can be sold there. However, no sale, transfer or disposal of temporary imported for re-exportation exhibits/products is permitted. Organization Board may frequently check sale status of every booth to update information on Techmart online. Your cooperation on this issue is appreciated.

    If you have exhibits for sale, you are recommended to fill in the offer for Sale of Technology/Equipment Form (Annex-1) so that the Organization Board could list out the items and assist you in finding customers/partners.

9.4 Attendance at your Stand

    Please, ensure that exhibition staff is in attendance at all times. Organization Board will provide security staff to safeguard exhibits, but must decline any responsibility for loss or damage which may occur. If you lose any items within the premises, inform Organization Board’s officers or inform the nearest Security Officer.

10. Deposit

    Upon receiving your registration form, Organization Board will conduct above-mentioned selection and allocation procedure. Next, you will be informed of your stand number, session in the product presentation programme, cover side/page number(s) in International Techmart Vietnam 2012 catalog, etc. You will also be requested to send a deposit of 50% of the total amount to the following bank account

    of Organization Board:

Money Transfer to:

    Name of Benificiary: Center for Science & Technology Information (CESTI)

    Name of Bank: Bank Foreign Trade of Vietnam, Hochiminh Branch

    Address of Bank: 29 Ben Chuong Duong Street, District 1, Hochiminh City, Vietnam

    Account Number: 007.100.0077577

    SWIFT code: BFTV VNVX 007

BM-TECHMART-06LBH: 01 LSĐ: 00 Ngày BH: 02/01/2007 Trang 6/9

    You are responsible for any bank transfer service charge and requested to send us a copy of the bank transfer invoice. Upon confirmation of the deposit reception, the official invitation letter from Organization Board will be issued to you. The remaining 50% of the total amount should be paid in cash to Organization Board upon your arrival at Techmart venue or by bank transfer to the above bank account with a notice. However, you are recommended to send 100% of the total amount for convenience of both sides.

    Please note that if you cancel your registration after payment of the deposit, the deposit will be forfeited.


    1. Immigration Requirements

    Visas are required for all participants traveling to Vietnam, except for citizens from countries that have visa-free agreements with Vietnam. Participants from such countries must obtain a visa through

    Vietnamese Embassy in their country before departure.

    If you would like to take visa though Organizer support, please kindly fill in the Visa application form (Annex 3).

2. Currency/Banks

    All foreign currency in your possession should be declared on the immigration card upon arrival at NoiBai International Airport. There is a limit to 7000 USD of cash you can bring into the country. Vietnam currency is denominated in ? Dong ?. The bank rate of exchange varies, generally 1USD = 20,830 VND. Foreign currency and traveler’s checks can be exchanged at the airport and at most hotels. International credit cards such as American Express, Visa or Master Card are accepted in most hotels.

3. Airline Tickets Re-confirmation

    Please , have your tickets re-confirmed during your stay in Vietnam.

    4. Hotel Accommodation and local transportation

    The following hotels are recommended as they are near Techmart venue. Taxi is the most convenient mean and easy to catch at hotels and exhibition venue.

    Address Single Double Hotel

    Mövenpick 83A Ly Thuong Kiet Str., Hoan Kiem Quarter 150$ 220$ Tel: +84.4-3822 2800 Fax: 3822 2822

    Hoa Binh Hotel 27, Ly Thuong Kiet Str., Hoan Kiem

    Tel: +84.4-38253315 / 38253692 65$ 85$

    Fax: +84.4-38269818

    Cong Doan 14 Tran Binh Trong Str., Hoan Kiem

    Hotel Tel: +84.4-39421776 / 39420761 75$ 85$

    Fax: +84.4.3942 0762

    Golden Key 65 Quan Su Str., Hoan Kiem Quarter 50$ 70$ Tel: +84.4.3822 2428 Fax: +84.4.3822 0892

    Internity Hotel 32 Yet Kieu Str., Hoan Kiem Quarter 55$ 70$

BM-TECHMART-06LBH: 01 LSĐ: 00 Ngày BH: 02/01/2007 Trang 7/9

    Tel: +84.4-39412262 Fax: +84.4-39412358

    Mango Tree 118, Le Duan Str., Hoan Kiem Quarter 30$ 40$ Tel: +84.4. 3942 3704


    No Taxi Company Tel Price

    1. Hanoi Taxi +84.4.38535353

    2. CP Taxi +84.4.38262626

    Ranging from 11,500 to 13,500 3. Mai Linh Taxi +84.4.38222666 VND per 2 first kilometer.

    4. Airport Taxi +84.4.38733333

    5. Noi Bai Taxi +84.4.38868888

    Participants are encouraged to come to Vietnam with their mobile handsets (GSM 900/1800 MHZ or CDMA). Service providers offers SIM/UIM cards on pre-paid basis.

    6. Electricity Supply

    Electric supply in Vietnam is 220 volts, 50 cycles AC.

    7. Guidelines for Personal Security and Safety of Participants

    Personal security is an individual responsibility. The best way to be safe is to avoid trouble at all cost, rather than having to extricate you later. Do the following while you are in the Exhibition Center: ; Display your Conference Badges, on demand to an authorized person and wear it visibly; ; Do not leave bags and parcels unattended; this will be confiscated or destroyed; ; Display the vehicle passes issued;

    ; Do not bring unauthorized persons and children into the conference centre; ; Safeguard your property;

    ; Check your documents and items before you leave conference halls and meeting rooms; ; If you lose any valuable items within the premises, inform the nearest Security Officer.

8. Annexed to this Exhibition Manual

     Annex 1: Registration Form

     Annex 2: Technology Offer Form

     Annex 3: Visa Application Form

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    79 Truong Dinh Str., Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Hochiminh City, Vietnam

    Tel: (+84.8) 3829 7040 (Internal: 410)

     (+84) 986 349 461 (Mr. Cang) Mobile:

    Fax: (+84.8) 3825 0602 ; 3829 1957

    Email: ; Website:

    BM-TECHMART-06LBH: 01 LSĐ: 00 Ngày BH: 02/01/2007 Trang 9/9

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