smart car(1)

By Norma Mitchell,2014-12-10 12:08
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smart car(1)


    Number 1.

    8 Features of smart car:

    1. Warnings Galore. Smart car will help make you a safer driver, and keep you away from accidents.

    2. Eyes All Around. Smart car will be equipped with rearview cameras which will help you eliminate blind spots.

    3. Pedestrian Detection and Night Vision. A pedestrian-detection system brings the car to a full stop if it detects a pedestrian in your path.

    4. Easy Cruising. Adaptive cruise control uses radar to help you keep a safe distance from the car in front as you cruise at highway speeds so that you don't have to constantly hit the brakes and reset your cruising speed.

    5. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications. Wouldn't it be nice if cars could talk to each other in order to avoid accidents?

    6. A Better Way to Connect. Finding your way, finding your music and finding your friends will continue to get easier.

    7. App Central. You can surf the Web on the way to work.

    8. Exotic Materials. Smart car is lighter with materials.

Number 2.

You know where you're driving -- but does your car?

    In the near future, your car will become more than just a car. It will connect with the outside world, and even anticipate driving habits. And it'll know where it is, which buildings it's passing and which cars are near it on the road.

    So wave hello to the robot car of the future -- it may just know you're saying hi, after all.

Number 3.

Smart car has a cool shape, so many young people are fascinated.

Number 4.

"Noah's Ark" is no longer a myth, the smart car can walk on water, even if the end of the world, do

    not worry.

Number 5.

    It's no secret that we think cars without doors are cool. Without doors, a rear window or roof panel, the car gives both the driver and passengers a unique experience when traveling in the city. And possibly a dirty and damp experience at times as well.

Number 6.

The future smart car an environmentally friendly vehicle. It’s fuel is not gasoline, but energy

    turned by light. It has a round top receiver, like a round pot, and we usually see the TV antenna pot looks almost. With this device, even if it is cloudy, as long as there is light, it can put energy into kinetic energy. It does not waste any physical materials, which can save energy

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