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Ceramizer ? Users Opinions

    Ceramizers? are new ceramic oil additives for the regeneration, and protection of all metal-metal

    friction parts, including: engines, manual gearboxes, power stearing boxes.

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    Audi: 2

    Alfa Romeo: 6 American cars: 6 BMW: 7

    Citroen: 10

    Daewoo: 12 Fiat: 13

    Ford: 19

    Honda: 25

    Hyundai: 27 Isuzu: 28

    Iveco 28

    Kia: 29

    Mazda: 29

    Mercedes: 32 Mitsubishi: 32 Nissan: 34 Opel: 35

    Peugeot: 49 Polonez: 52 Porsche: 55 Renault: 55 Rover: 58 Seat: 58

    Skoda: 58

    Suzuki: 60 Toyota: 60 Wartburg: 62 Volkswagen: 63 Other: 77



Audi 100 (1992)

    During change of an oil in March I decided to apply into my engine.

    I do not know an exact mileage of my Audi 100 2.3E from 1992 but I observed that after a longer stopper for example in the night my engine during starting gave out a strange noise and got silent after a while. After application this no longer happened. Unfortunately I did not measured other parameters.

Audi 100 (1989)

    I applied in two cars: Audi 100 2TD diesel from 1989 with 220 000 km mileage to the best of my knowledge and odometer reading, and the second one Peugeot 309 with a petrol engine and LPG installation, from 1988 with 198 000 km mileage. As a result a noise and fuel consumption was reduced, namely the oil burning and LPG was reduced, yet LPG consumption decreased much more, as previously my engine consumed approx. 8.5-9.5 LPG and after application only up to 7.5-8 litre!!!. After application of cars performance and acceleration got significantly improved. After application of I did not apply any other formulas. Speaking about a gearbox (I applied in my Peugeot 309 as I had sometimes troubles with getting into the third gear and it seemed that my gearbox was overloaded although it was filled with a fresh oil) after application and observance of instructions- after making only 350 km I had no more problems with changing gear. I can say that I am more than pleased from Your additive. It is really efficient although at the first I did not trust it !!! But in practice Ceramizer really helped with my engine and gearbox!! Speaking about a petrol additive it is difficult to me to estimate it, as it may have had an impact in connection with for the engine oil. Unfortunately I do not possess any findings in respect of compression test ( I had not gauge). My findings are based on an examination of Audi 100 dated May 2005 and Peugeot dated February 2006.

    Your sincerely

    Andrzej Wiśniewski

Audi 100

    SUPERB!!! Very fast delivery. In my Audi 100TD with 450 000 mileage, after making 650 km an oil lamp stopped flickering, an engine performance improved and no more problems with starting. I REALLY RECOMMEND IT !!!


Audi 100

    Audi 100 2.8E. I measured compression before (212 000 km) and it was as follows : 1)10,52) 11,0 3) 10,5 4) 12,5 5) 10,5 6) 11,0. Approximately 11,0.

    After making (215 000 km) I had the following results:

    1) 12,0 2) 11,0 3) 12,0 4) 11,5 5) 12,0 6) 12,5. It makes approximately 11.83.

Audi 100 C4 2.3 l. (1992 rok)

    I am the owner of Audi 100 type C4 2.3 litres, petrol and gas from 1992. I don't know exactly mileage but I think is over 300 000km. I applied 2 doses of ceramizer to engine according with instruction, at the beginning one dose and after driving 500 km second one. I didn't make measurements becouse I didn't have time.

    My observation are following:

    1. The engine works quietly.

    2. It also works steadily and practically without vibration.

    3. The hydraulic valves filters calmed down.

    4. The starting of the cold engine after the night is more efficient and does not have this

    characteristic work "on dry" without oil.

    5. Improved flexibility of the engine.

    The previous owner asked me if I changed the engine or did any renovation when he heard it's working, becouse engine was so quiet like never before:)

    I have ordered ceramizer to gearbox, I wonder about the effects.

    I can say that I'm satisfied with ceramizer and I can recommend it to anyone.

    The date of opinion received on 3.04.2008.

Next part of opinion received on 11.6.2008:

    After positive effects of using ceramizer to engine I decided to apply ceramizer to gearbox. Gearbox was filled synthetic oil, I added 1 dose of ceramizer before leaving for vacation. Since that time I have


    driven 4000 km, gears are changed without resistance, even without switching clutch:) gearbox worked pretty quitly but now I can't hear it at all. The result is very positive in spite of fact that I applied only one dose on 2,4 litres of oil and this gearbox is with transfer of drive! I recommend that product even if someone thinks that his gearbox works with any problems.

    Paweł Adamik

Audi 80

    I have been surprised to see positive results of after I had applied it into my Audi 80 with 240 000 km mileage. To say the truth results were visible not until making 1 000 km, but were very significant, namely better operation and any noise from a gearbox while getting into 2 gear and no more leaking from the back part of gearbox. It is really worth trying out. This product completely meets my expectations and I truly recommended it to all my friends. Besides what a prompt delivery and kind service. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

Audi 80 (1994)

    It was in the web that I the first time came across while looking for a formula to reduce an oil burning of my car, namely “Audi 80 B4 2.0 E 85 KW from 1994”. I bought this car in Germany with certified

    mileage of 160 000 km. This car made practically 220 km/h on good German highways (what I checked posing any risk to nobody). Yet I was surprised to find out that my car consumed so much oil. Having read carefully advertisements and opinions on many additives and formulas I decided to take a chance and try Ceramizer for engine out. Before application of this additive my engine practically

    consumed almost a half litre of an oil so I bought and changed the oil and was wondering what to do about that? Firstly I replaced gaskets and after that oil consumption got reduced, nevertheless I was

    not satisfied as my car still consumed up to 0,3 l of the

    oil. After all this operations I decided to buy and apply Ceramizer. At this time I made many kilometres in the city and after 500 km I was happy to find out that the oil level dropped by 2mm only, and what is more the engine performance got improved. After making another 1000 km I was happy to find out no more burning of the oil, even during driving in the city. Recently I tested my car on highway and after driving at 140 km/h my engine burnt no oil. While driving above this speed my engine consumed only 0,2 l per 1 000 km which really made me happy. It is worth to mention that after buying the car, an LPG installation was installed and after application of my engine consumes from 10 till 11 l of LPG /100 km and 7-8l of petrol.

    I wish other drivers and motorists experience the same contentment!!!!!

    Best greetings

    Tomek from Tarnów

Audi 80 B3 (1988)

    After reading many good opinions on Your Products I decided to try it out in respect of malfunction of a 1.8 engine in my Audi 80 B3 from 1988. After receipt of product I had excellent opportunity to try it out as I was about to make 260 km from Bydgoszcz to Warsaw. I applied contents of tube into a hot engine according to manufacture instructions and after 10 minutes at idle gear I moved ahead, and to be honest I had not much hope to see good results. And indeed there was not any improvement until on my way back home. To my surprise I needed less time to start my engine and I heard less noise, but I was more than happy to overtake other cars on 5 gear! What was more one valve lifter of head stopped ticking so I did not have pay for its replacement. Unfortunately I do not have any diagram from diagnostic garage, nevertheless when buying the car I measured compression pressure and it was around 9.5-12 bar (with 270 000 km mileage). After application I repeated the test and it was 10.5-12 bar!! Now the engine operates better, achieves high revolutions faster, is more dynamic and fuel consumption decreased from 10.5-11l /100 km to 9-9.5 l/100 km (petrol)!. I had no objections and ordered 4 other items for my Father and friends. They all found out the same results about it. Speaking about the car of my Father I bought it rather for prevention as his Astra made only 70 000 km and he had no problems, yet even in this case the engine was more dynamic. We all are very satisfied and confirm that it really works. It is really worth its money. I applied this additive in 2005. The highest improvement was after making the first 260 km, and later on the engine operation normalized. Now since application I made around 10 000 km and the engine maintains its improved parameters, there is no malfunction, and it is running like a clockwork now. I truly recommend purposed for engines and confirm that the above information is true and based on my observations.

    Your sincerely


Radosław Jakubowski

Audi 80 (1992)

    Model: 80 B4

    Year: 1992

    Engine: petrol 3Capacity: 2309 cm

    Number of cylinders: 5

To minimize any measuring error the same gauge was used every time.

    Because of difficult access and gauge capacity, compression pressure was measured on the last three cylinders namely 3, 4, and 5.

Measuring Date Mileage Mileage since application Cyl. 3 Cyl. 4 Cyl. 5

     2005-02-24 219486 0 12 12 11

     2005-03-11 220297 811 12 12 11

     2005-04-08 221723 2237 13 13 13

     thRegardless of compression pressure value better parameters are visible in particular on 5 cylinder.

    Although I am rather sceptical about any solutions and miraculous formulas purposed for a lubrication enhancement (frictional resistance reduction) or an improvement of the engine operation, I was pleasantly surprised about this product.


    Paweł G.

    Dated: 04.2005

Audi 80

    Model of vehicle: Audi 80

    Year of production: 1990

    Engine capacity: 1.6 TD

    I have an Audi 80 1.6 turbo diesel with an engine over 230 000 km mileage. For a long time I have felt that after starting the car I had to drive a few kilometers before I could change gears smoothly without perceptible resistance. At the beginning I changed the oil in the gearbox only, but it didn't help. In the end, a cousin suggested me to try ceramizer. I applied one dose of ceramizer. After making 2000 km mileage I observed that the change of gears were smoothly and the work of the gearbox on the \ "dry \", after starting the car, was definitely shortened. I'm pretty sure it will be more perceptible in the winter at lower temperatures.

    Yours, Lukasz

Audi 80 (1991)

    I would like to greet producer of ceramizers. I'm the owner of AUDI 80 1.6 TD from 1991. I have changed in this car rings and pans on connecting rods. In spite of that, after attainment, the engine had still a “turbo-hole”. So I decided to add ceramizer. After making 1000 km I have noticed that this

    “turbo-hole” disappears and the engine accelerates better. I applied ceramizer to gearbox and it calm down about a half. I applied ceramizer to hydraulic power steering system becouse I heard squeaks during turns and strange sounds all the time. After one year of application ceramizers all noises disappeared. I coaxed into many people on ceramizers and everyone is satisfied. Best Regards, Dariusz Wójcik

Audi 80

    Model of vehicle: Audi 80 Diesel

    Production year: 1983

    Capacity of engine: 1.6 Diesel

    Opinion: I used Ceramizer in quantities of one dose to the engine and one dose to the fuel; it is difficult to determine the actual mileage of the engine. Effects: decreased smoking, facilitated the engines starts and gentle quieting the work. This is another car in which I have applied Ceramizer and the effects are very positive in all cases!

    Paweł Adamik


Audi 90 (1991)

    I have bought all three Ceramizers for a petrol engine (along with the petrol additive). application significantly improved gears changing -thanks to additive for gearbox. Application into an oil resulted initially in a slower engine operation...yet after making required 1500 km, at required engine revolutions, its operation got better and noiseless .....let me remind you that my engine made 300 000 km and has got 5 cylinders (Audi 90 2.3 136 HP, 1991 year).Furthermore I had no more problems with 0starting at -30C. I am pleased with this additive and recommended it to my family and friends. Really good choice.

    Robert Jońca

Audi A4 (1996)

    I am very glad to share my observations. I applied for a 2.6 V6 engine of my Audi A4 from 1996. This vehicle was not roadworthy within 2 years after road accident and stayed outside. The car made 120 000 km. After repair of the right front and one of head, technical staff advised me to protect the engine with any available formula. I searched for some information and chose “Ceramizer” from many available products. After making 20 000 km I decided to check the engine at Audi Service Centre. Findings confirmed that the engine was in 100% good working order and had standard parameters. Thanks

    Many greetings

Audi A6

    Some time ago I bought that according to information available on auction- was to improve operation of an engine. I do not have to

    tell you that I was not completely convinced about its action when I added it into my engine. In fact I have got Audi a6 2.8 V6 that goes well. My engine was rather noiseless, operated very well even before application of Ceramizer, and I had no problems with starting at minus temperatures. So to be honest I was wondering if I observe any change for better at all. And I did indeed. After application I made 2 000 km and there was nothing special about my the engine operation. After I made another 2 000 km I noticed better operation of it. It was the time of a sharp frost. In spite of very low temperature outside my engine started without any problems. Before it was not always that easy during freezing. I am sure that now it is more dynamic, as if it had more power and it is much noiseless. Besides after application and making around 3,5-4 000 km I noticed the smooth running of the engine- some kind of self-adjustment. No more fluctuation of revolutions that sometimes happened before. I do not know what exactly happened but the most important fact is that this problem was solved. And there is something more I want to add about a fuel consumption. Before application of my engine usually consumed approximately 16.5 l of gas and now it consumes 15 l and I did not change my way of driving. The same can be said about fuel consumption on the highway that decreased by 10-12%. To

    sum up it was very good idea to buy and it really works, although it takes some time and patience to experience and enjoy its positive effects. I had already got my money back- in respect of reduced consumption of gas and petrol-and I am really pleased with it. As matter of fact I bought more of it lately. And I am sure that I will buy it in the future.

    Observations of Maciej Gorzkiewicz- user very satisfied with Ceramizer.

Audi B3 1.8 S

    I will describe my impressions about Audi B3 1.8 S. The car made 240 000 km mileage. I have been driving this car for a year and I was beginning to know vehicle better. The thing which bothered me was rumbling gearbox, maybe overloaded, because noise increased during acceleration and braking engine particularly at 3 gear. Although I have traveled only 300 km since the time I applied ceramizer, noise decreased slightly, gears works lightly and it seems to me that turning resistances are reduced! My brother who rarely drives my car, said that it is much better. I warned strictly recommendations and I hope that the investment in ceramizers will bring more and more positive results. I applied also ceramizer to engine and fuel refiner as a prevention. It's difficult to me to determine the affects of fuel refines becouse I drive on LPG gas, I have made 500km on pb95 with ceramizer now but everyone knows that the engine powered by LPG is a little weaker. However I felt a very big difference after tens km mileage with ceramizer to engine. The engine calmed down and it works more evenly, lightly, so preparation definitely WORKS! I am officious and I still drive safely in order to 3000 rpm: (I am afraid that I applied not enouhgt of doses to the gearbox because who knows whether these 240 000km on the numerator is true).


    I would like to add another opinion after driving 1500 km and completion of treatment. I hope that thanks to your products I will save money on the exchange of the gearbox becouse that cost several times more.


    Marcin Pasicki

    21-060 Fajsławice woj. Lublin

Audi S6





    Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo 164

    3.0 engine with 200 000 km mileage consumed 3 l of an oil every 500 km and at present the engine consumes the same amount of petrol and only 100g of an oil, and the oil sump has 7,5 l capacity so I will apply another and then I may say anything. As for now I am pleased with it. Qw

Alfa Romeo 33

    Usually I do not trust advertised products that are to make a matter of fact nothing may replace worn parts.... I am the owner of Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 16v Qv after the engine tuning, with 160 horse power and extensive use resulted in worn synchronizers of gearbox- that are very fragile in this version-a repair cost around 800 PLN plus couple of days without a car, and in fact hardly obtained spare parts induced me to apply Gearbox I bought two containers ....and after making around 250 km I noticed an improvement: it was more easy to change gears and no more grinding at low revolutions (that was present all the time before), after making around 1000 km a gearbox operated very well , so action was evident very soon. I am going to repeat this operation and apply an additive for an engine just for maintenance.

    American cars

Dodge Caravan (1995)

    I applied purposed for the four stroke engines renovation in my Dodge Caravan dated 1995- and as a result I noticed:

    smooth running of the engine

    reduced fuel consumption- in my case by around 10%.

    I was surprised to notice an improvement, although it did not follow until making 1000 mils that is around 1 600 km after filling in Ceramizer. As a matter of fact at present I make 30 mils more in the city than before. The only hurdle I came across were instructions to make 200 km at speed of up to 60 km/h (I did not have got revolution counter). My opinion is based on what I have experienced. I did not have any tests and measurement made.

    Good choice.

    Best regards

    Krzysztof Kwapisz

Chrysler Grand Voyager (2000)

    I applied although I had some objections regarding its results (What I read seemed quite impossible) but I decided to take a chance.

    To my surprise delivery was very prompt. Later on I purchased purposed for a gearbox but during reading User’s Manual I found that I could not apply it as I had got an automatic transmission. So I poured this additive into my engine of Chrysler Grand Voyager 2000 3.8 l with mileage of 192 000 km. I had bought this car two months before adding this formula. It was visiting my motherin law at Easter

    that was the first 500 km drive that I made after application of Ceramizer. Before going there I had made 1100 km and an average consumption rate regarding driving on leave had been 11,9 and on my


    way back I had not cancelled my computer and an average rate had been 10,7l so fuel consumption had been around 10 l or less per 1 000 km.

    Besides before application of there was some engine rapping regarding one valve but later on I observed smooth running of the engine and I think It is going to improve far more. I told one friend about this additive and bought it for him and the other friend bought it too, and as for now I do not know their opinion as still they did not made required number of km. Personally I am very satisfied. Thanks

Chrysler PT Cruiser

    I applied in my PT Cruiser 2.4. To be honest I did not noticed any improved fuel economy, while the engine operation got improved, and it is running smoothly and evenly. It was really worth buying. Many thanks.

    Best greetings

Pontiac Trans Sport

    I applied 1 dose of (2.3L) and after making 1 000 km I noticed quite a difference, namely: a noiseless engine operation

    reduced fuel consumption from 10-11L to 8L


    PLN (about 1600 USD ).



BMW 316i (1991)

    Hi, I used for two engines: Opel Astra 1.7D from 1993 and BMW 316i from 1991, and in both cases a smooth running of engine was evident, and the drone and rapping was gone (valves and gears). I had it checked by service staff and in both cases values were equivalent to catalogue ones, and an oil consumption got decreased considerably in the first 1.7D car (I add maybe 100 ml for 1000 km, but before I had to add almost 400 ml). I am very satisfied with this product and I recommend it to every driver that has got some problems with an older engine. For sure it works and is worth of money!! Kamil Pałka

BMW E30 WAGON (1993)

    The following is what I actually think of Ceramizer:

    I am the owner of BMW E30 Wagon dated the end of 1993 and with mileage of 220 000 km. I usually purchase Ceramizers on Allegro and my nickname is: Cenkier. I applied Ceramzier (in the autumn 2005) in my gearbox and after making some hundreds km I noticed the first improvement, namely noiseless bearings and a gearbox operation, no problems with changing gears. And finally after 1000 km I did not have any problems with the second gear. I was going to replace the gearbox, but thanks to this additive I did not have to do it!!! This way I saved a lot of money. After some time I decided to apply into an engine and here are my findings (as of the spring 2006):

    no problems with starting

    smooth running of an engine

    higher engine power

    reduced overheating

    enhanced dynamics of an engine

    Short period of application of Ceramizers into an engine and a gearbox brought only benefits. It is a very good product for everybody who takes care of his car and that is all. Michał Cenker

BMW 525

    Good choice. I tested carefully results after making 2 500 km. The oil consumption did not change, while fuel consumption in my BMW 425 24v decreased from 12.5 L to 9.5L

BMW 530D

Warsaw 14.10.2008

    Andrzej Hoffman


    Street (unreadable) 13



    In my car BMW 530D No AA-VM 746 I decided to use Ceramizer - I applied it to fuel. There was a problem in engine with one injector, the cost of replacement it was about 500 euros. After filling half of the fuel tank with the fuel additive (ceramizer product), all irregularities of working injectors disappeared.

    Before using Ceramizer to engines I have checked my car with mileage of 270 000 km on the engine test bench. I was given the results of power and torque, etc. After applied the ceramizer and driving 4 000 kilometers (exactly 3782 km) car has been re-checked on the engine test bench. Increased power and torque was affirmed.

    I personally noticed reduction of fuel consumption, average about 1litre at 100km and quieter engines work, more flexibility.

    Signature (illegible) Andrzej Hoffman


The comment to results on the engine test bench.

    After application of 2 doses of ceramizer to the engine and after driving 3782 km - engine has got on the bench following results:

    1. increase of a maximum power about 4,66%, that is about 7,7 KM (5,7 kW). 2. increase of a maximum torque about 3,2%, that is about 13 Nm


    3. increase of flexibility and dynamics of the engine - this is a result of displacement the moment of the characteristic to the left (with less rotations the bigger torque).

    The increase of power and the torque has been obtained in the whole range of measure the engines rotations and with 2800 rotations per minute has been obtained the biggest increase of power - 9KM and the biggest increase of torque 24Nm.

    Results from the test bench confirm the cars owner opinions and they prove the effectiveness of ceramizers.


    It is the third that I bought. In my opinion it is the perfect product. Before I applied it into my BMW 325 TDS the engine had consumed a lot of oil, but at present I practically do not have to refill this fluid. It should be an extra item for every sold litre of an oil. Kasper10

BMW 528i (1996)

    I bought two containers for my BMW 528i from 1996 (a petrol engine) with mileage of 150 000 km, but a as matter of fact I was sure that the car practically must have made more kilometres. Compression on respective valves was about 12-13 bar and, after making 200 km it was evident that the car was more dynamic, in particular at low revolution range. The engine ran smoothly and it did not burnt any oil. After making around 600 km I notice also to my surprise that during overtaking there was no more any trail of smoke. Speaking about economy I set up a new record as on the way from Lublin to Warsaw my engine consumed around 6.2L/100 km while moving in a line of cars!!!!!! This data came from computer and measurement was made at the distance of 30 km. Maybe it seemed improbable for some regarding a 200 horse power engine of 2.8 L capacity but in fact it was really so. I would like to add that before application I never used less than 7L/100km. Having being delighted with effects I bought the next one to pour into the other car with 280 000 mileage and as I do not use it every day I can only say that a better engine operation is evident.

    Kind greetings

    Marcin Popłoński

BMW 740

    I applied into a gearbox of BMW 740 with 270 000 km mileage and in April I applied it into Aided Steering System according to manufacture instructions of Ceramizer. Before application I did not made any tests. Up till now after making around 1 500 km I noticed the following (at odometer reading of 286 000 km):

    a noiseless and smooth engine operation, a reduced oil consumption and any noticeable changes in respect of fuel consumption

    any changes regarding a gearbox operation

    smooth operation of steering system, but a steering play was not reduced (it relates mainly to hydraulic unit)

    It seems that the additive really works but results are comparable with other known formulas- it does not make any harm and make driver feel better: -) (I used some of them as Xeramic, Liqui Moly

    molybdenum disulfide, teflon Swedol, Militec-Motor Life).

    As a matter of fact it is difficult to say anything regarding durability of units with applied Ceramizer. Yours sincerely

    Alojzy Szymański


    Easy contact . PROMPT DELIVERY !!!!!!!!! BEST PRODUCT !!!!!Before I poured into my BMW, the rapping noise from back axle made it impossible to listen to the radio. No I can really enjoy it . It really WORKS.

    GET IT.



Citroen BX 1.9 (1993)

    I do possess Citroen BX 1.9 from 1993. I take care of my car and do what I can to maintain it roadworthy. To be honest I was rather sceptical about enhancement of technical parameters as a result of application of such formulas. Furthermore mechanics told me that I would spent my money


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