American Literature

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American Literature

American Literature

    时期 作家 作品 特色

    Before the Benjamin Franklin Autobiography (1771); Poor Richard’s Almanac Determination in self- independence (1733-1758) education; famous


    Romantic Ralph Waldo Nature (1836); The American Scholar (1837); The Transcendentalism; period Emerson Divinity School Address (1838); Self-Reliance(1841);

    (1803-1882) The Over-Soul (1841)

    Nathaniel Hawthorne Twice Told Tales (1837); The Scarlet Letter (1850); The Innate depravity; guilt;

    (1804-1864) House of Seven Gables(1851); The Blithedale Romance psychological insight

    (1852); The Marble Faun 91860)

    Henry Wadsworth Conventional style and Voices of the Night (1839, including Hymn to the Night

    Longfellow subjects; didacticism; the and A Psalm of LIfe); Ballads and Other Poems (1841,

    (1807-1882) including The Village Blacksmith, The Wreck of the best-known American

    thpoet during the 19 Hesperus, Excelsior); Poems and Slavery (1842);

    century Evangeline (1847); Hiawatha (1855) The Courtship of

    Miles Standish (1858)

    Edgar Allan Poe The Raven; Annabel Lee; The Bells; To Helen; The Word music; love and

    (1809-1849) Cask of Amontillado; The Purloined Letter death; detective story

    Walt Whitman Leave of Grass (855) Free verse; democracy

    (1819-1892) and freedom; nature

    Emily Dickinson Poems of Emily Dickinson (1955): I’m Nobody; Success short, fresh and original;

    (1830-1886) is Counted Sweetest;

    Realism Mark Twain The Innocents Abroad (1869); The Gilded Age (1873); Humor and satire; local

    (1835-1910): The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876); The Price and colorism; vernacular;

    humorist and satirist the Pauper (1882); Life on the Mississippi (1883); The children’s adventures;

    Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884); A Connecticut

    Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (1889); The Tragedy of

    Pudd’nhead Wilson (1893)

     Stephen Crane Maggie: A Girl of the Streets (1893); The Black Riders naturalism; striking

    (1871-1900) (1895); The Red Badge of Courage (1895) images; free verse

     Theodore Dreiser Sister Carrie (1900); Jennie Gerhardt (1911); The Titan Critical realism;

    (1871-1945) (1914); The Stoic (1917); The Genius (1815); An ponderous style

    American Tragedy 91925)

     Jack London The Songs of the Wolf (1900); The People of the Abyss Influenced by Spencer,

    (1876-1916) (1903); The Call of the Wild (1903); The Sea Wolf Darwin, Nietzsche,

    (1904); White Fang; The Iron Heel; Martin Eden Marx; social critic,

    (1909,masterpiece); Burning Daylight; The Valley of the ism


    , F. Scott Fitzgerald This Side of the Paradise (1920); The Beautiful and the Jazz Age; the Roaring

    (1896-1940) Damned (1922); The Great Gatsby (1925); Tender is the Twenties Modernism

    Night (1934);

     Robert Frost The Pasture; Mending Wall; The Road Not Taken; National poet; simple

    (1874-1963) Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening style with profound


     Eugene O’Neill Beyond the Horizon (1920); The Emperor Jones (1920); Social significance;

    (1888-1953) Nobel Anna Christie (1922); The Hairy Ape (1922); Desire sometimes with

    Prize winner of 1936; Under the Elms (1925); Strange Interlude (1928); pessimism and mysticism

    Mourning Becomes Electra (1931); The Iceman Cometh

    91939); Long Day’s Journey into Night (1956)

     William Faulkner Satoris (1929); The Sound and the Fury (1929); As I saga of southern states;

    (1897-1962) Nobel Lay Dying (1930); The Unvanquished (1938); Intruder stream-of-consciousness

    Prize winner of 1950; in the Dust (1948) technique and multiple

    point of view

     Ernest Hemingway The Sun Also Rises (1926); A Farewell to Arms (1929); Lost Generation; Tough

    (1899-1961) Nobel To Have and Have Not (1933); For Whom the Bells guys; grace under

    Prize winner of 1954; Tolls (1940); The Old Man and the Sea (1952) pressure; dignity and


     John Steinbeck Tortilla Flat (1935); In Dubious Battle (1936); Of Mice Sympathetic to the

    (1902-1968) Nobel and Men (1937); The Long Valley (1938); The Grapes migrant farmers

    Prize winner of 1962; of Wrath (1939, masterpiece); The Moon is Down

    (1945); Cannery Row (1945); The Pearl (1949); East of

    Eden (1952);The Winter of Our Discontent (1961)

     Ezra Pound Cantos; In a Station of the Metro; A Pact; Salutation; Imagism;

    (1885-1972) The Garden

     Langston Hughes Dreams; Heaven; Love; My People; Argument; Cross; The dominant voice for

    (1902-1967) Mother to Son; black people in white


     Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman (1949) Broad social themes


     Archibald Macleish Ars Poetica Eloquent phrasing and

    (1892-1982) lyrical and emotional


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