Maya Chapter Walk

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Maya Chapter Walk

Early History of the Americas Chapter 5 Walkabout

    Answer on your own paper in complete sentences.

The Mayas

    Timeline P. 118 - 119

    1. What did the Maya begin doing in AD 200? (1 point)

    2. How many years after AD 200 did the Classic Age end? (1 point)

    3. What major world event happened in Europe during the Classic Age of the Maya? (from notes 1 point)

Map P. 118 - 119

    4. Explain the general location of Mesoamerica. (1 point)

    5. What is the name of the large peninsula in Mesoamerica? (1 point)

    Primary Source: Views of Writing P. 122

    6. Would you call the picture of the religious ceremony “writing?” Why or why not? (2 points)

Illustration P. 120 - 121

    7. In what ways might Palenque’s setting have helped the city? (1 point)

    8. In what ways might Palenque’s setting have hurt the city? (1 point)

Map P. 119

    9. What natural features did trade routes tend to follow? (1 point)

    10. What two minerals were mined in the highland mountains? (1 point)

    Maya Astronomy and Calendars P. 122

    11. On what were each of the two Maya calendars based? (1 point)

    12. What did the two calendars guide people to do? (2 points)

Summary and Preview P. 123

    13. When did the Maya build most of their cities? (Years 1 point)

    14. Why did the Maya civilization collapse? (1 point)


The Aztecs

    The Aztecs Build an Empire P. 124 - 125

    15. Recall - About when did the Aztec Empire become the most powerful state in Mesoamerica? (1 point)

    16. Analyze - Why do you think merchants would make good spies for the emperor? (1 point)

Analyzing Maps P. 125

    17. Location How far was Tenochtitlan from the Gulf of Mexico? (1 point)

    18. Place What physical features surrounded Lake Texcoco? (1 point)

Visuals P. 126

    19. Analyze What is the most important building in this picture? How can you tell? (2 points)

    20. Place What physical features surrounded Lake Texcoco? (1 point)

Life in the Empire P. 127

    21. Analyze - Why do you think priests were able to remain so powerful? (1 point)

Cortes Conquers the Aztecs P. 128

    22. Identify - What were the Spanish soldiers called? (1 point)

    23. Evaluate - Do you think Moctezuma was too trusting of Cortes and his men? Explain you answer. (2


The Incas

    The Incas Create an Empire P. 130 131

    24. Recall - What were some of the jobs that Incas performed as part of the mita? (3 points)

    25. Make Inferences Why were children of conquered leaders used to govern and teach the Inca way of

    life? (1 point)

Maps P. 130

    26. Anaylze Why was Cuzco a better location than Quito for the Inca capital? (1 point)

Life in the Inca Empire P. 131

    27. Explain - Why did the Inca believe their rulers never really died? (1 point)

    28. Analyze How do you think lower-class workers felt about having to work long and hard to pay the

    labor tax? (1 point)

Pizarro Conquers the Incas P. 132 133

    29. Identify - Who was the Inca ruler when Pizarro arrived in the empire? (1 point)

    30. Make Inferences - Why do you think the Spanish attacked when Atahualpa wouldn’t convert to

    Christianity? (1 point)


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