Bar Luncheon Menu

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Bar Luncheon Menu

    Bar Luncheon Menu

    Taken from 12.00 noon Last orders 2.00pm

     Starters or Light Mains

    Soup Of The Day please see the blackboard for the brew of the day. Always serious food here

    and made with a traditional but vegetarian stock 4.80

Chicken Liver Paté this classic recipe retained for yet another season’s menu due to its

    A la Ballymaloe outstanding popularity. Rich and buttery and unashamedly borrowed from the

    legendry Irish country house hotel. Served with our own toasted bread

     Starter Portion 6.55

     Main Course 9.80

Smoked Salmon smoked for 24 hours by Giles our fishmonger, using a blend of oak and

    alder chippings, which impart a lovely smooth but distinctive taste.

    Or alternatively try our own home cured gravalax, very moreish. 8.60

Pan Fried Chicken marinated with roast garlic & thyme, crushed potatoes, 6.30

    Livers fennel puree

    Spicy Fried Squid with soft noodles, carrot and sweet ginger salad, chilli, lime

     and soy dressing 7.20

Rustic Terrine of with tossed salad leaves, poached pear and apple jelly 6.30

    Goosnargh Duckling

Baked Goats wrapped in filo pastry with crushed tomatoes, tossed salad leaves 6.65

    Cheese tapenade, tomato & olive dressing

    Main Courses

    Whitewell Fish Pie perhaps the dish we are best known for, poached haddock flaked into a

    creamy sauce with prawns, topped with mashed potato and finished

     under the grill with a cheddar cheese topping. Delicious, rich and served

     solo, no one would want to put tomato ketchup on this, would they? 11.00

    Fish And Chips a crispy deep fried haddock in a beer batter, served with our hand cut chips

    done the proper way with either mushy or ordinary peas, you choose 13.30

Cumberland an old fashioned and spicy sausage made locally for us by the same

    Bangers & Champ family for twenty years, with or without a fried egg and/or onion sauce 9.95

    Grilled Norfolk sourced from a small Norfolk smokehouse, the family have always been Kipper kipper freaks and believe these are the best. They are always big, with a

    mild smoke but more importantly undyed. Served plain with our own

    granary bread 8.10

Char grilled Sirloin in our opinion the best cut of local beef hung correctly, tasty and tender

    Of Beef with hand cut chipped potatoes, flat mushrooms and a grilled 19.00

    beef tomato

Roast Breast of with sage & onion stuffing, confit potatoes with garlic & smoked bacon

    Goosnargh Confed and onion jus 14.35


    Confit Shoulder of potato puree, butter beans, glazed shallots and carrots with a Lonk Lamb red wines jus 14.35

    Grilled Fillet of with basil and olive mash, wilted spinach, fine ratatouille, Salmon and a warm tomato and olive dressing 14.10

Slow Roasted with wilted greens, braised lentils and shallots, apple puree 13.55

    Belly Pork and light jus

    Cheese & Onion The inimitable Mrs Kirkhams Lancashire cheese topped with mashed potato Pie carrot puree and brown sauce.

    Accompanied by vegetables of the day 12.80

    Homemade Chips hand cut, properly cooked the old fashion way 3.00 Green Beans with a wholegrain mustard butter 1.65

    Minted New Potatoes served plain in a little butter or without 1.65 Mixed Salad or just plain green salad with or without dressing 2.70


    Home Baked Honey Spiced Ham 8.35

    Prime Sirloin of Beef normally this will be quite pink 9.85

    Large Norwegian Prawns 9.65

    Ploughmans a selection of hand made farmhouse cheese, chutney 8.50

     and pickles with crusty granary bread


    Substantial meals. Open on home made brown or white yeast breads with a salad garnish

    Grated Cheddar Cheese 5.30

    Home Baked Honey Spiced Ham 7.60

    Prime Sirloin of Beef normally this will be served quite pink 7.95

    Smoked Salmon 7.95

    Large Norwegian Prawns 7.95

    Puddings, Sweets or Afters

    Traditional home-made puddings 5.85

    Home-made ice creams (all cream and eggs) 5.85 Children’s portion 4.05


    A selection of the best from the British Isles, served with our own delicious fruit chutney

    and a selection of biscuits. If you would prefer bread please ask 7.35


    Whitewell’s own blend of the finest Arabica beans brewed in a cafetiere.

     Pot for 1 person 2.30 Our ground coffee is now available from reception to take home @ ?3.65 a packet

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