The analyse of opposite imagery in

By Steven Reynolds,2014-06-17 21:28
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The analyse of opposite imagery in

The analazation of opposite imagery in Macbeth

    In the drama of shakespeare , it is interesting to find that there are lots of imageries and groups of imageries come in contradictory unities, and form natural and balanced combinations of images. Its closest natural and ingenious harmony makes it so indispensable that nothing can deny or instead.

    Naked baby VS Mother

    I have given suck, and know

    How tender 'tis to love the babe that milks me:

    I would, while it was smiling in my face,

    Have pluckd my nipple from his boneless gums,

    And dashd the brains out, had I so sworn as you

    Have done to this.

    This is the polarisation between the sentiment and humanity. On the one side, it is the mother love filled with unlimited kinship and deeply sincere; on the other side, however, it is the cruel and ferocious evil that destroys nature, against human, and lose reason. For helping her husband be the king, Lady Macbeth appealed the evil coming into her heart and regarded the whey as bile. What she wanted to do

    is feeding sin and breeding barbarity. It is ironic that they killed the baby who was symbolized future and full of life, energy and hope, which meaned they killed the hope and the future, and finally, they killed themselves.

    Living in the capitalistic society, shakespeare expressed the bourgeoie wild power in this energetic and unscrupulous seignorial era. The images of baby and mother were served for the conflicts of the figure, character as well as will of the couple, and the significance of these were to show the self-actualization and self-expansion of the bourgeoisie of that era. The Macbeths’ ambitions came true, but collapsed rapidly, ruined, died out with themselves.

    At the beginning of the development of capitalism, shakespeare had already observed the paradoxical movement of capitalism and forseen the inevitable historical trend of the development of capitalism from flourish to decadence.

    Blood VS Body fluid

    No, this my hand will rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine, Making the green one red.

    The imagery of blood which symbolized murder and death, reappearing continuously in every scene and every act,

    had been flooded in everywhere. The blood is the symbol and mark of that era.

    The relationship between blood and body fluid is thought-provoking. On the one side, the blood is the crime of reality, with the flush of water to eliminate and conceal. However, it just washed away the evidence, but not the evil. On the other side, any opposition is relative and comparative, and the symbol always reflects its opposite aspect. The blood had turned into its opposite side , shown as the Macbeths’ opposite, exposing his murder of aspiring to the world. Nevertheless, the imagery of body fluid had become the symbol of vitality and righteousness. The multitudinous seas couldn’t help the criminal conceal or eliminate the crime, but making the green one red to expose their evil. Thus, this is the process of blood and body fluid from contrary towards reunification.

    Dark VS Light

    The dark help the Macbeths while destroying them. They couldn’t live without dark, but they hated and feared dark and are eager for light. Thus, the dark had become the symbol of the tragic destiny and ending of the couple.

    No dark lun is how long, the day will come.

    The dialogue filled with philosophic theory and attic faith exposed the inevitable trend of historic development. It reflected the endless feudalism during the Middle Ages, symbolized the imagery of dark included the injustice and evil of the world, compared dramatically with the imagery of light that symbolized the justice and light of human progress and historic development.

    Just as Hugo’s appraise, Shakespeare is a kind of

    imagination. Imagination is the depth, not a function more than imagination can be self deepening, more deeply into the objects.

    Through the analysis of Macbeth, I have a deeper understanding of “That never failure's energy, / illustrations of inspiration, like the grass of the same analogy, like oak the same symmetrical, like the universe the same control and deep”.

    Shakespeare’s drama is a treasure of human art, shining his flame of genius to the world forever.

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