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     Grade Class Name

    一、 在横线上填入一个单词勤短语,使兔子意思通顺连贯。,共10分!

     1. When do you ____________________________________.

     2. I usually __________________ at 9:50 in the evening.

     3. What your favourite____________________________________?

     4. Uncle Bills birthday is in __________________.

     5. I am ____________________________________.

     6. Its ______________________________________________.

     7. Is he ________________________________________.

     8. Where are my ____________________________________?

     9. They are ____________________________________.

     10. Why do you like____________________________________?


     1.January,简写形式! 2.September,简写形式!

     (.second,基数词! 4.first,基数词!

     5. flying形式! 6.swiming形式!

     7.leaf,复数形式! 8. kite,复数形式!

     9. going形式! 10.truning形式!


( ) 1. I have a __________________.

     A. pen B. pencil-boxes C. pencils ( ) 2. This is __________________duck.

     A. my B. an C. you

( ) 3.Hes __________________ an e-mail.

     A. writing B. write C. written

    ( ) 4. __________________ they playing sports?

     A. are B. is C. am

    ( ) 5. Cousin Alices birthday is __________________ April.

     A. at B. in C. on

( ) 6. Winter __________. Zoom and Zip dont skate. They sleep.

     A. coming B. come C. comes

    ( ) 7. I play football at 3:00__________________the afternoon.

     A. on B. for C. in

    ( ) 8. Im making a birthday cake for ______________family.

     A. we B. us C. our

    ( ) 9. Is he watching ants? No, he__________________.

     A. is B. isnt C. doesnt

    ( ) 10. Can pandas swim? Yes, they __________________.

     A. cant B. could C. can


     1. often, 8:00, English, class, at, we, have (连词成句)


     2. best, do, season, which, like, you (连词成句)


     3. Is he playing chess?(写出肯定回答)


     4. They are reading. (变为一般疑问句)


     5.Are you eating lunch?(写出肯定回答形式)


五、 阅读短文,根据短文内容判断正误。正(T)(F),共10分!

     I love summer! In summer, the weather is usually very hot, and I can swim in the river.,

     Spring is beautiful, I like to plant flowers in the garden. Its so nice to watch the flowers


     In autumn, I can pick apples. They are so delicious in the autumn. I also love to watch the leaves fall. Is that why we can call autumn fall?

     It usually snows in winter here. When it snows, I like to make a snowman.

     I love all the seasons. They are all beautiful and I can find many things to do.

     ( ) 1. The weather is warm in summer.

     ( ) 2. I like to plant flowers in the park.

     ( ) 3. I like to watch the leaves fall in summer.

     ( ) 4. I dont like snow in winter.

    ( ) 5. I like spring.


     Thursday, like, fun, sneakers, music room, English, gym, slippers, P.E., fine, playground, Thursday

    My Favourite(最喜欢的) Day

     Today is ____________. Its __________. We have Chinese, ___________, math in the morning. We have art and _________ in the afternoon. I __________ P.E. We often have P.E. class on the ____________________, sometimes in the ____________. I often take my white ____________ to have my P.E. class. I like ____________. It‘s _____________ for me.


     Hello! Im _________. I go to school from ___________ to ____________. I ________ three classes in the morning and three ___________ in the afternoon. I have art class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I like __________________ and _________________very much. After school, I often ___________ping-pong, basketball and ___________________ games. Sometimes I play the violin. On Sundays, I often __________ books and do ______________. I love weekends!

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