Trek Up the Tower Discount Coupon Form

By Nicholas Scott,2014-04-20 19:48
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Trek Up the Tower Discount Coupon Form

    OwL Ride

    Discount Code Instructions

    “Omaha's nighttime urban cycling adventure!”

    Please fill out the attached Discount Code Request Form to receive a company discount code for participants in the OwL Ride to be held on July 16, 2011. The OwL Ride will invoice the company directly in July 2011 for the amount of discounts used. Registrants may purchase quality souvenir t-shirts for the discounted price of $3 available to all registrants (t-shirts are not intended to be worn during the ride; there is no cost to the company for a registrant’s choice to purchase a t-shirt).

    Please note that registration for the event may be limited and will be closed in the event the maximum number of participants is reached (planning is for many more than the first year participation of 1,000 in 2010).

    Return completed forms to or fax to Susan Walsh at 402-346-

    1148. Once your code is created, we will email the contact person listed on the request form the discount code within 3-5 business days. Forward the code to employees, etc. who are eligible to use the code and explain your company’s policies and procedures to

    use the code, the amount of the discount, etc.

    Should employees have questions regarding their company’s discount, please

    direct their calls to the contact person listed on the request form. Any other questions regarding OwL Ride (online registration, ride logistics, etc.) can be directed to or by visiting On the website, a FAQ’s section is very

    helpful in answering questions regarding the ride.

    Thank you for your support of the OwL Ride and the Meyer Foundation for Disabilities!

    Questions? Please contact Susan Walsh at 402-346-6000 x1446 or


    OwL Ride 2011 Discount Code Request Form

    Company Name:_________________________________________________________

    Company Contact Person:_________________________________________________

    Daytime Phone Number:__________________________________________________

    Mailing Address:_______________________City/State:_______________Zip________

    Email Address:__________________________________________________________

    1. Please indicate the amount of the discount you would like applied to the $25

    individual/$50 family registration fee of OwL Ride. (How much will the company pay

    per registrant? OwL Ride will invoice the company directly for the amount of

    discounts used.)

    $_____ per individual registration

    $_____ per family registration

2. Is there a limit on how many participants can use this code?

    *YES____ NO____

    *If YES, what is the maximum number of participants allowed to use the code?________

    3. Should spouses or significant others be allowed to use the discount code?

    YES___ NO___

    Thank you! We will contact you with your discount code in 3-5 business days, The OwL Ride will invoice the company during July 2011 for the amount of discounts used.

    *No refunds can be issued for the OwL Ride once participants have registered and used a code for the event. Substitutions can only be made up to 10 business days prior to the event (July 6, 2011) and only after contacting Susan Walsh directly and arranging for a written waiver to be delivered directly to Susan Walsh, 1650 Farnam Street, Omaha, NE 68102 by July 6, 2011. No substitutions will be allowed after July 6, 2011. Call 402-346-6000 x 1446 with additional questions or visit for additional information and

    FAQ’s about the event. Email this form to or fax to 402.346-1148.

     For office use only:

     Date entered:___________

    Code:_________________ OwL Ride

     Code Instructions Invoice:________________


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