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Grow and Health

    It occur me that we are growing so fast. Now that we’re old enough to live by ourself.

    But the older you are, the more responsibilities you will hold on. So we should study as much as we can. Exercising body regularly. These will benefit you for facing with challenge from society and future.

    And what the most important is develop a good attitude about life. A activity attitude of life will help us in many aspects of your whole road of life, indeed. So following these, you leading to a much healthier life.


    Growth and Health

    We are growing so fast. Now that we are old enough to live by ourselves, we should learn how to grow healthily.

    But as you know, the older you are, the more responsibilities you will have. So we should study as hard as we can. What’s more, remember to take regular exercise, which will benefit us to face the challenges from both society and future. And the most important is to develop a good attitude towards life. An active attitude to life will help us in many aspects of our life.

    So following the advice above, we can lead a much healthier life.

Growing Healthily

    Currently, people in growing number are coming to realize the importance of growing

     up healthily. I think the following idea is better choice.

    First of all, having an optimistic attitude to life is of great importance. Wearing

     a smile will help you overcome the difficulties. And what’s more, we can’t emphasize the significance of study too much, which will help you build a brilliant brain. Finally, take regular exercise and your body will become healthier.

    Grow up healthily, and you will gain the greatest wealth in your life.

Growing up healthily

    We are the teenagers whose age is approximately 18. We will be adults and will face

     with some social problems, so we should have a healthy and optimistic attitude towards life. With it, we can know about the meaning of life in a true aspect. In another aspect, we should study hard to make a good preparation for future. Knowledge can strengthen our mind, as labor does the body.

    At last, we must do more physical exercise. It can strengthen our body and prevent us from being weak.

    I think we can grow up healthily with the methods I mentioned.

Grow up with health

    Everyone wants to have a healthy body. As far as I know, as a student, we should not only be responsible for our study, but we should care about our health as well. I

     think we should take an active, optimistic attitude towards life, then we should study hard, only in this way can we make our future splendid. Last but not the least,

     we should take exercise regularly. This is a good way to relax, to strengthen our bodies and so on.

    I hope everyone can contribute to our country in health and confidence. That’s all. Thank you.

    As we high school students have lots of pressure in our study, how to grow with healthy body and mind? It’s important for all of us to think about.

    In my opinion, firstly, we should develop a positive attitude towards life and study. Life consists of not only sunshine, but also hard times. So it’s essential for

    us to be optimistic and face everything unpleasant tolerantly. Study hard and develop ourselves to the study. We cannot ignore the fact that knowledge is power. Lastl

    y but the most importantly, do more exercise to strengthen your body. It will benefit us a lot and help us face every day full of energy.

    Following the advice above, we can grow up healthily.

    As we all know, growing healthily is vitally important for us teenagers. Then what should we do? Here are my suggestions.

    First of all, it is important to keep a positive attitude towards life, which can reduce our daily pressure and benefit our mental health. Then it also helps to take an active part in sports. By doing exercise, we cannot only build up our strength but also develop our characters. Lastly and most importantly, we should study hard and learn well. Only by doing this can we make better preparations for the future and grow better.

    I believe that these suggestions will help us grow both healthily and benefit us both psychologically and physically.

    It is gaining rapidly increasing attention nowadays that how we can develop ourselves healthily. Here is some advice selected from my experience of life, which you may benefit from.

    First of all, adopt an optimistic attitude to your life, which is important for you

     to overcome difficulties and succeed.

    Secondly, study hard to update your skills and enrich your spiritual world. It is necessary for you to lead a hopeful life full of happiness.

    Finally, you should take regular exercise to keep fit and make yourself stronger and healthier.

    In my opinion, what is mentioned above is compulsory for you to develop healthily and you will probably discover some other method that might be helpful.

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