US History EOC Review Terms

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US History EOC Review Terms

    US History EOC Review Terms

    Documents and Laws to know Judiciary Act of 1789 Elkins Act

    Alien and Sedition Acr Northern Securities Company v US 1904

    Marbury v Madison 1803 Lochner v New York 1905 th12 amendment Hepburn Act

    McCulloch v Maryland 1819 Meat Inspection Act Monroe Doctrine Pure Food and Drug Act Gibbons v Ogden 1824 Muller v Oregon 1908 Slave Codes Payne-Aldrich Tariff Missouri Compromise Underwood Tariff Tariff of Abominations Clayton Anti-trust Nullification and Interposition Federal trade Commission Act thCompromise of 1850 amendment 18thFugitive Slave Act 19 amendment

    Dred Scott v Sanford Monroe Doctrine update Transcendentalism Open Door Policy Hudson River School Foraker Act

    Kansas-Nebraska Act Roosevelt Corollary Emancipation Proclamation 14 points th13 amendment Platt Amendment Black Codes Schenk v US 1919 Freedmen’s Bureau Treaty of Versailles Civil Rights Act 1866 Kellogg-Briand Pact Military Reconstruction Emergency Quota System Act Tenure of Office Act Immigration Restriction Act thst14 amendment 21 amendment th15 amendment Hawley-Smoot Tariff Civil Rights Act 1875 New Deal legislation Compromise of 1877 Reconstruction Finance Corporation

    Jim Crow Laws Wagner Act

    Plessy v Ferguson 1896 Fair Labor Standards Act ndHomestead Act 22 amendment

    Morrill Act US Neutrality Acts Munn v Illinois 1877 Atlantic Charter Wabash, St. Louis, Pacific Railway v Lend-Lease Act Illinois 1886 Executive Order 9066 Interstate Commerce Act Korematsu v US 1944 Sherman Anti-trust Act Smith Act

    US v E.C. Knight 1895 Truman Doctrine th16 amendment McCarran Act th17 amendment Watkins v US 1957 Chinese Exclusion Act Yates v US 1957 Dawes Act Bown v Board of Education 1954 Indian Reorganization Act Interstate Highway Act

Civil Rights Act 1957 Pentagon Papers

    Voting Rights laws US v Nixon 1974

    Eisenhower Doctrine Camp David Accords Mapp v Ohio 1961 Engel v Vitale 1962 Gideon v Wainwright 1963 Tinker v Des Moines 1969 Civil Rights Act of 1964 and 1968 SALT II

    Great Society legislation New Jersey v TLO 1985 Miranda v Arizona 1966 INF Treaty

    Roe v Wade 1973 Office of Homeland Security Regents of the University of California v USA Patriot Act

    bake 1978 Brady Bill

    Tonkin Gulf Resolution NAFTA


    Whiskey Rebellion Knights of Labor French Revolution Haymarket Riot

    XYZ Affair Homestead Strike Election of 1800 Populist party organized War of 1812 Pullman Strike

    Hartford Convention Other Unions created Election of 1824 Gold rushes

    Utopian societies Battle of Little Big Horn Erie Canal opening Dedication of the Statue of Liberty

    Indian Removal Act Battle at Wounded Knee Trail of Tears End of the Frontier Seneca Falls Convention Pennsylvania Coal Strike Raid on Harper’s Ferry NAACP

    Independence of Texas Argonne Forest

    Annexation of Texas Acquisition of Hawaii Mexican-American War Sinking of the USS Maine Gasden Purchase Spanish-American War Election of 1860 Battle of San Juan Hill South Carolina secession Boxer Rebellion

    Fort Sumter firing Russo-Japanese War Bleeding Kansas Panama Canal

    Civil War Assassination of Archduke Franz Antietam Ferdinand

    Gettysburg WW I

    Vicksburg Sinking of the Lusitania March to the Sea Russian Revolution Surrender at Appomattox Zimmermann Telegram Assassination of Lincoln League of Nations Reconstruction Hawaii becomes a state Impeachment of Andrew Johnson Red Scare

    Industrial Revolution Harlem Renaissance Grange Movement Sacco and Vanzetti case

    Scopes Trial Uprisings in Poland and Hungary Stock Market crash Sputnik

    Great Depression Little Rock 9

    WW II U-2 spy plane

    Stalingrad NASA created

    Guadacanal Assassinations of Medgar Evans, JSK, Battle of Coral Sea MLK and Malcolm X

    Battle of Midway March on Washington

    Iwo Jima March from Selma to Montgomery Okinawa NOW founded

    Japan invades of Manchuria and China Moon landing

    Italy invades Ethiopia AIM protest at Wounded Knee German takes Poland, Austria, Defeat of ERA

    Rhineland, Czechoslovakia Vietnam War

    Spanish Civil War Assassination of Robert Kennedy Holocaust TET offensive

    Pearl Harbor Democratic Convention of 1968 Normandy invasion Kent State killings

    Atomic bombings on Hiroshima and US withdrawal from Vietnam Nagasaki EPA established

    Nuremberg Trials Watergate and Nixon’s resignation stUnited Nations established 1 oil crisis

    Yalta and Potsdam conferences Hostage Crisis in Iran Iron Curtain Speech Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

     Hiss case Terrorist attacks on Marine barracks in Human Rights Declaration Lebanon

    Berlin Airlift Invasion of Grenada

    Marshall Plan Iran-Contra Affair

    Chinese communist take over Collapse of Soviet Union NATO GATT conferences

    Rosenberg case 9/11/01

    Korean War War in Afghanistan

    Oppenheimer case War in Iraq

    European Union Iran-Iraq War

    Three Mile Island nuclear accident Berlin Wall falls

    Chernobyl nuclear accident Tiananmen Square

    Exxon Valdez oil spill US invasion of Panama Puerto Rico commonwealth status Persian Gulf War

    SEATO Bosnia Civil War

    Bus boycott Impeachment and trial of Bill Clinton Suez Crisis


    George Washington William T. Sherman John Marshall W.E.B. DuBois John Adams Rutherford B. Hayes Alexander Hamilton Hiram Revels Thomas Jefferson Edwin Stanton James Monroe Thaddeus Stevens James Madison Samuel Tilden John Quincy Adams Booker T. Washington Andrew Jackson Horatio Alger Frances Scott Key Alexander Graham Bell Tecumseh Henry Bessemer John Brown William Jennings Bryan John C Calhoun Andrew Carnegie Henry Clay Grover Cleveland Dorothea Dix Eugene Debs Frederick Douglass Thomas Edison Robert Fulton Henry Ford

    William Lloyd Garrison Samuel Gompers Andrew Jackson William McKinley Horace Mann Samuel Morse Lucretia Mott John DE. Rockefeller Elizabeth Cady Stanton Adam Smith

    Harriet Beecher Stowe James Watt Sojourner Truth Sitting Bull Harriet Tubman Crazy Horse Nat Turner Willa Cather Denmark Vesey Charles Darwin Eli Whitney Samuel Clemens Ralph Waldo Emerson William Randolph Hearst Margaret Fuller Helen Hunt Jackson Henry David Thoreau Henry James Noah Webster Scott Joplin Joseph Smith Chief Joseph Brigham Young Joseph Pulitzer Santa Anna Jacob Riis

    Stonewall Jackson Theodore Roosevelt Stephen Douglas Herbert Spencer Jefferson Davis Frederick Jackson Turner Ulysses S. Grant Edith Wharton Clara Barton Woodrow Wilson John Wilkes Booth Jane Addams Robert E. Lee Susan B. Anthony Abraham Lincoln Louis Brandeis George McClellan Robert LaFollette George Meade John Muir

    Gifford Pinchot Adolph Hitler Margaret Sanger Douglas MacArthur Upton Sinclair Benito Mussolini Lincoln Steffens Hideki Tojo William Taft Harry Truman Ida Tarbell Strom Thurmond Lillian Wald Henry Wallace John J Pershing Arthur Miller Venustiano Carranza Chiang Kai Shek George Dewey George Kennan Cyrus Field Joseph McCarthy Warren G Harding Mao Zedong

    Oliver Wendell Holmes Eleanor Roosevelt Victoriano Huerta Joseph Stalin Alfred Thayer Mann Rachel Carson Josiah Strong John Foster Dulles Pancho Villa Ho Chi Minh Mitchell Palmer Martin Luther King Jr. Sacco and Vanzetti Nikita Khrushchev Calvin Coolidge Thurgood Marshall Countee Cullen Gamal Abdel Nasser F. Scott Fitzgerald Diem

    Sigmund Freud Rosa Parks

    Ernest Hemingway Jackie Robinson Langston Hughes Adlai Stevenson James Weldon Johnson Earl Warren Sinclair Lewis Neil Armstrong Paul Robeson Stockley Carmichael Mary McLeod Bethune Cesar Chavez Father Coughlin Betty Freidan Amelia Earhart Yuri Gagarin William Faulkner John Glenn

    Lillian Hellmann John F Kennedy Herbert Hoover Robert Kennedy Frances Perkins Lyndon B Johnson Huey Long Sit-in at Woolworths Franklin D. Roosevelt Malcolm X

    Alfred E. Smith Affirmative Action Dr. Francis Townsend James Meredith John Steinbeck Lee Harvey Oswald Robert Weaver Alan Shepard Edwin Rommel Abbie Hoffman Winston Churchill Hubert Humphrey Thomas E. Dewey Henry Kissinger Albert Einstein Richard Nixon Dwight D Eisenhower Bobby Seale and Huey Newton

    George Wallace Madeleine Albright Buzz Aldrin Yasir Arafat Neil Armstrong Barbara Boxer Brezhnev George H Bush Warren Burger George W Bush Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton Gerald Ford Hillary Rodham Clinton Ayatollah Khomeini Dianne Feinstein William Rehnquist Ruth Bader Ginsburg Anwar Sadat Al Gore

    Mikhail Gorbachev Alan Greenspan Jesse Jackson Saddam Hussein Nelson Mandela Slobodan Milosevic Walter Mondale Vladimir Putin Oliver North Yitzak Rabin Ronald Reagan Boris Yeltsin Desmond Tutu

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