book report the call of the wild

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book report the call of the wild

0711 赵定波

    Book Report

    Title: The Call of the Wild

    Author: Jack London


    Buck was born a distinctive dog, who had inherited strength from his father and wisdom from his mother. Whats more, he was born in a

    notable family. Thus he was brought well without much hardship.

    But the news that people have found gold in the Arctic zone made dogs a very precious transportation tool. Unfortunately, buck was sold by a greedy servant. Thus began his long journey as a transportation dog.

    First, he was very furious with the people who got close to him. But one day, a man who was very skillful at training dogs, beat Buck so hard that Buck learnt the lesson of Law of Club and Fang. Form then on, he was submissive to anyone who held a club.

    Then he was traded to two men who went to the Arctic zone to search fortune. It was in the groups of dogs that he met the leader dog, Spitz. As we have said before, Buck was a dog that was very different. He had the instinct to be the leader. But the situation wasn’t that optimistic.

    However he waited and waited for the best chance. And at last, it did come. It was in the race of chasing a rabbit that Buck defeated Spitz and Spitz was eaten by the hungry group of dog. Then Buck established his


    After the group of dogs got to the Arctic zone, they began another long and tired journey. They had to deliver letters from workers in the Arctic zone to their family members. The journey was full of hardship. They lacked of food, at the same time they had to travel a long way every day as scheduled. Whats worse, the two men who were in charge of the groups of dogs beat Buck really hard.

    One day, the two owners beat Buck so hard that he was going to die. Just then, a man named John Thornton came out to stop the slaughter. Buck was saved and he established a firm friendship with John Thornton.

    Buck helped John won a gamble and saved his life once. But what made Buck really outstanding was his revenge for his master. One day aborigines slaughtered his master and the other people. Because of Bucks deep love for his master, he lost his control and bitten the aborigines and drove them away. In the end, he became the leader of a group of wolves in the valley where he was known as Ghost Dog and where the aborigines could never take the risk to step into the valley. Comments:

    1. Views on the title

    What is the wild in The Call of the Wild? In my opinion, the

    wild means a real dog that has not been tamed by humans, a dog

    that wants to go back to nature without any sign of humans, or we can say a dog that wants to be a wolf, as we all know wolves are the ancestors of dogs. On the other hand, the wild also means the wild

    nature. So we can say that The Call of the Wild also means The

    Call of the Nature.

    2. Why does Buck want to go back to nature?

    Buck was born in a notable family, and lived a comfortable and happy life. But when he was sold out and had the chance to get close to nature, he got wilder and wilder. In the end, he revenged his master, drove out the aborigine and lived alone with his gang of wolves without any human. His going back to nature is a perfect explanation for his extreme disappointment to human civilization for he was badly treated by humans, even though his last master was very friendly to him. In my opinion, Jack Londons arrangement for

    Bucks fate was somewhat affected by the ideas of atavism.

    2. Survival of the fittest

    Previously Buck was a very notable and gracious dog. But when he was sold out he learnt to steal other dogs’ food for the first time

    because there was not enough food. If he didn’t steal, he mightnt


    3. Loyalty

    Though Bucks master changed for several times, he always

    showed respect to his masters. Especially when his last master was in danger, he even risked his own life to save his master. 4. Praise for hard-working

    Though the condition was extremely tough, Buck led his group of dog to the Arctic zone successfully.

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