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Tool Assignment








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    Manufacturing and Trades



This program

    prepares students for employment in the installation, operation,

    maintenance and repair of

    residential and commercial air conditioning,

    heating and


    systems. Course



    requirements of the Oklahoma


    Industry Board and the International Mechanical and Fuel Gas Code.


    While technology has revolutionized construction

    materials and


    carpentry is still the foundation of quality


    Autry’s nationally

    certified Construction

    Technology program provides a solid

background in


    fundamentals and safety, as well as providing the

    skills necessary for foundations, framing, and

    exterior and

    interior finishing for residential and light commercial construction.


    Drafting is the process of taking an idea from

    concept to product using lines and a universal set of symbols. Advancing technologies have not only brought exciting changes to the field of

     drafting, but also broadened the

    career choices

    within it.

    Electronics Technology




    maintain, and

    repair mechanical

    equipment that is

     controlled by


    electronic and computer systems used in a wide variety of

    applications such as industrial

    robots, automated controls, aircraft simulators, and autonomous vehicles to name a few. High demand areas

    include: medical equipment,

    renewable energy, manufacturing, petroleum,

    agriculture, food processing,

    aerospace, defense, and


    Electronics Systems

    Mechatronics is the synergistic

    combination of mechanical






    technology and systems thinking

    that is utilized in

     the design of

    products and




    students may

    receive advanced

    standing in



    Mechatronics is an


    foundation for

    students working

    toward a

    bachelor’s degree

    in Engineering.


    Given its role in

    building and


    everything from

    pipelines to

    spacecraft, welding

    provides increasing

    job opportunities

    as the demand for

    skilled craftsmen

    grows. Autry’s

    Welding program

    emphasizes gas,

    arc, MIG, TIG and

     pipe welding while

    utilizing the

    theory and

    practices of

    welding, soldering

    and brazing and



    ; Air Conditioning

    ; Construction

    ; Drafting

    ; Electronics Technology

    ; Electronic Systems

    ; Welding

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