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    Module 8 Public holiday

    Unit 2 As soon as its 12 oclock

    ?外语教学与研究出版社 《英语》新标准 初中二年级下?

    By Chen Yunshan(陈韵珊)

    . 教学课型?阅读与写作

    . 教材分析



     初中二年级下Module 8 Public holiday Unit 2 As soon as its 12 oclockReading



    2.Teaching Objectives:

    1. To understand how people in the New York celebrate the New Year.

    2. To know and use the key words learnt in this unit to complete the short passage

    3. To write New Years resolutions

    3.Language focus:

    1. Vocabulary: Structure: Adverbial clauses with while, when, before, until or

    as soon as.

    4.Properties: Tape recorder; computer.


    1. 总体思路



    2. 课前准备





    Step1 Revision and presentation

    1. T: Good morning, boys and girls. I’m very boring now. My penfriend,Candy sent stme some letters. But I lost one of them. The date is January 1. (Write the date

    on the blackboard.) Can you help me to find it out?

    S?: Yes, we can.

    T: Who wants to help me? Please raise your hands. (Give the letters to them.) Please read the date for us one by one. (When the student read the date, show the

    date on the screen.)

     stnd May, 2 February, 1 rdth3 March, 13 April, thth20 June, 16 August, st 1 January

    S?:„„ stS6: 1 January.

    T: Yes, it is. This letter is from Candy. Candy is an American girl. She lives

    in New York. They dont celebrate the New Year in the same way. Do you want


    to know how do they celebrate the New Year. S?: Yes, we do.

    T: Let me show you the letter from Candy. (Read the letter with the students.)

    The letter from Candy (on the screen)

     Dear Wing, st, but people start In our country, the New Year begins on January 1 stcelebrating on December 31, New Years Eve. In New York many people go to celebrate in Times Square. While theyre waiting for the New Year, they listen to music, sing traditional songs and have fun. Just before 12 oclock, everyone counts down from 10: 10, 9, 8 „ As soon as its 12 o’clock, everyone shouts very loudly, Happy New Year! and they say, Out with the old year and in with the new! suddenly there are fireworks and special drinks. Sometimes people sing an old song called Auld Lang Syne. Best wishes, Candy

    Explain some point:

    ?Times Square: Times Square is in the middle of Manhattan, it named after Times

    House. Its famous for lots of theatre.

    Times Square



?“Out with the old year and in with the new!

    ? Auld Lang Syne.


    2. T: According Candys letter, we know about the people in New York how

    to celebrate the New Year. Ok, now please answer the following

    questions. Look at the screen.

    1. Where do many people in New York go to celebrate the New Year?

    (Many people go to ) Time Square.

    2. What song do people sing at the New Year?

    . Sometimes people sing Auld Lang Syne

    3. What special things happen at twelve oclock?

    There are fireworks and special drinks.

3. (Finish all the question)

    T: Yesterday, I read a report about the people all over the world how to enjoy

    their New Years Day. In Thailand, their New Year is on 13th April. The people

    decorate the elephants with flowers, and they wear colorful and carry plates

    of water. And water to others. The water means lucky.

    st In India, the New Year’s Day is on 31 October. The people have five

    days off to celebrate the new year. The first day, the people cry all morning. They mustnt be angry with others.

    4. T: Now lets read the report about the people in New York how to enjoy their New Year. Please look at the screen.


    New Years Day

    New Years Day is often a family day. Some people relax at home. Some

    families get together for a special meal with grandparents, aunts, uncles and

     T: In the passage. we know that.(Point to the screen.)

    The New Year (in New York)—— a family day

    Activities: ?To relax at home.

     ?To get together with a special meal. T: Well done! I have some questions. Can you help me to solve the problems?

     ?To go out for a walk( the weather is fine.)

    1. What special things do people do on New Years Day?

    They made a list of resolutions and read it to their family or


    2. What New Year resolutions do students often make?

    “I’ll help out more at home. I will work harder at school

    or “I wont spend so much time playing video games.

Step2 Writing

    T: We know in New York, on New Years Day, many people make resolutions for the New

    Year. Such as I will help out more at home. I will work harder at school. or

    “I wont spend so much time playing video games. Here I have some cards I want

    you all to make resolutions for this term. For example, if I want to study hard.

    I can make a resolution like this, “in the past I was very lazy with my school

    work, but this year I will work harder.

     Look! There are some little cards in my hand. And I want you can write your

    resolution on the card. And then I will ask some people to read the resolution

    to us. Ok lets go.

    T: (After two minutes.) You please. (Ask some student to read.) S1: .

    S2: .

    S3: .

    Step3 Reading and Exercises

    T: You all did a good job. After class I will show all your resolutions on the

    blackboard. Now please open your book on page66, and listen to the tape. T: Listen again. And read after the tape.

    T: look at page67; lets do part4.Complete the passage with the words and expressions

    in the box. Read the words after me. (and the call back the answers from the class.)


     count down fireworks get together party resolutions special spend suddenly traditional

    New Years Eve is a (1) _________ time for us. We live in New York, and we often

     go to a big New Years Eve (2) in_________ Times Square. We (3) _________ with

    our friends and sing (4) _________ songs while we wait for the New Year. Then (5)

     _________, just before midnight, the music stops. We all (6) _________ from ten

    to zero. Then the (7) _________ begin. I love the bright lights, but the noise makes

     me jump. We all say Happy New Year to our friends.

    I usually(8) _________ New Years(9) _________Day at home with my family. We

     write our New Years together. We all promise to work hard and help each other


Step4 summary

    T: Today, we know how people in the New York celebrate the New Year. And how to write

    the resolutions. Please pay attention to some words and phrases. Look at the screen

    and read after me. And make some sentences by yourselves.

ending; beginning; all over; depend on; count down; get together;

    resolution; list; a list of; help out; promise.

    T: Finally, bring a song to you. Auld Lang Syne(友谊地久天长). Just enjoy it.

     Auld Lang Syne(友谊地久天长)

     Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

     and never brought to mind?

     Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

     for the sake of auld lang syne.

     If you ever change your mind,

     but I living, living me behind,

     oh bring it to me, bring me your sweet loving,

     bring it home to me.

     bring it home to me.Yeah~ Yeah

     a good love story with this beautiful sound track

     It's my favorit.Thank you for download .

     I wanna be your friend, please add me !: )

     I'll give you jewelry and money too.

     That' s all all I'll do for you.

     Darling you know I laughed when you left,

     but now I know that I only hurt myself.

     Please bring it to me,bring your sweet sweet love,

     bring it home to me, bring it home to me.

     For auld lang syne my dear,

     for auld lang syne,

     5 we'll take a cup of kindness yet

    for the sake of auld lang syne.





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