Unit 4 Food

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Unit 4 FoodUnit

    Unit 4 Food

    7A Unit 4 Welcome to the unit 一、单词辨音(5%)

    ( ) 1. A. hungry B. English D. orange

    ( ) 2. A.never B. yes C. English D. yellow

    ( ) 3. B. fit C. important D. milk

    ( ) 4. A.story B. Coke C. top D. October

    ( ) 5. A. but B. usually C. use D. Tuesday

    ( ) 6. A. farm B. warm C. far D. park

    ( ) 7. A. maths B. thank C. think D. there

    ( ) 8. A. really B.meal C. meat D. tea

    ( ) 9. A. pear B. there C. where D. here

    ( ) 10. A. window B. yellow C. snow D. brown


    1. 吃一个汉堡包___________________ 2. 需要许多能量 _________________

    3. 你最喜欢的食物_________________ 4. 一些蔬菜 _____________________

    5. 一天许多次_____________________ 6. 感到饥饿 _____________________ 三、选择填空。

    ( ) 1. Millie likes _____ and ______ very much.

     A. rice, hamburger B. rices, hamburger

    C. rices, hamburgers D. rice, hamburgers

     ( ) 2. I _______ my bowl many times a day.

     A. walk B. walk to C. to walk D. walking

     ( ) 3._______ food does your grandfather like?

     A. How B. Where C. What D. Who

     ( ) 4. ― Are you ________?‖ ―Yes, I want something to eat.‖

     A. hungry B. full C. empty D. Ok

     ( ) 5. Playing football needs a lot of _______.

     A. energies B. energy C. an energy D. some energy

    ( ) 6. We eat meals three ______ a day.

     A. time B. times C. sometimes D. some time

    ( ) 7. Tom is ______ late for school. He goes to school on time(准时) every day.

     A. always B. often C. never D. sometimes

     ( ) 8. ―Let’s ______ some chicken for supper, OK ? ‖ ―Yes, that’s fine.‖

     A. having B. has C. to have D. have

     ( )9.There are many tall buildings on of the busy street.

    A. both side B. all sides C. each side D. very side

    ( )10. we often have a wonderful time in the park.

     A. to play B. plays C. play D. playing

    7A Unit 4 Reading1


1. ―Is there anything ______________ (重要的) in the newspaper? ―No, nothing.‖

    2. ―What do you have for supper?‖ ―I often have fish and ______________ (蔬菜).‖

    3. I don’t like eating ____________ (汉堡包).

    4. I _____________ (讨厌) eating meat.

    5. I get t_____________ after three hours’ hard work.

    6. She likes dancing very much. She wants to be a d______________.

     7. I s_____________ eat sweet snacks because they are not healthy to me. 8. We usually have three m____________ a day.

    9. I like f_____________ very much, such as apples, bananas, oranges.

     10. To keep f______________ is very important to everyone. 二、选择填空。

     ( )1. What do you have ________ breakfast?

     A. for B. on C. with D. of ( )2. ― ________ does Kitty dance?‖ ―Three times a day.‖

     A. How long B. How soon C. How often D. How far ( )3. I do not eat sweet snacks ________ meals.

     A. in B. on C. of D. between ( )4. Eating too much is ______ for your ________ .

     A. good, health B. bad, healthy C. good, healthy D. bad, health

     ( )5. My favourite food ______ noodles and rice.

     A. have B. has C. is D. are ( )6. He likes_______ hamburgers, but I don’t like them.

    A. eat B. have C. eating D. has

    三、根据所给汉语, 完成下列句子。

    1. 学好英语对我们来说是很重要的。

    It’s very ___________ for __________ ___________ __________ English well.

     2. 他们给我能量,但他们不健康。

    They ___________ me ____________ but they are ____________ ____________. 3. 我计划一周游泳两次。

     I ___________ to go ____________ ____________ a week.

     4. 吃太多的甜食会使你变胖。

     sweet food will make you fat.

    5. 我喜欢玩电脑游戏以及在网上和朋友闲聊。

    I like playing____________ ___________and ___________ ___________my friends on the


    6. 如果你每天跳舞两小时,你就会保持健康。

    If you two hours every day, you

    can .

    7. 你不必改变你的饮食和生活方式。

    You don’t your

    or .


     Kitty is a girl of twelve. She w___________ to be a dancer. Every day, she dances

    f___________ two hours. So she n____________ a lot of energy. But she s__________ eat

    sweet snacks. Because there is too much s____________ in them. They are not h___________. She always eats an apple, some milk and bread f___________ breakfast.

     Daniel is a t____________ student at school. But he doesn’t have a h

     diet or lifestyle. He always eats hamburgers and coke for lunch. He plans to have healthy meals. He wants to c his diet .


    I have a good friend. His name is Tom. He is a nice boy, but he eats too 1 and

    doesn't like sports. He has a big 2 every morning. He has four eggs, 3 of bread and

    butter and 4 big glass of milk for it. 5 lunch, he eats two hamburgers, a lot of

    French fries 6 chicken. He drinks a lot of cola or soda, too. For dinner, he likes beef and sala D(

    He 7 eats beef, chicken, hamburgers, and eggs. He likes ice cream, cola and soda, 8 . Too much food is not 9 for health. So Tom is very 10 .

    ( ) 1(A(many B(much C(some D(any

    ( ) 2(A(breakfast B(lunch C(dinner D(supper

    ( ) 3(A(much B(many C(lots D(lot

    ( ) 4(A(a B(an C(some D(any

    ( ) 5(A(For B(On C(For D(Of

    ( ) 6(A(for B(and C(of D(but

    ( ) 7(A(often B(never C(seldom D(not

    ( ) 8(A(and B(but C(too D(also

    ( ) 9(A(bad B(good C(important D(hungry

    ( ) 10. A(healthy B(fit C(thin D(fat

    7A Unit 4 Reading2


    A. What food do you like for lunch? B. Do we need some soup,汤!?

     C. What would you like for supper? D. Are we going to have some fruit?

     E. Are you hungry? F. How does it taste,尝起来!?

     G. How much fruit do you have?

    ( ) Ricky: It's time for lunch, Mengmeng! 1

    Mengmeng: Yes, I'm hungry.

    ( ) Ricky: 2

    Mengmeng: Before, I had coke and hamburgers. Now I have Sichuan hotpot for lunch. ( ) Ricky: 3

    Mengmeng: Very spicy ().

    ( ) Ricky: 4

    Mengmeng: Of course. Fruit is also my favourite.

    ( )Ricky: 5

    Mengmeng: Yes, we can make it together. Ricky: OK.


    From Monday to Friday students usually get up at seven. Then they wash their faces and

    have breakfast. They usually have eggs, bacon, bread, fruit and a glass of milk. After

    breakfast they go to school on foot or by yellow school ____1____. Some students ride bikes.

    They get to school at about half past eight. Then they put their ____2____ in their lockers

    and take only one book, a note book and a pencil to each class. In middle school students have ____3____ for six hours. Their classes are English, Writing, maths, ____4____ and so on. At noon students have lunch at school. They usually ____5____ meat, fruit, vegetables, bread and a drink. ____6____ most students like pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers better. Students don’t have a short ____7____. They go back to have classes ____8____ lunch until three o’clock. Then they go home. Students usually play or watch TV before ____9____.

    They have supper at six in the evening. The supper usually has soup, meat, ____10____, rice or pasta. After supper they do their homework. Sometimes they play or talk with their parents.

    ( ) 1. A. car B. bike C. bus D. plan

    ( ) 2. A. school bags B. clothes C. pencil boxes D. money

    ( ) 3. A. meals B. a rest C. each class D. classes

    ( ) 4. A. music, playing football B. Chinese, running

     C. music, art D. P.E., listening to music

    ( ) 5. A. buy B. have C. eat D. bring

    ( ) 6. A. So B. And C. Because D. But

    ( ) 7. A. sleep B. talk C. drink D. holiday

    ( ) 8. A. at B. before C. after D. in

    ( ) 9. A. a supper B. supper C. the dinner D. a dinner

    ( ) 10. A. vegetables B. dumplings C. fishes D. potatoes


    B. 阅读短文,选择正确答案。

    The following is a menu of Jordan Bar.

    Breakfast (from 7:30 to 10:30 )

    Orange, tomato, apple juice --------------------------------------------------------------0.75 Grapefruit,柚子! half ----------------------------------------------------------------0.65 Bananas -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0.75 1 egg, toast and coffee --------------------------------------------------------------------1.25 2 eggs, toast and coffee -------------------------------------------------------------------1.50 Boiled or fried eggs with bacon ---------------------------------------------------------2.95 Boiled or fried eggs with sausage -------------------------------------------------------2.90 Small order of pancakes ------------------------------------------------------------------1.79 Large order of pancakes ------------------------------------------------------------------2.00 Coffee ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0.35 Tea -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0.25 Hot chocolate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------0.30 Milk -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0.20

( ) 1. When can you have breakfast in the bar?

     A. At 6:30 a.m. B. At 8:00 a.m. C. At 11:00 a.m. D. At 7:00 p.m. ( ) 2. How much is a tomato juice?

     A. 0.25 B. 0.65 C. 0.75 D. 1.50

    ( ) 3. Which costs 2.00 among the following?

     A. Boiled or fried eggs with bacon. B. Small order of pancakes.

     C. Milk. D. Large order of pancakes.

    ( ) 4. What is the price of a hot chocolate?

     A. 0.20 B. 0.30 C. 1.30 D. 0.25

    ( ) 5. Tommy always has his breakfast here. He has an apple juice, a fried egg with bacon

    and a coffee. How much is this breakfast?

     A. 4.05 B. 3.95 C. 4.20 D. 3.50

    ( ) 6. Which one is right?

    A. We can’t buy sausage in Jordan Bar.

    B. Jordan Bar is open from 7:30 to 11:30.

    C. We can drink coffee, milk and tea in Jordan Bar.

     D. We can’t have a healthy meal in Jordan Bar.

    7A Unit 4 Vocabulary


    1You are not fit, and you should change your (the way you live).

    2Food can give us a lot of (power,力量! to do things).

    3Eddie is very lazy and he never (do sports activities).

    4 (a kind of yellow fruit) taste sour, but mooncakes taste sweet.

    5Do you have a healthy (the food you usually eat)?


     apple, cup, orange, beef, dish, plate, bowl, egg, mooncake,

     juice, salt, pork, meat, tomato, coke, milk, hamburger, rice, bread




    1. I feel h______________. I want to eat something.

    2. We do morning e_______________ in the playground every day.

    3. Some boys h_______________ to study English. But English is very important.

    4. My parents plant some v______________ in the field. We often eat them.

    5. People should wash their hands b they have meals.

     6. The girl wants to c______________ her diet.

    7. Cakes, sweets and Coke are all sweet s_____________. Don’t eat them between meals.

    8. Carrots and potatoes are my favorite v_____________.

    9. I ate two pieces of b_____________, two eggs, a bowl of n_____________ and some

    v_____________ for breakfast this morning.

     10. This box is too heavy. I can't c____________ it. 四、用所给词的适当形式填空。

    1. I like _____________ (tomato). What about you?

    2. Mr. Green has four ______________(child).

    3. My father often tells me some interest ______________(story).

    4. We can see lots of ______________(sheep) on the hill.

5. I like eating _____________(beef) and don’t like eating pork.

    6. Excuse me, do you have any ______________ (juice)?

    7. Mrs Li’s baby has two ______________ (tooth).

    8. I want to buy some ______________ (potato) for dinner. 9. Who do you buy these ______________ (mango) for?

    10. I have some (knife).I can lend one to you.

    7A Unit4 Grammar


    1.potato____________ 2.photo_____________ 3.mango____________ 4.tomato________ 5.radio_____________ 6.zoo_____________ _

    7.story_____________ 8.family_________ _ 9.shelf_____________

    10.knife____________ 11.bus___________ __ 12.class_____________

    13.wish__________ 14.watch____________ 15. pencil-box________

    always ____________ 17.foot______________ 18.tooth_____________ 19.sheep____________ 20.Chinese______ _ usually 二、翻译下列短语。

    1.两杯茶 _____________________ 2.五篮苹果 _____________________ often

    3.一袋盐 _____________________ 4.四台钢琴 _____________________

    sometimes 5.三瓶橘子汁 _________________ 6.八个土豆 _____________________

    7.两公斤肉 ___________________ 8.1.5公斤大米__________________

    seldom 三、根据图表内容,选用适当的频度副词填空。

     boys girls never

    food \ times 0 2 5 8 11 14 0 2 5 8 11 14

    always beef ? ?

    vegetable ? ?

    usually ice cream ? ?

    chocolate ? ? often

    cake ? ?

    sometimes fruit ? ?

    noodles ? ? seldom rice ? ?


    1. The boys_______________ eat beef but the girls______________ eat it. 2. The boys_____________ eat vegetables but the girls____________ eat them. 3. The boys_________ eat ice cream but the girls___________ eat some after dinner. 4. The boys_____________ eat chocolate but the girls___________ eat it. 5. The boys______________ eat cakes but the girls_____________ eat them. 6. The boys_________ eat fruit but the girls____________ have some after dinner .

    7. The boys___________ eat noodles but the girls_____________ eat them. 8. The boys__________ eat rice with their meals and the girls__________ eat it too.

四、用不定冠词,a / an!填空;

     Andy: First, we need ___________ egg and a tomato for the soup.

     Millie: We also need ___________ fish and __________ packet of noodles.

     Andy: OK. It takes half _________ hour to cook. We'll make _________ pot of rice, too.

     Millie: Would you like _________ glass of water?

     Andy: Yes, please. Are we going to have _________ cake?

     Millie: Yes, Let's make __________ big cake.

     Andy: Mum. I'm hungry!

     五、用there be (is; are) have (has)填空;

     1. I _____________ a new computer and you _____________one too. But Mike doesn't


     2. _____________ many students in the classroom. He____________ a good friend in it.

    3. _____________ a box of apples on the table.

     4. _____________no good news for you Today.

     5. _____________a pen and two books on the desk.

     =_______________ two books and a pen on the desk.

     6. A clock _______________ a round face.

     =_______________ a round face on a clock.

     7. ________________ only two windows in that room.

     =That room________________ only two windows.


    1. Daniel’s mother seldom _____________(exercise) in the morning.

    2. My favourite food _____________(be) noodles and dumplings.

    3. Milk and juice _____________(be) my favourite drinks.

    4. _____________ (be) there two cups of tea on the table over there?

    5. Mark Twain liked to tell others funny _____________(story).

    6. He likes fish very much, but my favourite is _____________(tomato).

    7. This dish tastes(尝起来) too _____________(salt). I can’t eat it.

    8. Daniel goes swimming _____________(two) a week.

    七、根据括号内的要求, 变换下列各句。

    1. Millie goes to the Reading Club twice a week.. (对划线部分提问)

    ___________ __________ __________ Millie ___________ to the Reading Club?

    2. There’re only one factory in the village. (对划线部分提问)

    __________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ in the village?

    3. There’s some water in the bottle.,改为一般疑问句!

    __________ ___________ ____________ water in the bottle?

    4. There are some apples in the basket.,改为否定句!

    __________ __________ __________ apples in the basket.

    5. There’s a bottle of Coke on the table.,改为复数意义的句子!

    __________ __________ __________ __________ of Coke on the table.

    7A Unit 4 Integrated skills


    不到,少于 2.多于,比更多 1.

     3.一周六次 4.步行到学校

     5.一点也不 6.一个健康的人

     7.保持健康 8.看两个小时的电视

     9.改变你的日常饮食 10.吃水果和蔬菜


    a bag of a bowl of a cup of

    a kilo of a packet of a carton of

    1._____________________ salt 2.__________________ milk

    3._____________________ noodles 4.______________________ tea 5._________________ meat 6.______________________ rice 三、选择填空。

    ( ) 1. ―How often do you exercise ? ‖ ―________.‖

     A. For two hours B. By bus C. Never D. more than half an hour ( ) 2. ―________do you sleep every day?‖ ―For about ten hours.‖

     A. How often B. How C. How long D. How soon ( ) 3. ―Good luck with your new diet.‖ ―________.‖

     A. No, thanks B. Thanks C. That's all right D. That's OK

     ( ) 4. She feel ________ better now than before.

     A. very B. much C. too D. very much

     ( ) 5. ―Would you like a glass of milk ?‖ ―________ I'd like only a cup of tea.

     A. Yes, please. B. Yes, thank you.

     C. No, thanks. D. Please don't give me milk. 四、选择合适的短语并用其适当的形式填空。

     keep fit tell…about good luck with not…at all not…any more sit on the couch

    1. __________________________your English exam(考试).

     2. Millie wants _____________you something ______________ her new diet.

     3. You are_____________ fit______________. You need eat healthier food.

     4. ―Do you know how to_______________ ? ― ―You should eat less and

     exercise more.‖

     5. I always walk after dinner now and I seldom_________________.

     6. He changes his diet. He_____________ eat hamburgers______________.

五、根据括号里的要求, 变换下列各句。

    1. I watch 2-3 hours' TV every day. (对划线部分提问)

    ___________ ___________ ___________ do you watch every day? 2. I’m going to Jinglin Restaurant for dinner this evening. (对划线部分提问)

    ___________ ___________ ___________ going for dinner this evening? 3. She sleeps for about nine hours every night. (改为否定句)

    She ___________ ___________ for about nine hour every night. 4. They sometimes eat cakes, biscuits and candies. (对划线部分提问)

    _________ _________ __________ they eat cakes, biscuits and candies? 5. There is a knife in my pencil case. (对划线部分提问)

    ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ in your pencil case?

     6. I usually walk to school every day. (写出同义句)

     I usually _________ __________school _________ _________ every day. 六、根据所给汉语?完成下列句子。

    我们该怎样保持健康? 1.

    ___________ we ___________ ___________?


    The girl _________ an hour _______ _______ the piano every day.


    He seldom __________ __________ after school.


    We have __________ __________ __________ __________. 5.作为学生?我们需要更多地锻炼、看较少的电视、吃健康的食物.

    We__________ ___________ ___________ ___________ , watch

    __________ TV, and eat as a student.


    I never eat chocolate because it’s _______ _______ ________ ________.



    饭他常常吃一些鸡蛋、面包和牛奶。中午12 点钟,他在学校吃午饭。他常常吃一碗饭、


    健康多了(much healthier than before)

    7A Unit 4 Main task


     peanuts eggs rice beef Coke mangoes water apples

     grapes pork fish milk orange juice noodles bananas

     hamburgers chicken tomatoes vegetables green tea bread

     1. Drink__________________________________________________________

     2. Fruit___________________________________________________________

     3. Meat___________________________________________________________

     4. Others__________________________________________________________ 二、用所给词的适当形式填空。

    1. We can’t live _____________ ( with ) water or air.

    2. You can drink lots of water without ____________ ( get ) fat. 3. There are three _____________ ( glass ) of orange juice on the desk.

    4. My grandma always tells me some interesting _____________ ( story ). 5. The farmer has many ____________ ( sheep ).


     1. There are some eggs on the table. (改成单数句!

     There___________ ___________ ___________on the table.

     2. Mary often has a cup of tea after a meal. (改为否定句!

     Mary_____________ has a cup of tea after a meal.

     3. Tom has an English book in his bag. (写出同义句!

     ____________ ____________an English book in____________ bag.

     4. Daniel exercises for half an hour every day. (对划线部分提问!

     ___________ ___________ ____________Daniel exercises every day?

     5. Mother spends about 30 minutes cooking dinner for us. (写出同义句)

     It__________Mother________ _________ __________ ___________ dinner for us.

     6. We go to school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.(写出同义句!

     We go to school every day____________Saturday and Sunhday.

     7. There is some bread on the table. (改为否定句!

     There__________ ___________ bread on the table.

     =There is ___________ bread on the table.

     8. Let's go to the supermarket, OK? (写出同义句)

    What__________ ___________ to the supermarket?


    1. 我认为我每天需要许多的能量。

     I think I need_________ _________ __________ every day. 2. 早餐我总是吃些面包和一只鸡蛋。

     I always___________ some bread and an egg___________ breakfast. 3. 我喜欢蔬菜,因为它对我有好处。

     I like vegetables because they___________ ___________ ___________me. 4. 每人都需要维生素来保持健康。

     Everyone____________ vitamins to___________ ___________. 5. 每天喝大量的水也是很重要的。

     It’s also _____________to drink ___________ ___________ water every day. 6. 你可以多吃一些蔬菜而不会发胖。

    You can eat more vegetables without __________ __________. 7. Shirley喜欢在网上和朋友聊天。

    Shirley likes chatting with her friends __ __ __ ________ __ ________ .

    8.我们都不再吃快餐(fast food)了。

    We __________ eat fast food ________ _ ________ _.

    五、阅读短文, 选择正确的答案。

     English breakfast is a very big meal —eggs, tomatoes, tea, coffee….

     For many people lunch is a quick meal. In cities there are a lot of sandwich bars ,where

    office workers can buy the kind of bread they want brown, white, or a roll ,面包卷!,and then

    all kinds of salad,色拉!and meat or fish to go in the sandwich. School children can have a hot

    meal at school, but many just take a sandwich, a drink and some fruit from home.

     ―Tea‖ means two things. It is a drink and a meal , some people have afternoon tea, with

    sandwiches, cakes and a cup of tea.

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