The impact of culture on urban development

By Michele Myers,2014-07-07 12:15
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    The impact of culture on urban development

    Since the moment that Beijing has won the bid for the 2008 Olympic Games, Qingdao began her Olympic trip as the Olympic partner city.

    Xu Chaoquan, a famous architect as well as the director of The Hong Kong Cultural Policy Research Center, said on Beijing Olympics international BBS, Olympic is an opportunity that we can develop many things with it, but we should also develop those things if we have not Olympic. Those things actually are very important to the city's development. Urban development is the target the Olympic is just a project, after the games the city is still there. So "those things" is what?

    Of course is culture.

    Qingdao city has hosted the Olympic yachting competition, take it as an opportunity, Qingdao is focusing on creating the city brand of The

    City of Sails. Besides constructed a high level of Qingdao International Sailing Center in Fushan Valley, they have carried out and undertaken some national and international sports competitions and all kinds of offshore leisure sports. The Olympic yachting competition is a rare great opportunity in the process of Qingdaos urban development, it has

    become a booster that citizen formed a good habit and civilized manners through the games directly or indirectly. The development of Qingdao has laid a good basic humanity. In recent years, Qingdao continuous

    obtained: The National Civilized City, Chinese Brands, Public Most Yearned City of China, China Most Amorous Feelings City, The Chinese Livable City, China best five cities etc. All the achievements have made Qingdao constantly enhanced the visibility and reputation. It is this infinite value of intangible cultural asset, Qingdao is becoming more and more attractive and popular.

    Modern urban competition has already escaped from the pure economic strength of wars, soft environment, such as urban civilization character is more and more important. This kind of cultural colorful “software” is regional and cant be imitate. The advance of Humanistic

    Olympic Concept and the hosting of the Olympic yachting competition have fundamentally ascended Qingdao soft environment and soft power, and also have realized the leaping development of competitiveness of Qingdao city. This perhaps is the most influential heritage which the Olympic Games has left to Qingdao.

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