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Tips for Being Successful in Phase 2 - Whole Health Network

     HCG Protocol

Materials needed for Phase 1

    Dr. Shinra’s Probiotic

    Western Botanicals Colon Cleanse

    Western Botanicals Colon Detox

    Western Botanicals Liver and Gallbladder Tea

    Western Botanicals Liver and Gallbladder Detox Droplets

    Western Botanicals Earth’s Nutrients Meal Substitution (Optional)

    Yerba Matte` Tea

    Organic Olive Oil

    Organic Apple Juice

    Organic Garlic and Vegetables


    Tips for Being Successful Phase 1

    Eat lots of raw foods such as diverse salads

    Read the ingredients of everything that comes into your body

    No nitrites, mono sodium glutamate, Dyes,

    Do not consume anything that ends with “tose” (high fructose corn syrup, glucose)

    No fast foods

    Get Lymphatic Massages

    Make sure you flush out Liver and Gallbladder after your Candida Diet.

Instructions for Phase 1

    During this phase you will do a Candida Diet of 2-3 weeks. This diet is necessarily to flush out the toxins out of your body. Candida is the cause of many ailments such as, diabetes, lupus, high blood pressure, depression, and bloating. During this time you will need to eliminate the overgrowth of Candida yeast in your colon, this yeast has been feeding off of consuming a high fat, and starch diet. You will take a daily probiotic enzyme to kill off the Candida along with a colon cleanse and colon detox. Also will need to do 4-6 colon hydrotherapy sessions to flush out the toxins. Its is also optional to also do 1-2 lymphatic

     HCG Protocol

    massage sessions as well. You will notice almost immediately starting this diet that your energy is up and as you progress your appetite and cravings will start to diminish as well. After the Candida Diet it is strongly recommended to do a 5 day Liver and Gallbladder flush, this will help feel better during the first part of Phase 2 later.

    Liver and Gallbladder Flush

    Liver and Gallbladder Tea Prep (32oz. for 5 days)

    First scoop 2-3 of tea in 8 cups of water, (best to let it soak overnight for the next day) In the morning drain tea and boil it is ok to sweeten with Stevia. Drink tea throughout the day with plenty of water as well

    First thing in morning is to fix Morning Drink

Make the Morning Drink

    8 oz. Pure Water

    8oz. Organic Apple Juice

    Organic Garlic (Start with 1 clove and add 1 each day to 5 cloves on day 5

    Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Start with 1 tbs. and add 1 each day to 5 tbs. on day 5) 1 small piece of Organic Ginger root

    Mix all ingredients in a blender or juicer and drink.

    Next take 2-4 droppers of the Liver and Gallbladder Flush 3-4 times daily.

    On day 5 have a Colon Hydrotherapy session with coffee additive.

    Materials Needed for Phase 2

    Mineral Oil

    Baking Soda Toothpaste

    Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

    Organic Oil Free Soap and Shampoo

    Organic Apples

    Organic , Chicken (Breast only), Fish (Tilapia, Salmon, Flounder, Shrimp, Crab and Lobster) and Beef (Veal is ok), Turkey


    Spices (Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Lemon Pepper, Marjoram, Cumin, etc) Watch out for seasonings mixed with sugar and oils)

     HCG Protocol

Tips for Being Successful in Phase 2

    Eliminate all oils from diet and hygiene

    Drink at least a half gallon of water daily

    Have a Colon Hydrotherapy session once a week

    Use Colon Cleanse tablets once a day (this diet is very low in fiber so you will not release as often as you did in Phase 1,you may actually go 3 days straight.)

    Tom’s Organic Toothpaste

    Use Mineral Oil

    Switch to Oil Free Cleanser

    Use Organic All-One Hemp Soap

    Check Seasonings make sure there isn’t any MSG, sugar or additives.

Instructions for Phase 2

    Mixing Your HCG

    With WHN version of the Protocol you will receive a 10000 ML of Prescription HCG Powder and Bacterial Water Vial. This is enough for up to 43 days of injections; you must keep HCG in refrigerator while not in use.

    [Insert Instructions]

    Days 1-2

    Inject yourself with 200ML HCG first thing in the morning.

    Eat 6 times a day of high fat foods such as fried chicken, ice cream, avocados, macaroni and cheese, chocolate cake. Eat as much as you like for 2 days straight. This needs to be done to start the HCG working right in your system, and if this isn’t done you will suffer in the first week of the Low Calorie


    Days 3 -23 or 43

    First thing in the morning you weigh yourself after urination. You must document your weight everyday to track not only your progress but to catch errors in your diet.

     HCG Protocol

    During the first week you may feel a lot of different things happening to your body, such as light-headiness or foggy feeling. This is due to the fact that your body is transitioning to a ketosis state. Ketosis is when your body instead of going into starvation mode and starting to burn muscle and regular body mass, it begins burning your abnormal fat cells and turning it into energy. This is also the time you may get hunger pains, this usually only happens when you don’t gorge enough in the first 2 days.

    Errors in the Diet

    If you commit an error in this diet, you will always tell the next day during your weight you will gain weight if you stray from the 500 calories a day. If this happens you must do an “apple” day that same


    Your apple day starts at lunch and ends the next morning.

    You can eat up to 8 apples and limit your water intake to as needed or as thirst arises. This is all you can eat for the entire day. The next morning the weight will be back down again, and you can continue back to the diet as normal

The Diet

    The diet is very limited and there is a small list of food that are acceptable during this diet below is an example of your food schedule.


    Organic Tea (Yerba Matte, Green Tea, etc) Drink throughout the morning.


    100 oz. of Protein (Organic Beef, Chicken, or Lean Fish)

    Vegetables 2 servings (Broccoli, Spinach, Lettuce, Cabbage, Kale, )

    You can season your food with anytime of seasoning, except NO OILS or Butter.


     HCG Protocol

    Same as lunch but it must be a different protein and vegetables, you cannot eat the same food twice a day.


    You are allowed 2 apples or 6 -8 strawberries a day in between meals.

    Also look at complete list in Dr. Simeons manuscript Pounds and Inches or Kevin Trudeau’s Weight Loss

    Cure. It is recommended that you read either of these books before starting your diet so you can have a better understanding of what is happening to your body during this Protocol.

    After your last injection day which is either day 23 or day 40 you must continue the low calorie diet for 3 days as the HCG is leaving out your system.

    Tips for being Successful in Phase 3

    No Sugars and Starches

    Eat regular meals and stop when you feel full you should be up to 1200 1800 calories a day

    Eat at least 2 apples a day

    Drink at least a half gallon of water daily

    Watch packaging of your foods no Trans fats, artificial flavors and preservatives

    Eat Organic as much as possible

Instructions for Phase 3

    During this phase which last approximately 21 days, your body is actually resetting itself, at this time you can reintroduce certain foods such as dairy, natural oil, and certain fats back into your diet. You must carefully watch starches and sugars at this time, because they can cause you to gain weight. Your goal is to maintain your weight at what it was on the last day of your injections, so you must continue monitoring your weight everyday. This is very important because your hypothalamus gland, metabolism, set body weight is being reset. If you do go over 2 pounds even an ounce, you must do a “steak” day.

    This steak day consists of having nothing but tea and water all day then in the evening have a nice sized steak, season anyway you want except with salt, and a apple or tomato for dinner. The next day your weight should have corrected itself. If you are losing weight at this time, this is not good either since you

     HCG Protocol

    do not have HCG in your system anymore you are most like burning muscle and body mass in which you will have to increase your calorie intake to fix this.

    Phase 4 The Rest of Your Life

    This is it, you made it, and your body is in a totally different state than it was over 3 months ago. This is not a diet it is a lifestyle change. Stick to organic foods much as possible. It is also recommended that you have a Colon Hydrotherapy session once a month, and Liver and Gallbladder flush 2-3 times a year.


     iNotes for WHN protocol were taken from excerpts of the Dr. A.T.W Simeon’s orginal Manuscript Pounds and

    Inches and also from the book by Kevin Trudeau The Weight Loss Cure-They Don’t Want You To Know About

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