The weather forecast for the day was gale force winds, but as most

By Donald Warren,2014-04-21 22:09
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The weather forecast for the day was gale force winds, but as most

Nga Hoe Horo Regatta 10 December 2011 Lake Ngatu

    The weather forecast for the day was gale force wind, however as most paddlers at Lake Ngatu on Saturday 10 Dec would tell you, “it was a little

    gusty and its great practice for the afternoon races at Lake Karapiro in January,”

    The Nga Hoe Horo Annual Regatta was well attended with 23 Teams registered in Open to Snr Master Grades. Juniors registered individually with one hundred and three youth from midgets to J19 from all over the Tai Tokerau Region paddling in team and W1 events. 59 Youth paddlers received spot prizes during the regatta an appreciated tradition (by the youth of course). To encourage the growth of second and third Generation Tai Tokerau Paddlers, junior grades were exempted from paying registration.

As advertised the day was great fun for whanau, however you can’t hold a

    great paddler back and the competition was just as fierce amongst midgets as it was amongst Golden Masters paddling in the Senior Masters division. The Premier Hone Tamati race was as ever a great race to watch - in fact because of the day’s conditions, all races kept us on the edge of our seats.

    We thank all the back room mums, dads, coaches and all volunteers of Nga Hoe Horo club and the clubs that attended for their great support, our Race Directors Nyree King and Tony Clutterbuck for running a great show.

    We take this opportunity to wish the paddling Whanau Whanui a joyous Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Race Race grades Placings (first Grades Placings

    cont, three)

1 14 Midget W6 250m Int Boys 1000m

     1st equal Nga Hoe Horo & Te Tii 1 Clayton TTTs

     2 Pawarenga Taniwha


    2 Snr M Women W1 3 Kaitiaki

     15 1 Kura Heke Open Men 500m

     2 Hilda Halkyard-Harawira 1 Parihaka Pirates

     3 Mags Brown 2 Te Puau

     3 Kaipara

    3 16 Int Boys 500m Open Wmn


     1 Tets Reps (Te Tii) 1 Wahine Kowhai (NHH)

     2 Pawarenga Taniwha 2 Parihaka Open Women


     3 Hokianga (Nga Kaitiaki) 3 Parihaka 2

    4 17 Int Girls 500m Hone Tamati Race 3000m

     1 Horo Watera 1 Nga Hoe Horo (a le


     2 Te Tii Int Girls 2 Kaipara

     Snr M Men W 3 Parihaka Pirates 5 18 1 Don Munroe J16 boys 1000m

     2 Dan Kaiawe (Te Tii ) 1 Bag town boys (te Tii)

     equal 3 Skin Atkins - Richar 2 Nga Hoe Horo Boys


    6 J16 Girls 500m 3 Fat Oysters (te Tii)

     19 1 Ngati Rehia J19 Girls 1000m

     2 Hokianga Ataahua 1 Ahu Kereru (NHH) 7 Open W W1 500m 2 Te Tii Red

     Ngarie Peehi 3 Te Tii Whio

     20 Analatu Wolfgramm-Open wmn 1000m


     Tracey Gilmore 1 Wahine Kowhai (NHH) 8 J16 Boys 500m 2 Parihaka Open Women

     1 Bag town boys (Te Tii) 3 Parihaka Goldens

     21 2 Nga Hoe Horo (16) Open M W1 500m

     3 Nga hoe Horo (Pawarenga Taniwha) 1 Tupu King 9 J19 Women 500m 2 Richard Waldergrave

     1 Ahu Kereru (NHH) 3 Sean Herbert

     2 Muri Whenua

     3 Te Tii Natives 10 Int Boys W1 500m

     1 Kaipo Brown

     2 Mano Herewini

     3 William Moetu 11 Midgets 500 W6

     1 Kareti

     2 Te Tii Tio

     3 NHH Int Girls (novices) 12 Snr M Women 500

     1 Parihaka Fast Whaea

     2 Rangaunu Hinemaia

     3 Kaitiaki 13 Mster W 500

     1 Parihaka 2

     2 Rangaunu 2

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