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By Jeanette White,2014-09-30 04:30
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RS_neverjudgeaook.doc - Primary Resources

    Never Judge a Book by its Cover.

    Intro: Our assembly today is all about how we should think badly about people just because of the way they look.

    Demo: Buy a tin of pie filling and replace label with that of dog food. Start by telling the school you are hungry and haven’t eaten your breakfast/lunch, pull out tin and fork and start eating…. Wait for reaction – ask if anyone would want

    to try some!

    Talk: You all thought that I was eating dog food, and probably thought I was stupid, crazy, mental! You all made certain judgements about what was inside that tin, just because of what was on the outside. In fact I had just replaced the label it’s pie filling and perfectly ok to eat.

    It’s not very nice to think certain things about people just because of what’s on the outside like that demonstration shows, you need to know about the person on the inside, and you might find you really like them.

    There’s a story in the bible, which tells us about a man who was treated badly, just because of the way he looked.

Story (could get children to act out): Leper at the gate. Matt 8, Mark 1, Luke


    Talk: How would you feel if you were that man, not being able to live with your family or play with your friends just because of the way he looked? Maybe next time you see someone who looks different to you, you will remember this story and be able to see them for the person they are on the inside, not the outside.


Song: ‘Stand up clap hands’ or ‘Is there a plank in your eye’

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