By Janice Holmes,2015-04-04 13:21
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    Out of the Ivory Tower

    Good afternoon,honorable judges,ladies and gentlemen.

    My name is ZhangYaqiong,majoring in French.Im glad to share my

    ideas about the topic——Out of the Ivory Tower.

    What is the Ivory Tower?Upon navigating the Internet,I found some intriguing details .It refers to the small world of those artists or people who are engaged in creation while away from the real world and hiding in a subjective fantasy.

    Then a question suddenly strikes me.Is it so necessary to step out of the Ivory Tower?or is it such a terrible place that we must escape it? Not really!Today I will reveal how the ivory tower influences us. To begin with,suppose one day you become deaf,do you believe that you could play music again?Ah,I think that Ive heard someone whisper:Are

    u kidding?A deaf can not hear anything?How is that possible?But I

    regret to tell you that that has occurred before.I believe we have all listened to this tune(singing...).Exactly!Thats the famous song song of

    joy,in Chinese 欢乐颂 ,which was made the great musician

    Beethoven.And this song was created when he was completely deaf.Rather than giving in to the cruel reality,he immersed himself into his musical world and heard the sound in his heart.It is in this ivory tower where he acquired the inspiration and created such a wonderful


    Admittedly,as for most college students,sometimes we are so restless and struggle to get out of the ivory tower.Weve ignored the real meaning of

    attending university.Instead of continuous complaints,why not try to enjoy staying here,to read,to imagine,to ponder,and to discover.Listen to the voice from the bottom of our hearts and prepare ourselves for the future.I do believe that everyone can compose a fantastic melody in our life.

    Thats all of my speech.Thank you.

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