working as interns before graduation

By Gary Sanchez,2014-10-18 06:20
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working as interns before graduation

    Working as interns before graduation

    As increasing numbers of college students are joining in the job before graduation, and many of them hope that the experience will give them a competitive edge. This view is very popular in the modern society.

    This is true that working in the society can learn many new knowledge which can not learn from school and books. They can learn how to get on well with other people and how to deal with the problems which come from the work. As we all

    valuable and useful for the students. However, they know that these experience are

    would be better to adapt to the society when they graduated. Also they can make more new friends and open their horizon.

    But many people disagree this view, they think that studentstask is study,

    to work as interns would cost them much time that from the study. What is more, they have no high working skills, so most of the jobs they can do are just like cheap labors, these work can not learn real experience. In addition, the society has many unsafe factors, as we know students are the weak-side, they do not know how to protect themselves. So they believe that if the students can learn the knowledge well at school, it is enough.

    In my opinion, working as interns is good for the students, but it is better to work at the spare time. Do not take up the class time. Please share your time equitable . A successful graduator should have solid knowledge and useful practice.




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