This is still a transitional period

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This is still a transitional period

United Way of Adams County, Inc.

    Agency Membership Policy and Resource Investment Process

    September 2008


United Way of Adams County, Inc. is focused on delivering a “return on investment” for our

    donors and on achieving sustained changes in community conditions. We are committed to a higher set of performance and accountability standards. We believe our membership and accountability standards are high and should continue to be refined.

    These membership requirements and resource investment process improve and expand our resources and partners:

Membership and Funding Eligibility

    1. In keeping with the nature of community impact work, the term “Member Agency”

    was changed to “Partner Organization”. This also allows for the possibility of non-

    traditional relationships in the future. The term “partner” better reflects the nature of

    the work and the term “organization” is more inclusive. (Requires changes to by-laws,

    agreements, policies, communications tools)

    2. Funded partners must be 501?3 organizations only. We encourage partnership and

    collaboration that will involve new, non-traditional partners. (e.g. faith-based groups,

    education, government, unincorporated groups)

    3. Membership and funding eligibility will be considered annually. The process should

    take 60 to 90 days during the months of September through December.

    4. There is an application and approval process that will determine eligibility to apply for

    funding in the resource investment process. Applicant organizations will use the

    “Agency Profile” component of the funding application in this phase. This process

    should happen in the fall of the year. Partner organizations will be notified in

    December of their eligibility to continue on into the resource investment process.

    5. All eligible partner organizations must agree to sign the UW “Partner” Agency

    agreement if/when funding is awarded.

    6. The fundraising blackout period as defined in the by-laws and agreement will stay

    intact. All funded partners are subject to these restrictions.

United Way of Adams County, Inc.

    Agency Membership Policy and Resource Investment Process

    September 2008

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Resource Investment

    7. United Way funding investments are focused in three areas: Education, Income and

    Health. United Way has specific goals in each area and all programs must align with

    these goals and prove their effectiveness with a well-defined measurement plan.

    8. The resource investment process occurs in the spring of each year. The process will

    continue to refine and communicate the desired community outcomes and indicators,

    with guidance from Alliance for Building Community.

    9. Consideration may be given for multi-year funding for a target area and the resource

    investment process as a whole.

    10. Establish a 3 to 5 year timeline/budget for target funding and base funding.

    11. Be clear in communications that the funding base to programs that meet basic human

    needs and crisis response and preparedness should be protected. United Way is

    regarded at a “safety net” for agency funding and without a human services

    infrastructure, there’s no way we can move the needle on other critical issues.

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