Mechanical testing Equipment An MTS hydraulic closed-loop axial

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Mechanical testing Equipment An MTS hydraulic closed-loop axial

    Mechanical testing Equipment: An MTS hydraulic closed-loop axial ( 50,000 lbs.), torsional (20,000 in-lbs.) test system; three MTS hydraulic closed-loop axial test systems ( 20,000 lbs. capacity);one MTS hydraulic closed-loop axial test systems ( 20,000 lbs. capacity) equipped with an hot/coldhydraulic grips and a hygrothermal chamber (-70?C to 180?C, 10% - 95% RH) ; two Instron constant rate of elongation axial loading systems (20,000 lbs. capacity) equipped with an environmental chamber; conventional and computer-aided load, strain, and elongation measuring equipment; MTS thermo-mechanicaltube testing servo-hydraulic load frame with 1,500 Hz/2,000 lb. superposed loading on 10,000 lb., 30 Hz: tension and compression with 1,600?C clam shell furnace; high temperature Inert Environment Test Chamber/Frame capable of operating at 27 in. Hg vacuum to temperatures of 1,900?C; radiant 1,400?C clam shell section furnace for ?20,000 lbs. test frame; convective 400?F box section heater for ? 20,000 lbs. frame; Wilcoxon Research Model F17 piezoelectric vibration generator; ATS dead load machine; nine creep frames; 600?F environmental chamber; Laser extensometer

Environmental Aging Equipment: Ocean Optics S2000 benchtop spectrometer, with linear CCD-array

    silicon detector responsive from 200 to 1100 nm, Oriel 1000 W xenon arc lamp; two environmental aging chambers Blue M ETC-04D-C with cascading compressors (-73?C to 190?C temperature range); 2 Blue M cascading compressor thermal cycling chambers (-70?C to 180?C)

    Optical Equipment: Several teaching and research polariscopes; moiré apparati; a stress coat system; a two-watt C.W. pulsed argon laser; holographic and interferometric systems; several small lasers; surface displacement and measurement systems; two metallographs.

X-ray and Radiographic Equipment: an HP 43805N X-ray System Faxitron Series; Phillips K140BE

    portable X-ray unit; stereo radiographic film viewer.

    Acoustic Equipment: Panametric AE preamplifiers; assorted piezoelectric devices (ceramic and polymer); Panametrics AE preamplifiers; assorted piezoelectric acoustic devices; AET 206 AV stress wave factor device; Sperry UM 721 reflectoscope; Sperry S80 reflectoscope (gray scale feature); Matec Model 6000 RF pulse generator and receiver; RF Plug-in Model 950; RF Plug-in Model 760V; Matec Attenuation Recorder Model 2407A; two Sonic portable ultrasonic flaw detectors; Panametrics pulser receiver

Thermal Equipment: AGA Thermovision 6980 infrared imaging system; AGA Thermovision 780

    infrared imaging system with analog and digital image processing capability; SPATE 8000 thermoelastic stress analyzer; DMA, DMTA, DSC, TGA, TMA.

Surface Analysis Equipment: Electroscan E-3 environmental SEM; Perkin-Elmer ESCA/ISS

    spectrometer; AES/SIMS Perkin-Elmer instrument; NRL contact angle goniometer; LII6A dual mode automatic ellipsometer; Phillips Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope; Krotos ESCA; Digital Instruments Dimension 3000 Scanning Probe Microscope with nano-indentation apparatus.

    Computer Equipment: 1 SGI Octane, 2 SGI O2, SGI Power Challenge XL, Data acquisition and signal processing software laboratory; microprocessor for controlling scanners; 2-IBM RS/6000 (AIX), 2-HP 715/33 (HPUX), 1-SGI Indigo 2 (IRIX 6.2), 1-SGI Origin 2000 4-processor(IRIX 6.4), 4-PhaseX X-Terminal, Dynamic signal analysis using the HP3562A spectrum analyzer

Chemical Analysis Equipment: 300 MHx NMR with solid state and high temperature probes; 400 MHz

    Varian Unity NMR; Nicolet Impact 400 FTIR; Waters 150C Gel Permeation Chromatograph with dual viscosity/RI detectors for absolute MW analysis.

Composite Processing/Fabrication Equipment: Bohlin VOR controlled strain rheometer; Bohlin CS

    controlled stress rheometer; Fiber coating/Izumi Drumwinder; Wabash vacuum hot press; Lab scale wet and dry powder pre-preg lines; Martin Pultrusion Corp. FRP pultrusion line, 5000 lb. pull force, several dies.

    Multipurpose Equipment: Datacopy Series 300/Model 522 Digital Image processing unit (interfaced with Apollo network); Biomation 8100 Transient Recorder; HP5326B Counter with selectable threshold; Acoustic Research power amplifier; Bell Calculator/Tektronix 4661 Programmable Plotter; Honeywell 5600B 14-channel tape recorder; Automation US 450 Laboratory Scanner; X-Y digital scanner with azimuth digital rotation device.

    Civil Structures Test Facility: Civil Engineering Structures & Materials Laboratory

    Structures: with 16,500 ft 2 of total lab space, 9,000 ft 2 of high bay space; 30’ by 62’- million pound

    eaction floor with adequate load frame structures; Three closed-loop servo controlled actuators (2 x 50 kip and 1 x 200 kip) ; 12 open loop hydraulic actuators (20 to 600 tons capacity with stroke range from 6” to 36”); MTS 458 & 407 controllers; Three high speed, 128 Channel data acquisition system with signal conditioning for strain gages, wire pots and LVDT’s; (all transportable to the field); two laptop based data

    acquisition systems 40 channels with signal conditioning for strain gages, wire pots and LVDT’s; Three field data logging systems and supporting sensors (strain, deflection, load).

Materials: The materials research portion of the laboratory, about 7,500 ft 2 , houses the equipment for

    assessing the durability characteristics of concrete and other composite materials and systems. For concrete research, equipment is present for batching, mixing, placing, finishing, and curing small-scale concrete specimens. A local redi-mix company supplies the concrete, in accordance with our specifications, for large-scale specimens. We have over a 10 year working relationship with this company. The laboratory also houses standard equipment for measuring the fresh and hardened properties of concrete. Specific equipment and facilities in the laboratory include 1 fixed and 2 programmable freezing and thawing chambers, light microscopes for assessing material composition and macroscopic damage, an image analysis system, 2 electrochemical impedance spectroscopes, and controlled environmental rooms with associated equipment for measuring creep and shrinkage of materials.

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