By Bryan Thomas,2015-04-04 13:21
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    李伟杰 二班

    People have different views about the relationship between equality and personal success. Some people believe that individuals’

    achievement can be better realized in an egalitarian society, but others think individuals’

    achievement depend on personal merits. For my part, I entirely agree that people can achieve more in egalitarian society.

    Equality is the foundation of individuals’

    achievement. The society without equality is like a bird without wings, so it cannot fly in the sky even if it has the strong desire to fly. We all know that education is an important element to personal success. I completely believe that every child should have the same rights and opportunities to get the best education. In reality, education inequality is still a prominent manifestation of social inequality and a barrier to individuals’

    achievement. Many people know that the children who come from countryside are unable to receive education of equal quality as

    李伟杰 二班

    the children who come from wealth cities received. In countryside, there is no multimedia teaching, let alone having the opportunity to participate in some kinds of interest-oriented classes. Rural students cannot receive all-round development because of the

    education inequality, students in cities are more knowledgeable and excellent than them. Obviously, when they step into society to find jobs, students in cities will be more popular and easier to realize their dreams than rural students. In the contrary, if every student, on matter where he comes from, has the same access to get the best education, there will be more successful men in the world.

    Living in an egalitarian society,

    individuals can get rid of many unnecessary distractions. People have the same rights in political, social and economic rights. Under these conditions, people will no longer worry about personal interests, and they will devote all of their time to working so that they can

    李伟杰 二班

    realize their dreams. But if a person lives in an inequality society, he may complain about the unjust things and owe his misfortune to the unequal society. Whats more, he may become

    negative towards life and then give up his dream just because of inequality society.

    In conclusion, I strongly believe that equality is a prominent factor to personal success. Living in an egalitarian society, people can achieve more.

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