This CD contains many and varied training programs and power point

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This CD contains many and varied training programs and power point

    These CD’s contains many and varied training programs and power point presentations. These programs are made available from many Fire Departments and State Fire Training Agencies. New York State Training, Salt Lake City, Pleasantview, IL, and Arlington, TX, Utah Fire Training and the Connecticut Fire Service Training Academy to name a few. Feel free to copy these files to a hard drive or any other media and make whatever changes you wish to make for your own use. Also share any of these programs with anyone who can use them. But any time you pass the programs on, please make sure you give credit to the Department or Agency who developed them. These programs are written in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Power Point for the most part. There are a few other minor programs, but the above will open a majority of the files listed. CD 6 & & are entirely National Fire Academy Courses.

If you need any information or assistance, please contact:

Battalion Chief Robert Bennett (Ret.)

    655 Teeter Road

    Littlestown, PA 17340


Here is a list of what is on this CD 1

2nd Drivers Training Program

    Citizens Fire Academy Training Program

    High Rise Training Program

    Saving Our Own Training Program

    Post Incident Reviews

    Saving Our Own Training Program

    Standard Operating Procedures Volume 1

    Standard Operating Procedures Volume 2

96 Zips

     Airport Familiarization

     Alternative Fueled Vehicles

     Church Fires Training Program

     Ground Ladder Training Program

    Hose Training program

    Hydrant Maintenance

     Rescue Airbags Training Program

    Rope Training Program

    Salvage Training Program

    Working around Electricity

97 Zips

     Fire Inspection Reports

     Fire Science & Fire Behavior

     Haz Mat Scene Management

     Peaked Roof Operations

    Sprinkler Program

    Opticom/Traffic Control Program stViolence against 1 Responders

    Wall Collapse

    Weakened Structures

98 Zips

     Bus Rescues

     Conventional Forcible Entry

     Effective Presentations

     Physical Fitness Program

     Forcible Entry Padlocks

     Media Relations

    Overhaul Training Program

    Quint Overviews

    Rehab Training Program

    Rapid Intervention Teams

    Swift Water Rescue

    Thru the lock Forcible entry

99 Zips

     Big Truck Extrication

     Brush Trucks & Critical Incident Stress Management

     Customer Service

     Trench Rescue Training Program

    Company Training Programs Confined Space Training Program Engineers Training Program Fire Officer 3 Safety Program Firefighter Safety & Survival Firefighter 2 Program

    Firefighter 3 Program

    Fire Apparatus Engineer Haz Mat Support Training Material Haz Mat Awareness Training Program IMS Overview

    IMS Program

    Instructor 1

Instructor 2

    Management Training Programs Leadership Training Program (NFA) Probationary Training Program Safety & Health

    Structural Collapse

    Thermal Imaging Program

    Trench Awareness

    Trench Awareness 2

    Trench Rescue 1, 2, 3


Arlington Fire Department Overtime Procedures

    Accountability Program

    Behavioral Emergencies

    Documentation PowerPoint

    Decontamination Program

    Drivers Training information High Angle Rescue

    Hose Class, loading/deployment Incident Management Program Illicit Drugs, Recognition and Treatment

    Mobile Data Terminal Class NBC Class

    Post Incident Review of Gasoline Tanker incident

    Poisoning Emergencies

    Protective Personal Equipment Rapid Sequence Intubation

    Relay Pumping

    Saving Our Own Training Program Special Hazards

    Station Safety

    TRADE Crosswalk Project & Executive Summary

    Trench Rescue 1 & 2



Here is a list of what is on this CD 2

    Bloodborne Pathogens (Zipped file) Disaster Planning Workshop Electricity workshop

    Effective Water Supplies

    Engineer/Operator Program

Fire Department Radiation Course

    Friction Loss Chart

    Haz Mat Resource Lesson Plans (Zipped file)

    Instructional Techniques for Company Officers (PowerPoint)

    Incident Management

    IMS programs

    Member Development

    Promotional workshop

    Rapid Intervention Teams Training Officer Workshop Training Briefs

    Training Officer Workshop Roadway Diagrams

    Recruit Air bags Class Relay pumping information using 4” supply line SCBA Lesson Plans (Zipped file) Scene Safety (Zipped file) Utilities (Zipped file)

Daily Quick Drills

    12 lead & placement

    Airway Management

    Apparatus Operations

    Bowline knot

    Building Const



    Citizens Fire Talk

     Cold Weather

    Confined Space

    CO Emergencies

    Critical Flows

    Crowson CFA

    Custom Saving Our Own

    Decision Making

    ECG Preparations

     Electrical Emergencies

    Extinguisher inspections

     Fire Investigation

    Fire Brigade Training Program

    Fire Prevention Programs

    Foam Operations

    Ground Ladder

    Haz Mat Class

    Haz Mat CFA


    Hose lines

    High Rise SOG questions

    Hydrant Hookups

    Hydraulic Tools

    Hydraulic Questions

    Lightweight Construction

    Load and Go

    Natural Gas Leaks

    OPS Tech Class

    Overhead doors

    Patient Assessment

    Phases of Fire

    Roof Styles

    Rural Water Supplies

    Sexual Harassment

    Street Stuff

    Stihl Chainsaws

    Tool Assignments

    Train the Trainer (Instructors Course)

    Unprotected Steel



    Here is a list of what is on CD Volume 3

TRADE CD Volume 3 contains numerous Publisher 2000 Quick Drill files. Some are

    listed below.

2 ? calculations

    Anaphylactic Shock

    Bloodborne Pathogens Bowline knot

    Building terms

    Building Construction Identification

    Cover page


    Cover page 21 30

    Confined Space

    Critical flow

    EMS Load and Go

    Extinguisher Inspections Electrical Emergencies Equipment Familiarization Forcible Entry Tools Fire Cause Determination Fire Behavior Terms

    Fireground Decisions Foam Operations

    Ground Ladder Basics HazMat ERG #1

    Helmet Removal

    High Rise Operations Hydrant Operations

    Hydraulic Calculations Hose line lengthening Initial Reports

    Installed Systems Valves Magnesium Fires

    Managing Allergic Reactions Monitoring Devices

    Natural Gas Meters

    Overhead Garage Doors Primary Search

    Roof Styles

    Rural Water supplies Street Basics

    Steel and Concrete

    Tank Car identification Thermal Imaging Cameras Through the Lock

    Trench Rescue Awareness Transformer Fire Report Unprotected Steel

    Using Ground Ladders Ventilation Decisions Vehicle Airbags

    Vehicle Fires

    Wyed Line problems

    Water Rescue

    Here is a list of what is on CD Volume 4

    Assorted Quick Drills Citizen’s Fire Academy Curriculum

    Extrication Class (PowerPoint)

    Fire in Sprinklered Buildings Training program

    Firefighter Survival LPG Training class

    Recruit Training Manual Master


    RIT Presentation (PowerPoint)

    Self-Taught CPR Program

Values Class from Prince William County Fire Department

Here is a list of what is on CD Volume 5

Aircraft types

    Airport Familiarization

    Basic Life Support & Haz Mat Response Crash Fire/Rescue information

    DOD Firefighter certification information Ejection seat information

    EMS Quick Drills

    Fire Inspector Study Sheets

    Helicopter safety

    Hose loads

    Leadership I, II, III Courses (NFA) Rescue Systems 1 Student manuals Rescue Systems 1 Instructors manuals Rope rescue

    Hazwoper Study Guide

    Haz Mat Technician performance test Presentation 2900

    Power Saws FTO Drill

    Plans for a Drafting Pit

    Protective Clothing

    Safety Manual Index

    Stokes Basket Rescue

Here is a list of what is on CD Volume 6

    Arson Detection for First Responders Assorted SOP’s

    Emergency Rehab course

    Fire Protection for Small Departments Gasoline Tank Truck Emergencies

    Officer Development Course

    Quick Drills

    Training Operations for Small Departments

Here is a list of what is on this CD 7

    Basic Life Support and Haz Mat Response Emergency Response to Terrorism-Tactical consideration for Company Officers

    Emergency Response to Terrorism-Tactical consideration for Emerg Medical Systems

    Emergency Response to Terrorism-Tactical consideration for Haz Mat

Health and Safety Officer Instructor guide and Student Manuals

    Incident Safety Officer Managing in a Changing Environment Shaping the Future

    Here is a list of what is on this CD 8

    Emergency Response to Terrorism Basic Concepts Incident Management System EMS Documentation

    Essentials Extrication, Part 1 Essentials Extrication, part 2 Essentials Extrication, Part 3 Essentials Fire Behavior

    Essentials Fire Streams

    Essentials Forcible Entry

    Essentials Fire Prevention

    Essentials - Hose

    Essentials - Ladders

    Essentials Portable Extinguishers Essentials Ropes & Knots

    Essentials - Ventilation Essentials Water Supply

    Essentials -

    Incident Management System Introduction to Volunteer Services Management

    Line of Duty Death Course Line of Duty Death Program Officer Development Program Utah Fire Programs

    Here is a list of what is on this CD 9

Apparatus Placement

    Haz Mat course

    Initial Attack Lines

    MCTO Training Programs

    Pump Theory

    Train the Trainer Line of Duty Death Course

    Here is a list of what is on this CD 10

ICS Positions

    ICS PowerPoint

    Wildland Firefighting PowerPoint Program

Here is a list of what is on this CD 11

    Apparatus Operator Course

Here is a list of what is on this CD 12

    Chief Officers Training Course

Here is a list of what is on this CD 13

Strategy & Tactics for Initial Company Operations

Here is a list of what is on this CD 14

    NIMS ICS for the Fire Service

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