unit 10 i have had this bike for 3 years

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unit 10 i have had this bike for 3 years

    Unit 10 Ive had this bike for three years (Reading)

    Step 1. Leading

     Greet the class.

    T: First, I will show you something interesting on PPT, Do you want to watch?

    S: Yes

    T: Ok, Lets enjoy it together.

    Playing the movie……

    T: Do you like it?

    S: Yes

    T: where does the story take place?

    S: in the boys school.

    T: what does he do?

    S: he is a student.he is a junior high school student.

    T: and why does he want to sell his old books?

    S: I think as he gets bigger, he will no longer use it.

    T: what would he do with the money he had owned?

    S1: he can buy some new books

    S2: give the money to a childrens home.

    S3: give it away to the charity.

    T: do you want to have a yard sale?

     S: yes, Maybe we can clear out a lot of things from our bedrooms, and part with certain things,such as:old toys, old clothes, school things and so on. Step 2. Fast reading

    T: ok, today, we are going to learn a passage about yard sale. There are three people in this passage, the father, the son, and the daughter. As they get bigger, he found his house seems to get smaller, so they want to have a yard sale to sell some things that they no longer use. Please open your books and turn to P75, listen to the tape and answer this question: what is his family going to sell at the yard sale? Please listen carefully.

    …… (边播录音;边在黑板画图)

    Family The things they are going to sell

    Son A train and railway set, toy monkeys

    daughter Certain toys

    father Football shirts

    T: I think its so easy for you, right? Who can write the answers on the blackboard?


    T: Ok, you please.


    T: thank you! Now, lets check the answers together.


Step 3. Careful reading


    T: After listening to the tape, do you want to know more about it? Please read the article by yourself and finish 3b.

    T: Have you finished it? Yes, most of you have got the answers from the passage, lets check the answers.

    1. Why did they decide to have a yard sale?

    T: Its a piece of cake for you, Who can answer this question? Please hands up.

    S1: As they get bigger, their house seems to get smaller.

    T: Very good, next, what do they want to do with the money from the sale?

     Who can answer?

    S2: They want to give the money to a childrens home.

    T: wonderful, next, why does the son want to keep his train and railway set?

    S3: Because he has owned it since his fourth birthday, and he played with it

    almost every week until he was about sever.

    T: good job, No.4, how can the old toys be useful again?

    S4: They can be sold to the people who need them.

    T: well done! The last one, what would you do with the money you raise?

    S1: Ill get it to the charity.

    S2: Ill buy some school things with the money.

    S3: Ill help the poor with the money.

    Maybe the answers are different

Step 4. Language points.

     T: After learning 3a and 3b, I believe you had a deeper step of this article. So, do you have any questions about this passage?

    S: For example, he has owned a train and railway set since his fourth birthday.

    T: his fourth birthday, 他的第四个生日;please pay attention to its form of


    T: Anymore? please look at paragraph 2, the second line: We have decided to

    each sell five things that we no longer use, Who can translate this sentence?


    T: Thank you, can you tell me that在这里引导的是什么从句?它修饰的是

    哪个词? no longer 在这里还可以有哪些词代替?


    T: thank you, sit down please. no longer = not any more/ longer.

     For example: 他不再居住在这里。

     He no longer lives here = He doesnt live here any more/ longer.

     T: wonderful, lets go on. The second sentence, look at the last paragraph, line 2. To be honest, I have not played for a while now.

     T: who can translate this sentence?

     S: ……

     T: to be honest,在这里什么意思?

    To be honest = to be frank

     T: lets make a sentence, 老实说;我不是很喜欢他

    To be honest, I don’t like him very much.


     T: So much for this! Please pay attention to those phrases and sentences, take

    notes on your book and try to remember them as so as you can. I think its

    good for your study.

Step 5. do exercise

     T: 分析了这篇文章之后;我们再看到3c部分, please look at 3c: Find the

    words or phrases in the article which can be replaced with the ones below and write them next to the words.

    T: you can discuss with your classmates if you got the answers (one minutes later)

    T: If you have finished, please hands up.

    T: lets check the answers one by one, this group.




Step 6: homework

    T: Have a good job! After we learned this passage, how are you feeling? Do you have some meaningful things that you no longer use, Maybe it would bring back sweet memories, such as a bear toy, a book, a bike and so on, I think we should write down something about it. 接下来请同学自己动笔写一篇关于令你曾经值得回忆


    (1) 你拥有它多久了?谁送的?

    How long have you owned it?

    Who send it?

    (2) 为什么喜欢它?

    Why did you like it?

    (3) 它带给了你什么珍贵的回忆?

    What precious memory it gives you?

    (4) 你为什么想要卖掉它;是因为……

    Why do you want to sell it? Because ..



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